[LIVE] Shifting Perspectives: The Erosion of Human Rights in Canada -Sat, Apr 30 @2-4pm ET

Join us for this exciting and important Town Hall Meeting live from Kitchener Saturday, April 30, from 2-4 pm ET. Special guest speakers include Drs. Byram Bridle, Paul Alexander and Julie Ponesse.


47 thoughts on “[LIVE] Shifting Perspectives: The Erosion of Human Rights in Canada -Sat, Apr 30 @2-4pm ET”

  1. Beverley Golden

    Sadly the audio is unlistenable, although many people have been commenting on this from the beginning. Hopefully any replay recording will be clearer so those of us who are interested can hear what people were saying throughout.

  2. Hello: We were unable to tune in to day, but are very interested to hear what the experts like Dr. Bridle (whom we have been following for two years now – thank you sir for your dedication and expertise and bravery) had to say.

    Hoping the event will be posted somewhere for us all to watch, especially since it sounds like the audio was not good.

    Many thanks, susan and david susan.hayden.vm@gmail.com

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  4. Great to see so much support! Would be lovely to have these town halls in the east of Toronto as well, to lender support in-person! #freedom #safehealthcare

  5. Thank you for live streaming this, however unfortunately the audio has been poor and so we are wondering if you could post the PowerPoint slides?

    Thank you

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  7. I suspect the problem is that the source is using bluetooth. The problem with bluetooth is that if you’re not using the proper protocol, you will have these distortions.

    I would suggest that the source stop using bluetooth altogether. It’s problematic in applications such as these.

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    1. That’s because the problem wasn’t with the microphones. The problem is how the audio was being compressed as it was being recorded. I’m almost 100% certain that bluetooth was used to compress the audio, and that’s the problem.

  9. I think most folks here know that the Military, Industrial, Medical, Political, and mostly importantly, the Judicial Systems (worldwide) are CORRUPT! Please visit the Canadian website: https://awarriorcalls.com where Chistopher James is waking up people to our lawful rights versus the maritime legal system that has enslaved humanity.

    I hope this helps. Thank you all for your hard work to bring truth into the light. The only way we will win over the cabal is by we the people fighting for our rights.

  10. Is there nobody there who can fix the audio? It should just be a setting.

    Also when I send a comment, it kicks me out of the broadcast and I have to re-load the website.

  11. seriously, the audio is so basd…my ear drums cant take the up down reverb ….it counters any worth i am getting out of this.

  12. Thomas C Sieswerda

    Too many mics are open. Won’t be around long if it’s not fixed. Problem should have been found before the program started.

    1. Agree, i cannot listen anymore. What a shame. And yes the audio technical should have been tested.

  13. I hate to complain…
    But, way too much reverb on the sound …
    It makes it so hard to focus and want to listen…
    Please, don’t lose listeners because of poor sound quality.

    1. That wasn’t reverb. Reverb is ear-splitting feedback. What you “heard” was a poor compression algorithm as the audio was being recorded. I’ve encountered the same audio compression issues, and when I inquired the source, they admitted that they were using Bluetooth.

      Google “Bluetooth audio compression codec issues” for more information.

  14. Listening live. The sound quality is poor.
    Still thankful for the livestream. Thank you.

    1. Katijane Brunet

      I think ppl have speakers on tables, these should be turned off until required to use. It’s very irritating

  15. Time to lock them up!
    I cannot say it any other way to the American, Canadian, UK, Australian, all people, that these vaccines are ineffective, do not work, & are killing you; 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
    Its JAILING time! How important is new information that Pfizer/FDA hid data on vaccine risk after you take the shot? How important? As my friend Doug would say, pretty ‘f-in’ important, stop vax now!
    Dr.Paul Alexander

    1. yes please lock them up. A disgrace to Canada what they are doing.
      thank you so much for all the speakers.

  16. Rhetorical question, Max? Did you really feel the need to ask?

    Who’s going to serve them? Who’s going to arrest them? This government, and most, if not all of its institutions are corrupt to the core, and do you think the bought-and-paid-for media will even consider asking the questions that need to be asked? If the turd can do that to our media, imagine what he is capable of doing to our government institutions.

    Do you think Chief Lucki of the RCMP is going to issue the order to take down the turd? Especially after that poor excuse she offered of why the turd hasn’t been charged over the Agha Kahn affair? She (he? it?) is his biggest fan, so don’t expect any arrest warrants any time soon.

    1. It has to come from WE the people of Canada.
      Stating the obvious to all who will listen until it resonates with those in power or who have the ability to question the Turd internally or externally.
      The senate and the military come to mind.Independent news like Rebel and True North hold this traitor to his lies and deceit.
      That is why the big turd freaked on the convoy as it made him look like the coward and liar that he is.
      Rebel News holds these traitors to the mat. That is why this piece of traitorous dung is trying his best to beat up their reporters and get rid of them.
      Rebel News is suing Trudeau and pressuring Freedman on her role at the WEF:

      In a reply sent this week to a Rebel News access request for documents pertaining to Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s role at the World Economic Forum, the Privy Council Office has taken a 15-month delay in turning over records and communications.

      Freeland is a current member of the board of trustees at the WEF.

      1. You make a good point that the pressure to lay charges must come from the people. For that to happen, there has to be enough of a groundswell to cross a tipping point — so much so that even the vaunted media can no longer ignore the movement.

        It’s going to take a while for that to happen, so in the meantime, don’t expect any action to come from the leadership of this country, or law enforcement. The vast majority of police and the justice system are aligned with the devil.

    2. I agree no use taking them to court when the entire chain is rotten. Who are you going to get to arrest and serve them? If u make it through that hoop what judge will apply the law? Research Guy Brummell ..he tried it and had to go into hiding..his friends were persecuted by police officers.. now he’s caught and in jail in solitary confinement. The whole system has to be torn down. Canada the corrupt and it didn’t happen overnight.

      1. Absolutely! For decades, majority of Canadians have accepted to be under-respected, overtaxed, disrespected at work, overcharged by banks with uniquely high charges and fees, mortgage rates and interest rates, mistreated by govmt and CRA bullies, and so forth. As a professional who has lived and worked in Canada and other countries, I was dismayed to see how badly the Canadian social, medical , financial and professional environment have become! I only worked one year in Canada and left for US and swear will never work in Canada again!! Its a shame! So what happened lately with the covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates should NOT be a surprise to any Canadian, these are just continuation of an abusive govmt, police state, banking/financial bullies and coward/traitors citizens. You get what you deserve! Too bad for those good and patriot Canadians.

        1. Marika. If you know of a way for someone like me (unvaxxed) to get into the U.S., please let me know. I need to escape this prison.

  17. Feds admit they had no criteria for freezing protesters’ bank accounts
    The Emergencies Act gave police extraordinary powers of search, seizure and arrest which led to trucks and millions of dollars in private bank accounts being seized, without any benchmark for confiscation whatsoever.
    Rebel News
    Question is : Why are Trudeau and Freeland not being charged?

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