Petition to Stop Attack on Natural Health Products (Second Reading, April 11, 2024)

Stop the attack on natural health products (NHPs) in Canada by supporting this petition–going into Second Reading tomorrow on Thursday, April 11.


In 2023, the federal govt put NHPs (e.g., vitamins, supplements, natural products used by naturopaths, homeopaths, TCM & Ayurvedic practioners, etc.) under the same regulatory testing requirements, licensing and fees as pharmaceutical drugs, in spite of a historically safe track record.

The majority of NHP manufacturers will not be able to survive these exorbitant costs–leading to a loss of natural health alternatives and of products for natural health practitioners–moving Canadians into an era where medical choice is more and more left to Big Pharma.

This petition specifically addresses Second Reading of Bill C-368. Previous petitions–though effective in bringing political and public attention to the attack on natural health products (NHPs)–have either already been responded to by govt and will therefore receive a standard “Thank you-for-contacting-us” reply, or other e-petitions, due to signatures collected before official approval, were not officially registered and found at

As the author of the petition, Dave Shostal (former Chief of Staff for former Ontario MPP Randy Hillier), notes, this petition is the only one approved for Second Reading that has not received a reply from govt. @dshostal wrote the petition to include third reading, if it passes.

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