[TRAILER] 3 Days in Hagerston – U.S. People’s Convoy

Watch this trailer for the full 30-minute documentary of our 3 days with the People’s Convoy in Hagerstown, Maryland, March 25-27, 2022.


9 thoughts on “[TRAILER] 3 Days in Hagerston – U.S. People’s Convoy”

  1. Thank you,
    @JustinTrudeau, for keeping inflation in Canada at 1 of lowest rates in the world.
    Back to the polls again in 2025 and regain his majority over the next crop of neo-fascists and Trumpers the CPC and PPC field against him. #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou #IStandWithTrudeau #Justincredible #IStandWithTrudeau #Justincredible #IStandWithTrudeau

    Anyone that votes right is racist and a biggot. You dont deserve your freedom!

    1. Hey there “Roger!”

      Obviously you haven’t checked out the latest inflation numbers, twit!

      Of course, that’s the Consumer Price Index. REAL inflation is actually much higher, or do you have your lackies doing your shopping for you, so you don’t actually get to see the real prices of groceries?

      I’ll bet you don’t drive either, because you would be singing a different tune had you visited a gas pump recently.

      More fake hashtags, I see. Just what is it that you’re trying to prove, twit? That you’re an imbecilic moron hell bent on fascistic authoritarian government to take of you cradle to grave, while the rest of us normal human beings are being held prisoner for speaking out against dear leader?

      Can you tell me just one of PP’s lies? OTOH, there’s not enough hours in the day to go through the litany of Turd’s lies. He just can’t help himself. He lies all the time!

      Have you forgotten the 5 times the turd has broken the law while in office? Then he forms a “majority” government by allying himself with the singe, with the support of only 1/5 of the population.

      You can’t win, twit. Every time you post, you show yourself to be the twit that you really are. Haven’t you heard of the adage that it’s better to let people think you’re a twit by keeping quiet rather than opening your mouth and remove all doubt?

      Obviously you haven’t.

      The twit is so enamored with the turd that he had to hashtag #IStandWithTrudeau 3 TIMES, and #Justincredible TWICE!!!

      So in addition to blaming the moderators for not being able to spell your own name correctly, using phony alias’s, and propping up fake hashtags, you obviously don’t know how to count either.

      Maybe he’s just running out of hashtags, and felt the need to recycle.

      You really are a twit, aren’t you?

      1. first off, I am doing my dam part helping protect the environment by driving an electric vehicle so you get no sympathy from you folk that drive those pollution puking gasoline vehicles. Boo hoo you have to pay more…well stop polluting then!!!! Its not rocket science here, go drive electric. Are you that beetle headed?

        Yes groceries have gone up but they could have been a hell of a lot worse, just look at our neighbor’s to the south. All that fucking damage Trump did while he was an office has left a mess for Biden to clean up and to be honest he is too old for the job.

        As for those hashtages, they are real. They are trending like wildfire on twitter and being shared by many Canadians who are greatful to have Trudeau as our Prime Minister.

        Prime Minister of Canada.
        Trudeau manhandled all opposition leaders, threw them all out like garbage. Or flushed them.
        Do you think they will even be around next election?

        I don’t need daycare for my kids anymore BUT I would have appreciated the help when I did so therefore I am a big supporter of the program. I can’t think of a better way to help families, especially single moms and their children!

        The right-wing Nutjobs have nothing else. Only Hate ,slander and conspiracy theories. Pathetic Losers.

        1. Oh, so you’re one of those out-of-touch Laurentian elite globalists who are telling someone who can barely keep his 15-year-old Honda on the road to go out and buy a $75,000 EV?

          Even you can’t be that obtuse, twit! Wait! On second thought…

          In case you haven’t noticed, twit, It snowed in Winterpeg this past week… What… up to 50cm? And they’re expecting another blow this weekend. Have you checked the calendar lately, twit? We’re less than two weeks away from May!

          This is Canada, twit! We need energy to keep us from freezing to death in a Nordic country, and I’m sorry, but Green energy isn’t going to cut it in meeting the demand — at least not in it’s present form.

          So maybe you’d be happier if we all froze to death?

          This is BIDEN’S INFLATION YOU IDIOT! Biden cancelled KXL which would have kept our energy independence, and as a result, you know the rest. You trying to blame this justinflation on Trump is truly amazing, even from a twit like yourself, since Trump has been out of office for well over a year, LONG before we saw prices start to skyrocket.

          How much worse than 6.5% can it get, twit? Oh, I can tell you, it’s going to get A LOT worse! We haven’t seen the end of this current spiral. The BoC is predicting at least 4 more MASSIVE interest rate hikes in the next year, and economists everywhere is predicting stagflation sometime late in ’23, or early ’24. That’s how bad it’s going to get, twit!

          And I’m going to call bullshit on your hashtag claim. Show me the numbers, twit. PROVE IT! PROVE TO US THAT YOU’RE NOT A LYING RAT FINK that’s simply trolling on behalf of his hero, the turd.

          How much is he paying you, twit? And if you say “nothing,” then you’re a bigger twit than even I give you credit for.

