[TRAILER] The Norm Before Covid Has Been Eradicated by Govts – Ex-Trudeau Security Detail Daniel Bulford

Once a protector of PM Justin Trudeau, former-RCMP Daniel Bulford is now a detractor, critical of govt policies, both domestically and abroad, instituted since the emergence of Covid-19.

Stay tune for the full interview.

21 thoughts on “[TRAILER] The Norm Before Covid Has Been Eradicated by Govts – Ex-Trudeau Security Detail Daniel Bulford”

  1. To have a trusted security detail pull this shit off is beyond treason! Trudeau trusted you with his fucking life. He depended on you and confided to you and this is how you repay him? You make lies and frivolous accusations. You are a fucking traitor to this country. Toss him out of this country he clearly does not want to be Canadian.

    1. The traitors in Canada are the Liberals led by Trudeau and Freeland.
      Also include any WEF members that sit in the Canadian Parliament or Senate.

    2. It would have been treasonous to actually shoot the turd, you twit!
      Instead, Bulford did the honorable thing, and quit the force rather than participate in the turd’s tyranny.
      YOU are the traitor, twit! See? I can play that “I know you are, but what am I?” game too, even though it’s a childish way to conduct a civilized discourse.
      But if you want to resort to immature name-calling, because you haven’t got a decent argument to rebut the turd’s tyranny, then maybe you should just shut the hell up! You’re contributing nothing worthwhile to the debate. You’re just throwing childhood tantrums. Heck… I know of 5-year-olds that are capable of presenting mature, concise arguments, conducting themselves with far more maturity than you have ever displayed on this forum. Maybe you should go and talk to them!

  2. Pablo Mellognio

    Unfortunately (we all know this)the corruption is epic in our country voting is a democratic process, so I ask you Margaret, is there such
    a thing as democracy in Canada? if you say no, means that voting will not solve anything, will it? The only solution is to go house by house and pull one by one these bought and paid for, corrupted, murderers, sob’s bastards politicians and punish them.

    1. Yes, there is democracy in Canada. Unfortunately it seems to be only in the lives and minds of those of us who have lived it for a lifetime. We have allowed “easy living” to poison the minds and lives of our populace thereby making democratic thinking people the scourge of the country. I am 80 years of age. I will continue to dig in my heels and scream “democracy” till the day I go to meet my maker.
      Currently, I see no politician vying for the position of leader of our country who deserves that position. In that respect, perhaps we are doomed. Too many are looking for what they will believe is the easy life of government handouts. A quick history check will prove that socialism/communism is not easy.
      Everyone should remember that once democracy is gone, I doubt that we can get it back.

      1. Democracy is for those that want it and respect it. The people want Trudeau as our Prime Minister. Get with the fucking program. You don’t deserve your right to vote because you clearly don’t understand how to use it. If you are against the NDP and Liberals you are against Canada because they have done nothing but give back to all of us. This is how you repay them? Fucking traitor. You would sell us out in a heart beat just for a cheaper extremely environmentally unfriendly car. You are a traitor to the human race. You clearly don’t care about your kids or grandkids. Well guess what, I fucking do, you pathetic excuse of a human and Canadian. Get the fuck out of our country, we don’t want you here!!!

        1. Oh My! I have upset your frail psyche, have I? If I could laugh out loud on this site, I would because your ideas truly are laughable. Your country? What have you done to give it that label? The only thing you appear to be able to do is curse and that is not an enviable attribute.

          1. Well! On this one I must agree with you. Appears Roger’s fragile ego hinders his ability to think – and obviously speak – rationally.

        2. Really, Twit? I want democracy. I respect democracy. Will I get it?
          According to you, no, I won’t. You claim you want democracy, when in reality you want a one-party state! You’ve even said so! Not only with this post, but on many different occasions in the past.

          You are what you claim others to be. YOU are the traitor! YOU are anti-democratic! YOU are the one that doesn’t care about your kids or grandkids. YOU are the one that shows an obvious disrespect for the environment. YOU are the one that hates this country’s democracy! You are the one who hates Canada! ANYONE WHO LOVES THE TRAITOROUS AND TREASONOUS TURD ALONG WITH THE SINGE CANNOT BE IN LOVE THIS COUNTRY, ONLY THE WEF, AND NOW, THE WHO! People like you only care about controlling everyone else, and if you can’t control them, you want to DESTROY them!

          You are the master of projection, twit. Not only projection, but you are obviously suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

          You are THE PRIME EXAMPLE of a typical fascist authoritarian! I don’t know what you hope to gain from constantly espousing your obviously stupid rants, but we know enough about you to know that YOU are the prime example of treacherous, treasonous, communistic dictatorship types that are not wanted in this country.

          1. Excellent diatribe! I try to avoid name calling and mud slinging as I don’t think It proves any point adequately but this “bum” deserves everything you have thrown at him/her AND MORE!

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  4. I can’t help but wonder what our world would be like right now if Canadians had exercised their right to vote in the last federal election. Complacency will be the death of democracy. Such a pity after so many died to obtain and preserve our freedoms.

    1. WHAT?
      You actually believe voting accomplishes anything? Other than reaffirming the myth that Canada is a democracy? BTW, I served 28 yrs in Cda’s military, and for what! Only to see those psychopathic criminals in Ottawa utterly crush under their jackboots the very Constitution every military member and cop swears to defend.

      1. Once upon a time in a place known as Canada, voting was how we determined who was going to govern. I realize apathy has taken over; stupidity is the norm and I and can honestly say I’m happy to be old and probably won’t live long enough to see the disastrous end result.

  5. It isn’t a secret anymore, we all know, that Trudeau is working for the globalists at WEF. He betrayed his own people, and his own county, and that makes him a traitor to Canada. In the past, we used to hang traitors.

    1. Freeland is a Board Trustee of the WEF while operating the demise of Canada through the WHO/WEF covid scam injections,record debt and bringing in as many refugees as she can ram through.
      Her beloved Ukraine and supporting factions of Nazi’s is but a nothing story in this country. The wee ones talk day and dental care programs.
      Then there is Jagmeet and those members of Trudeau’s cabinet that need to be outed and addressed.
      Why is the Senate not using their position to align with our military and lock these traitors away to meet trials and tribunals?

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