[INTERVIEW] The Truth About the Ottawa Convoy & A Way Out of Tyranny – Daniel Bulford, Former RCMP [Part 2]

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Infiltrators. Government plants. Frozen accounts. What really happened in Ottawa’s 3-week Freedom Convoy?

In part 2 of our interview with former-Trudeau sniper/observer, Daniel Bulford, clarifies fact from fiction and narrative from reality detailing the inner workings of the Convoy and his role with law enforcement during and up to the 2 days of police violence that stained Canada’s history and reputation.

Bulford also shares his thoughts on how we act to move out of this new era of the planned digital, social credit system now facing humanity.

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10 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] The Truth About the Ottawa Convoy & A Way Out of Tyranny – Daniel Bulford, Former RCMP [Part 2]”

  1. I don’t want someone overthrow Fed. Gov of CA. I just want PM JTrudeau quits, be full of love and moves far far away with all his vaccines, restrictions, team, inner circle, minions and supporters. I truly wish he finds a treasure and an oasis in central Sahara desert and be happy there for the rest of his life.

  2. I agree entirely of the comments presented so far and one thing that stood out was on something Daniel Bulford said and wondered was there any debate even though that’s what should of happened on the government’s egos not to do. Right from the start I thought there was a window and all this would of probably went away. I might be wrong but I know from little debating experience of mine ,even though it’s hard but the right thing to do is at least make an attempt which I never seen from the government or who are suppose to be in authority even made an attempt. If they did forgive me and if they didn’t shame on your skills used to the fullest if you have any other than bullying

  3. Trudeau lies.
    The RCMP lies.
    The Legacy media lies.
    The health ministers lie.
    The Liberal govt is ok with this.
    The Parliament is ok with this.
    The Senate is ok with this.
    The RCMP is ok with this. So far. They hold a key to our freedoms.
    Then there is the complicity of the cowards and twits helping to destroy this nation.
    None of this is ok and Canadians SHOULD be waking up any time now to this WEF agenda being implemented by Trudeau/Freeland/Singh/WEF traitors.
    We all know now that the injections are a depopulation agenda and our governments supporting this agenda are complicit in genocide.

    1. Wrong wrong wrong wrong!!!!
      Trudeau is Truth.

      The people of Ottawa should not forget how useless Doug Ford was, he didn’t give a shit about their city or the people in it. It took PM Trudeau doing something to stop these hoodlums and it worked .

      Made in Canada 🇨🇦 mRNA 💣💥💥💥!!!!
      Way to go, PMJT bringing 🇨🇦 back to pre Stephen Harper who sold our plants, left us stranded in this pandemic during vaxx phase That’s another reason why I stand w/ my PM Justin Trudeau & cabinet

      Canada’s TripleAAA Rating confirmed again. Please read this explanation and remember it every time Poilievre/Bergen scream that ‘the sky is falling’. Canada remains on solid ground!

      I see Trudeau Crime Minister is trending. But only 1800 tweets? I guess Russian sanctions must be working, b/c Putin can’t afford to pay as many CPC-promoting bots as he usually does. Maybe he conscripted the bot farm employees and sent them to die in Ukraine.

      Canada’s economy is blowing past other countries with an expected increase in growth in the economy. Canada will have a 5+% increase while the US is 1.3% and EU countries etc have shrunk or are very weak.
      I have RESPECT for real HEROES, NOT ZEROES!
      Thank you @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland
      #Justincreadible #IStandWithTrudeau

      1. Of course the twit’s sources are the government itself, and the government-funded CEEBEECEE…

        Ok, twit. If I’m wrong, then prove it. Provide us with your sources, otherwise you’re just shilling for the turd, and everyone here knows it.

        That’s only one hashtag, twit. Look up #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauDictatorshipMustGo #TrudeauTheTyrant #TrudeauNationalDisgrace #TrudeauworstPMever #TrudeauCrimeMinister #TrudeauHasGotToGo #TrudeauCorruption

        CTV “News” are claiming these are bots, but can’t provide nothing more than opinion instead of evidence. Typical of the bought-and-paid-for media.

        But let’s just examine just one of the twit’s claims. I’ll pick one at random… Ok, let’s look at the AAA rating.
        It took me about 30 seconds to dig this up. No explanations are necessary. Twit claims Canada’s rating is AAA, when in fact the current rating is AA+ according to this source.

        I wonder how well the rest of the twit’s claims would stack up? Oh, and btw… twit! The year isn’t over yet.
        Then there’s the hiking of interest rates, double-digit inflation (the REAL index, not the government’s CPI), sky-rocketing energy costs, small businesses destroyed, along with deaths caused by government’s “health” policies.

      2. When Freeland,Trudeau,Meet head and the Liberal/WEF traitors are tried for treason I will enjoy that the twit chose to stand with Trudeau.

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