[INTERVIEW] CMAJ Modelling Study Is Bad Science Pushing Hatred & Vaccine Disinformation -Dr. Byram Bridle, Immunologist

World-renowned viral immunologist and vaccinologist, Dr. Byram Bridle, PhD, called the recently published Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) study “the worst [scientific paper] that I have ever seen” and demands its immediate retraction by the CMAJ.


According to Dr. Bridle, the paper authored by Fisman, epidemiologist and former adviser of the Ontario Science Table, et al., “is only thinly veiled hate speech under the guise of science,” targeting the unvaccinated to promote failing and harmful Covid-19 vaccines and rife with conflicts of interest. Join us here for this candid talk on the many flaws found in Fisman’s most recent fiction, ceremoniously trumpeted by the mercenary mainstream media.

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Dr. Byram Bridle’s Substack article link
Triple-vaxxed have more than twice the rate of unvaccinated Covid-19 cases. Link
CTV article link

Canadian Medical Association Journal link
Globe and Mail article link

35 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] CMAJ Modelling Study Is Bad Science Pushing Hatred & Vaccine Disinformation -Dr. Byram Bridle, Immunologist”

  1. once a musician

    Alas, too many scientists are blithely unaware that assumption informs all their work, as it does with the thougt of EVERYONE.

    Dr Bridle refers to incorrect assumptions, and he does it well.

    the rest just charge on utterly careless, either unaware of assumptions or as the Dr says here, think that just because they assume it that it is right

    He does indeed expose sloppy science

  2. RW – Your cliché-ridden comment is a perfect illustration of programmed progressive-bigotry and arrogant Blackface style narcissistic abuse. Thanks for the demo dude, your incoherent and hateful diatribe serves as a great example of what not to be.

  3. To get the true significance of this one needs to look at the whole picture …the bills passed recently that promote death by shaming those vulnerable and controlling parental rights far more than they have any business doing and making people dependant on the govt. pitting people against each other is a classic communist tactic. This is not unifying or helpful is it. What is the purpose of this report? Is a good question to ask. We should all be worried about our freedom.

  4. Any move towards regaining some reasonable measure of freedom and liberty cannot proceed successfully until criminal authoritarians like Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are dealt with. They must be made subject to the rule of law that they seem to have violated and undermined in many ways. Only proper trials can determine if such accusations can be made to stick.


    1. Get over it, CPC and every right wing party LOST because you are all religious, RW, christo-fascist and racist supporters. Canada wants to move forward with equity for all, not oppression against women and minorities.

      You can’t spell conservatism without cons!!!! Why dont you morons get it? You are so stupid, ignorant and love supporting racists and homophobes!!!

      #IStandWithTrudeau 💕🇨🇦💕

      1. CifyoucanCwhatIC

        Yes, we support Love, Christ, The Rule of Law, The Sanctity of Life. And there are WAY more of us than there are of you. When the truth comes out about what leftist, socialist, communists are really all about and what they have been doing your kind will not be able to walk the streets.

      2. Well you can call me this black man a racist then because I’ll never vote for those commie authoritarian liberal f@cks again I say ban liberals their the ones that have ruined this country and created the division 🖕🏿🤬

      3. Says the hater who still claims that WE are the haters!

        Twit… do you even comprehend what you’re posting? Do you know what projection is?

        Are you that mentally incompetent?

        And btw… you can’t spell Lie-berals without Lies!

        1. Wow you are really angry. Why is that. I like to see who is hiding what and it seems yr anger is saying it all. I guess you really do not have any human compassion. How can you talk about people and call them names. That is exactly what liberals do and I do not want them running our country

      4. once a musician

        nothing but name calling , which is the genetic fallacy of ad hominem plus much hysteria and passion.

        if you want to be taken seriously i suggest you use logic

      5. once a musician

        you claim you do not hate but want to ban conservatism?

        IOW you want to ban thougt you disagree with?

        you do not believe in free thought. so you do not belive in honest thought so logically you do not believe in thought at all. you just want everyone chanting govt approved slogans

        and you stand with a PM who has breached international law – the Nuremberg Code

        and you claim not to hate? your lack of insight into your own nature is truly stunning, as is your ignorance of law

        i wil not waste my time with you any longer

  5. Charlene Rose

    THANK you always for your hard work and life long career based insight and knowledge. You are fascinating to listen to … and I am grateful you continue to share the truth/facts even in the face of so much controversy including being banned from your own office.

    Even though CDC CHANGED their definition of the Vax … they did NOT change their information about NATURALLY induced ACTIVE IMMUNITY from a disease and the potential for amazing long term and in many cases LIFE LONG active immunity for those who become infected naturally. See here: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/immunity-types.htm

    CDC also NOTES what a REAL VACCINE IS and how it works (NOT mRNA technology):
    Vaccine-induced immunity is acquired through the introduction of a killed or weakened form of the disease organism through vaccination. AND … Active Immunity may be obtained by USING this type of VAX (with killed or weakened virus). However the mRNA type produces ONLY spike protein and therefore CANNOT impart ACTIVE IMMUNITY as you have demonstrated tirelessly again and again using the FACTS!

