[INTERVIEW Part 2] The Truth About the Ottawa Convoy & A Way Out of Tyranny -Former RCMP Daniel Bulford

WATCH Part 1 – Moving Toward Authoritarianism -An Interview with Daniel Bulford, Former RCMP

Infiltrators. Government plants. Frozen bank accounts. What really happened at Ottawa’s 3-week Freedom Convoy?

In part 2 of our interview with former RCMP and Trudeau sniper/observer, Daniel Bulford, separates fact from fiction and narrative from reality, detailing the inner workings of the Convoy and his role with law enforcement during and up to the 2 days of police violence that stained Canada’s history and reputation.

Bulford also shares his thoughts on how we act to move out of this new era of the planned digital, social credit system now facing humanity.

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12 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW Part 2] The Truth About the Ottawa Convoy & A Way Out of Tyranny -Former RCMP Daniel Bulford”

  1. I don’t want someone overthrow Fed. Gov of CA. I just want PM JTrudeau quits, be full of love and moves far far away with all his vaccines, restrictions, team, inner circle, minions and supporters. I truly wish he finds a treasure and an oasis in central Sahara desert and be happy there for the rest of his life.

    1. I agree, this whole tyranny should have been dismissed as soon as it started! Fear is historically how tyranny begins – the holocaust took 11 years – this covid genocide only took 2 years – they’ve been studying this agenda for centuries! I just learned that apparently, the people vote Trudy in but cannot vote him out; the only person to discharge a PM is the governor-general that he appointed – the Queen still has rule over Canadian parliament – WHY ???

  2. I agree entirely of the comments presented so far and one thing that stood out was on something Daniel Bulford said and wondered was there any debate even though that’s what should of happened on the government’s egos not to do. Right from the start I thought there was a window and all this would of probably went away. I might be wrong but I know from little debating experience of mine ,even though it’s hard but the right thing to do is at least make an attempt which I never seen from the government or who are suppose to be in authority even made an attempt. If they did forgive me and if they didn’t shame on your skills used to the fullest if you have any other than bullying

  3. Trudeau lies.
    The RCMP lies.
    The Legacy media lies.
    The health ministers lie.
    The Liberal govt is ok with this.
    The Parliament is ok with this.
    The Senate is ok with this.
    The RCMP is ok with this. So far. They hold a key to our freedoms.
    Then there is the complicity of the cowards and twits helping to destroy this nation.
    None of this is ok and Canadians SHOULD be waking up any time now to this WEF agenda being implemented by Trudeau/Freeland/Singh/WEF traitors.
    We all know now that the injections are a depopulation agenda and our governments supporting this agenda are complicit in genocide.

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