The Man Who Could’ve Stopped the Pandemic Confronted by Dr. Tess Lawrie

Dr. Andrew Hill was tasked Oct. 2020 to give the WHO a report on the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin in the treatment of Covid-19. Excitedly, Hill had been discussing strong positive results with doctors, like Drs. Tess Lawrie, Pierre Kory and Paul Marik, showing a reduction in viral transmission, hospitalization and deaths. Shockingly, rather than submitting the promising findings and a way out of the pandemic, Hill submitted negative results that ultimately destroyed Ivermectin’s use and any doctors promoting it. In this excellent, must-see short documentary, Dr. Tess Lawrie directly confronts Dr. Hill.

Dr. Tess Lawrie is a bold physician with unbound integrity and respect for human life and ethical medicine. Read her substack here on the letter.

36 thoughts on “The Man Who Could’ve Stopped the Pandemic Confronted by Dr. Tess Lawrie”

  1. Go fuck yourself. I stand for respecting all Canadians, even immigrants and we need to all work together and support each other. Right Wong politics is about greed and selfishness. The liberals care about everyone and are helping the world become a better place. Clearly you are all fucking racists of you can’t support that. Assholes that have so much hatred in your hearts should not have the right to vote. You are like little children who need a strong government to intervene as your too stupid and pathetic to take care of yourselfs. The Liberal NDP alliance is the true path forward and if you can’t get behind that you are not a Canadian!!!

    1. The WEF traitors that run our country are implementing a genocide and the tWhit is talking politics with grade eight comprehension and writing skills.
      As for Tess Lawrie,it should be noted in her call with the WHO and revealed on Zeee Media that we are months away from being forcefully injected or thrown in labor camps.
      How do you like being a Canadian now?

      1. The Liberals have named these camps : Safe Voluntary Isolation Sites

        To date, the Safe Voluntary Isolation Sites Program has provided $100.6 million to establish sites in Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

        There are four of them built in Ontario,already. It is a question as to how many they have actually built since publishing this last August of 2021.

      2. I would hope you get forced injected Max because you are clearly too stupid to look after your health and other’s well being.

        1. They don’t teach your kind of special.
          I have had covid but your Dear Leader has no exemptions for those that have superior immunity.
          Now it takes a special kind of stupid not to understand that.
          The original variant that these kill shots were designed for has not been in existence for a year now.
          Then there is the fact that the JCCF give updated corona stats on every province/territory and Canada,itself.
          The average age of death for those in my province that are said to die from this endemic are 82 years old. The average age of all deaths is 82 years old.
          The survival rate for all people in my province is 99.6%.
          Then there is the fact that these kill shots are the WEF’s solution to controlling all those that survive their genocide with A I.
          The uneducated that support the WEF/WHO puppets are not bright enough to be aware of this unfolding genocide and are traitors to the human race, country of Canada and all Canadians that have lost their basic freedoms.
          Since you have lost your DNA and your soul and soon it will be your frontal cortex- replaced with AI -you really should educate yourself as you are to be dispensed with very shortly.
          Dear Leader and his Witch are counting on eliminating useless eaters and yes men such as yourself.

    2. You stand for KILLING Canadians, you twit!
      Right “Wong” politics? [giggle] The twit must be really hot under the collar this time. He can barely type!
      And anyone that doesn’t see his world is a racist, of course. Clearly we’re all racists unless we support the turd. This is a man-child. The twit has clearly lost his marbles!
      And [I’m at a loss for words]… He’s hurling epitaph after epitaph in his diatribe, and we’re the ones with “hatred in our hearts!” We’re all laughing at you, twit!
      You know what kind of government is a “strong government,” twit? A DICTATORSHIP!!!
      And if you can’t tell the difference between a free democracy and a dictatorship, then YOU are not a Canadian!!!

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          …AND FOR THE LAST TIME TWIT… I CAN’T GO ANYWHERE… Thanks to your hero, I AM A PRISONER IN THIS COUNTRY! Don’t you believe that I actually want to move to Florida and away from this rat-infested backwater of a country that’s about to turn into a full-blown dictatorship?

          My opinion is invalid, twit? Really? Why do you feel you have to keep proving what a fascist punk you really are? You want me to move to Florida, Twit? Is that right? Why don’t you move to North Korea, where you’ll feel right at home in a one-party state, you twit!!!

        1. So this is what the twit has been reduced to. He’s become a mish-mash of invective diarrhea, incapable of forming a cohesive thought to support his arguments. He has to resort to childish name calling.

          You’ve never been able to act your age, haven’t you, twit?

          I where your invective as a badge of honor, twit! I feel like I finally belong.

          Curious, though… why do you suddenly feel the need to self-censor? You obviously never hesitated to use the full-blown four-letter “F” bomb before. Why the sudden urge for “G” rated diatribes? Are your grandkids watching you post your crap? They must really feel so proud having you as a grandpa, twit!

