Ontario Top Doc Shaped Vax Policies Knowing Vaxxed As Infectious as Unvaxxed

85% of eligible Ontarians have taken 2 doses of Covid-19 “vaccines” that Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore, knew failed to protect the fully vaccinated from infection or spreading Covid-19 any better than being unvaccinated.

In a memo dated August 31, 2021, Moore informed medical officers of health that the latest data on Covid-19 vaccines and the Delta variant showed “fully vaccinated individuals have similar levels of infectiousness as in unvaccinated cases.”

Vaccine failure was already well-known by Aug. 31, 2021, as Israel was experiencing its biggest spike in cases and a spike in deaths after its August 1, 2021, booster rollout and Public Health England had been reporting for months that the majority of Delta deaths were among the vaccinated.  

Rather than shape policy to protect Ontarians and fully reopen the province with this data, Moore continued to deceitfully promote the efficacy of the vaccines yesterday, “I continue to encourage everyone to get fully vaccinated, as it remains our best defence against Covid-19.”

Moore is also instrumental in the ongoing discrimination of almost 2 million not-fully-vaccinated Ontarians, as he endorsed the province’s September 22nd vaccine passport system—several weeks after his August 31 memo. Many Ontarians remain ostracized and shut out from fully participating in society with Moore touting the two-tiered system of citizenship, amounting to medical apartheid, as a “gamechanger” on September 24th.

More alarmingly, Moore’s deliberate suppression of Covid-19 vaccine failure and consequent allowance of coercive vaccine mandates comes at the very real costs of a looming crisis in the delivery of healthcare and educational services and the devastating loss of livelihoods resulting from employees exercising their constitutional right not to vaccinate.

What motivations does Moore have in abandoning the evidence on Covid-19 vaccine failure to dogmatically follow a singular, authoritarian vaccine agenda?

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  1. Not only that If I hear one more Public Health Officer or Public Health Minister say Natural Immunity isn’t as good as immunity from the vaccines when they know this to be false, I believe they are all compromised and should be charged with fraud and corruption at promoting an experimental vaccine on a recovered covid person who has greater risk of adverse event from the jab.

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