The Man Who Could’ve Stopped the Pandemic Confronted by Dr. Tess Lawrie

Dr. Andrew Hill was tasked Oct. 2020 to give the WHO a report on the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin in the treatment of Covid-19. Excitedly, Hill had been discussing strong positive results with doctors, like Drs. Tess Lawrie, Pierre Kory and Paul Marik, showing a reduction in viral transmission, hospitalization and deaths. Shockingly, rather than submitting the promising findings and a way out of the pandemic, Hill submitted negative results that ultimately destroyed Ivermectin’s use and any doctors promoting it. In this excellent, must-see short documentary, Dr. Tess Lawrie directly confronts Dr. Hill.

Dr. Tess Lawrie is a bold physician with unbound integrity and respect for human life and ethical medicine. Read her substack here on the letter.

28 thoughts on “The Man Who Could’ve Stopped the Pandemic Confronted by Dr. Tess Lawrie”

  1. I saw this vid about a month ago, and my reaction was predictable. I only wish more people, specifically my own family, would have been able to see this, but of course, they get their info from the legacy media, so…


  2. We all(the public) know the truth. At least those who do not listen to mainstream. When we hear if the truth it is very frightening to know that this has been brushed under the carpet. I have no faith in medical drs anymore. I would hate to now have to go to the hospital for anything. Words cannot describe the abridge of power this is. Federal employees need to be back at work. Everyone else is.

  3. He is looking down and mumbling, he looks like a four year old boy who can’t justify his actions.

    1. He is a wimp, a despicable person without any backbone, no morales at all. He will answer to God in the end.

  4. She is on the World Council for Health and is an excellent speaker. Very good site to check out.

  5. Tess is correct but when the elites have devised and worked on a plan to do us in for decades
    there is zero probability that a single doctor was disrupting their plans.
    The WHO is complicit in this genocide and is in the process of taking humanity out.
    Dr. Hill’s life (and that of his family) was very likely in jeopardy and he simply chose to shut up.
    It has been over two years now and the only drug that the FDA has approved for Sars -Cov-2 is Remdesivir,which is completely diabolical but shows what humanity is up against.

  6. This is why I never go to a doctor or hospital unless severely and I mean severely sick which at that time I’d be close to death before going. Took drugs 2 x prescribed and I received transient global amnesia from Crestor and not back to myself yet and the other drug it was taken off the market which was causing death from kidney organs shutting down, I believe it was called prestige. That was at the time before any Cov-19 or flue, can you imagine the control the medical system has now, I’m reading a book now from Mr. Kennedy that has some good knowledge on Ivermectin and would fell safer believing him than any WHO relationship doctor. Mr. Andrew Hill should get better advice or get better educated which ever he prefers safer for us all

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