          1. scuse me… “wear”, not “where,” although I doubt if the twit would notice my boo-boo…

    3. Health Scientist Not Vax Seller

      Roger W – your degrading tone is so decisive that it’s telling. You sound desperate to do Right by Canadian democracy, you’re pushing tactics behind the Republican approach to government: Heads you win, tails everyone else loses. It’s your way or the highway. Problem is that some people who are compliant with the vaccine mandates died due to it. The vaccine doesn’t stop virus spread. But on the other hand, some who did not get the vaccine included nurses, bank tellers, scientists, doctors, and even remote phone support workers who are very much concerned about their health. Because, the person who submits to the experimental, non-informed protocol, are the ones left liability all risk of dire effects from the vaccine products bought without taxpayers’ support. Democracy and human rights are not built on the back of forced and coerced use of the population as experimental animals.

  2. Let’s put Canadians’ health and safety first. Let’s build more homes for the middle class and put a stop to profiteering and unfair speculation. Let’s support women and families and give every child the best possible start with $10 a day child care. Let’s fight climate change and leave a safe and healthy environment for our children and grandchildren. Let’s keep moving forward on real reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Let’s come together to fight systemic racism. Let’s find the real solutions to the real problems we face. Let’s build a better future that gives everyone a real and fair chance at success.

    We can’t afford to move backward. Not in the fight against COVID-19 or the climate crisis. Not on health care or child care. Not for seniors, workers, or families.

    This is our moment to decide where our country goes from here. This is our time to choose.

    Forward or backward. This is our choice. I believe in moving forward. For everyone.

    @PierrePoilievre should abandon all thoughts of ever being Prime Minister of Canada. It’s a very important job and just not qualified. Ban conservativism in Canada! #NeverVoteConservative #IStandWithTrudeau #ConservativesAreRacist #ConservativesAreEvil

    1. If moving forward is in your direction twit, then I say slam on the brakes, and put ‘er in reverse before we do a Thelma and Louise right off of a cliff, and the entire country goes “SPLATT!”
      Sometimes it’s BETTER to go backwards than to continue moving forward on the wrong path that will ultimately lead to ruin and destruction for the entire country, and yes, that includes YOU, twit!

      Let’s get back to that fork in the road where we made the wrong turn electing this doofus Crime-Minister, and try to REVERSE the damage that turd has already inflicted on this once-great country!

    2. You must be on the Liberal party payroll to be regurgitating the foul Liberal-NDP policies. You should do some research with an open mind and try to see other information other than what is being peddled by the msm puppets

      1. I wouldn’t say that the twit is on their payroll. He’s been trolling this site since long before the Freedom Convoy. He may not be being paid, but he’s all in on the authoritarian surveillance state thing. Having said that, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the twit has some sort of hidden agenda where he stands to profit somehow from the new superstate.

    3. Our country has been psy op’d into injecting a DARPA bio weapon shot that is meant to kill,main,depopulate and ultimately control whomever survives and some twhit is going on about day care.
      If the majority of Canadians are this mind controlled and ignorant we are in a boat load of trouble.

  3. I saw this vid about a month ago, and my reaction was predictable. I only wish more people, specifically my own family, would have been able to see this, but of course, they get their info from the legacy media, so…


    1. CBC has some of the finest journalism in the world. Who are you to bash them? Many anchors have won many awards. It is a top tier news agency. They deserve every penny Trudeau has given them.

      Grow up!!!

      1. Bought and paid for. Propaganda is what the CBC spreads. No truth, just lies. All the MSM needs to be gone. You are the one that needs to grow up and open your eyes to what the MSM has done with the Covid narrative. They have done such a goid job in brainwashing so many of you sheep! Have you got your 4th booster yet. Bet you are still wearing your diaper on your face. Are you still scared?

      2. Trudeau didn’t give the CEEBEECEE any of his money, twit. He gave them OUR money!

        Are you suggesting that we shouldn’t dare comment on how our money is being used, twit? Are you telling me we haven’t the right to express our views on the heavily biased CEEBEECEE, twit?

        Of course, you are, because you’re a twit, twit!

        And you’re telling me to grow up, Twit???

      3. BTW, Twit… stay on topic. I didn’t even mention the CEEBEECEE in my post. I was referring to the legacy media in general. Your lack of reading comprehension doesn’t surprise me, though, given your track record.

  4. We all(the public) know the truth. At least those who do not listen to mainstream. When we hear if the truth it is very frightening to know that this has been brushed under the carpet. I have no faith in medical drs anymore. I would hate to now have to go to the hospital for anything. Words cannot describe the abridge of power this is. Federal employees need to be back at work. Everyone else is.

  5. Tess is correct but when the elites have devised and worked on a plan to do us in for decades
    there is zero probability that a single doctor was disrupting their plans.
    The WHO is complicit in this genocide and is in the process of taking humanity out.
    Dr. Hill’s life (and that of his family) was very likely in jeopardy and he simply chose to shut up.
    It has been over two years now and the only drug that the FDA has approved for Sars -Cov-2 is Remdesivir,which is completely diabolical but shows what humanity is up against.

  6. This is why I never go to a doctor or hospital unless severely and I mean severely sick which at that time I’d be close to death before going. Took drugs 2 x prescribed and I received transient global amnesia from Crestor and not back to myself yet and the other drug it was taken off the market which was causing death from kidney organs shutting down, I believe it was called prestige. That was at the time before any Cov-19 or flue, can you imagine the control the medical system has now, I’m reading a book now from Mr. Kennedy that has some good knowledge on Ivermectin and would fell safer believing him than any WHO relationship doctor. Mr. Andrew Hill should get better advice or get better educated which ever he prefers safer for us all

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