          What a wonderful thing this new day-care program is going to be, right twit? Especially for those hard working singles trying to stay on top of spiralling inflation. What are you going to tell these childless people who can’t afford to raise kids that their tax dollars are being used to subsidized sunshine parents earning incomes of well into the 6 digits?

          No doubt you haven’t given any thought on who is going to pay for all these new goodies, and how much it’s going to cost. You simply don’t care about that, because you hate the middle class almost as much as the turd does.

          Your “honest” Biden is about to get thrown out of office. His numbers have crashed through the floor. Even Democrats don’t want him to run again in 2024.

          The right-wing nut jobs only have hate, slander, and conspiracy theories, eh? It was those conspiracy theorists that predicted a war on Joe Biden’s watch. It was those conspiracy theorists who told you all about the ineffectiveness of the vaccines. It was the conspiracy theorists that told about the lab-leak theory. It was the conspiracy theorists that told you about Hunter Biden’s laptop. ALL PROVEN CORRECT.

          IT WAS THE GOOFS ON YOUR SIDE of the isle, in government, AND in media, THAT GOT EVERYTHING ALL WRONG, and LIED through their teeth in the process, and worse yet, THEY KNOW THEY ARE LYING, BUT THEY JUST DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS THAT THEY ARE LYING ANYMORE. They’re not even trying to cover it up, because they think they have all the cards stacked in their favor.

          And it was YOUR SIDE that couldn’t stop themselves from smearing innocent and average Canadians with slander and invectives, when it was YOUR SIDE that revealed itself to the world how petulant, and authoritarian you really are.

          It’s morons like you that’s spreading hate, but go ahead and tell me again that the cons are hateful misogynistic racists again. I love hearing a good fairy tale.

        2. I’m sorry, twit, but I just can’t get your idiotic comment about EV’s out of my head.

          Since you’re so concerned about the environment, twit, have you thought about how they’re going to MINE all that lithium they’re going to need to manufacture all those batteries for those EV’s that you are so proud to drive? That’s right, twit. They’re going to strip the earth’s crust to do it, and I’ll bet they’ll use nothing but Electric Vehicles to do all that mining. I’m sure it’ll all work out. Just ask your friends in China how that’s going.

          Not to mention that there’s a shortage of these metals that they need to manufacture microprocessors for the brains of these vehicles. Then there’s the issues with the supply chain which your side seems to deliberately want to keep sabotaging. Come to think of it, all those truckers that lost their license certainly would help the supply chain situation, or am I just being sarcastic again?

          Then there’s the power issue. I know it’s hard for people like you to look past their own shadow, twit, but just try to imagine what the demand for electricity is going to be like when you get your wish in 2030 and everyone (who can afford it) is driving an EV. Do you think our grid can support that kind of demand? Now I know I’m expecting a lot from you, but at least try to think of what your turd wants to do by replacing coal and nuclear power plants with more windmills and solar panels (right! Solar panels in winter in a Nordic country, where there’s limited sunshine and lots and lots of snow).

          And think of all those poor birds trying to circum-navigate around all those new windmills that you want to plant. Yep, twit. That’s some concern you have for the environment.

          Speaking of which, what are you going to do with all those carbon blades and glass panels when they reach the end of their functional life span, which is estimated to last no more than 10 years? Those components are not recyclable. They have to BURY those old blades, and those solar panels are TOXIC, I think, with Mercury. Not exactly what you want to throw into your landfills. What are you going to do about those?

          Now those old blades and solar panels are going to have to be replaced, dontcha-know. Have you thought about the energy required to build those things? Do you think existing green energy power will be enough to manufacture those components? What about the materials used to make those things? Yep… MORE STRIP-MINING! And you’re so worried about the Alberta Tar sands. Liberals like you are such twits!!!

          Yes, twit… you should be commended for your environmental conscience /sarc, you twit!!!

          Increasing energy demand, while at the same time, decreasing supply. What do you think that’s going to do to your electric bills, twit? You think we’re paying through the nose for gas prices now, you’ll wish you still had an ICE vehicle when you get your electric bill in 2030.

          You don’t have to take my word for it. Just ask any Californian about rolling blackouts and brownouts (not to mention their electric bills), and how they are forced to shut off their AC’s in the middle of summer to conserve energy.

          That’s what you want for us, right twit? Hasn’t 15 years of McGuinty/Winn taught you ANYTHING???

          1. Let’s put Canadians’ health and safety first. Let’s build more homes for the middle class and put a stop to profiteering and unfair speculation. Let’s support women and families and give every child the best possible start with $10 a day child care. Let’s fight climate change and leave a safe and healthy environment for our children and grandchildren. Let’s keep moving forward on real reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Let’s come together to fight systemic racism. Let’s find the real solutions to the real problems we face. Let’s build a better future that gives everyone a real and fair chance at success.

            We can’t afford to move backward. Not in the fight against COVID-19 or the climate crisis. Not on health care or child care. Not for seniors, workers, or families.

            This is our moment to decide where our country goes from here. This is our time to choose.

            Forward or backward. This is our choice. I believe in moving forward. For everyone.

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