  6. I woke up today and logged onto the internet where people openly criticize the government. I picked up a newspaper where journalists can do the same. I drove past houses of worship for many different faiths and exactly zero military checkpoints.

    Canada seems pretty free to me.

    Conservatives are full of hate! Haters will hate!

      1. This is not Russia. This is not Iran, China or North Korea. We are free and the liberal government is here to protect us and our freedoms. Their alliance with the NDP is going to make that stronger.

        1. When I ask you how’s the view through those rose coloured glasses, you say “It’s not baaaaaaaahd.”

        2. Mandating business’ be shut down,Schoolclosed, employees fired fornot getting the jab, not being able to fly or leave Canada for unvaccinated, all because of the fucking liberals agenda and his bitch Singh. What part of this does not sound like Russia orChi a. An experimental drug that is killing people and harming people. Go get your nrpext injection and play russian roulette with your life, just don’t asked me to do it just to keep your poor sad self safe!.

        3. Could have fooled, me, Twit!

          Your dystopian vision of freedom is truly Orwellian!

          The government is out to KILL us, twit, and the alliance will only make it easier for them to do it.

    1. ROGER W
      Sounds like you’re projecting progressive-bigotry and narcissism. It’s not about your experience alone, just because you can’t empathize with others doesn’t mean they are wrong. All C19 mandates violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Liberal’s government is being sued for a reason. Thousand of people are out of work because of the illegal injection mandates. Blackface spending billions on dysfunctional and dangerous fake ‘vaccines’ while blocking cheap, safe and effective drugs is a criminal loss of freedom. Blackface’s jack boot thugs kicking the crap out of peaceful and lawful protestors was an assault on freedom. Freakland freezing bank accounts based on illegally obtained hacked data was a loss of freedom. Blackface’s irrational and anti-science CO2 tax is a criminal attack on liberty, truth and freedom. As a WEF Young Global Leader alumni, Blackface fundamentally opposes nations states and constitutional law, he is trained to follow the Great Reset agenda and incrementally implement the NWO technocracy and social credit score system; individual freedoms are not on the menu.

    2. Charlene Rose

      I learned just to add YET to any statement … I suggest you consider doing the same.

      Too bad Dr. Einstein is unable to sit with our dear Dr. Byram Bridle … but if he COULD he would remind him AND us:
      “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”
      ― Albert Einstein

      “It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
      ― Albert Einstein

    3. Tamara is still under probation, Pat King is still in jail, I still can’t fly to BC…
      Bank accounts are still frozen, despite the EA being lifted…

      Yep… What a wonderfully free country.

      The twit is full of hate! Haters will hate!

      1. I am not full of hate. I am a patriot and believe in a strong, safe and just Canada!!!

        Thank you PM Trudeau for keeping Canada one of the freest countries of the world! If Pierre Poilievre was PM he’d be deciding what women can or can’t do with their uterus! The #CPC stood against a motion that women’s bodies belonged to them, who the hell DO THEY BELONG TO THEN? THE #Conservatives?

        The right to choose is a woman’s right and a woman’s right alone. Every woman in Canada has a right to a safe and legal abortion. Justin Trudeau will never back down from protecting and promoting women’s rights in Canada and around the world!!! That is what freedom is!!!


        1. I don’t care about what Trudeau and Singh are doing in the legislative world, I care about progress on the cost of living, healthcare, the environment and infrastructure – and that’s what I’m getting.

          1. You f’n traitor,Twit.
            Trudeau Singh and Frieland are all WEF members.
            The injections kill 3% of those innoculated within the first 12 weeks.
            Those are the deaths Pfizer admitted to.
            40% are injured.
            1.291 serious adverse events -admitted to by Pfizer.
            All the Canadians that have lost their loved ones, neighbours and country men so fucking traitors and morons like you can write absolute traitorous trash.
            Nurses in BC being fired because they used their fucking brains and saw this genocide for what it is. Same in Ontario.
            Canadians refused their rights to free travel and passage while our Constitutional rights and freedoms are destroyed.
            Go fuck yourself,Twit, and take your pansy Turd and WEF traitors of parliament with you. Asshole.

        2. Deny all you want, twit. I’ve seen pretty much all of your posts. You are the most hateful, poison-spewing person clogging this site with your useless “I Love Trudeau” rhetoric and hyperbole, while accusing anyone who disagrees with your love of the turd as racists, bigots and any other pejorative you can conjure up in that pea-sized brain of yours.
          You are not a patriot. You are a full-blown authoritarian communist who wouldn’t hesitate to trample on people’s rights, just like those police horses did on that poor, elderly, and disabled Mohawk woman who was only pleading for peace. You’ve argued in favor of repossession of property and the denial of people to earn a living, all because they refuse to follow the turd’s edicts COERCING vaccines into an unsuspecting population in clear violation of several criminal code articles, not to mention the Nuremburg Code.
          Don’t presume what PP would or wouldn’t do, twit, and don’t bring the abortion debate into this. No one knows what PP would do, and the CPC has already made it clear that they will not reopen the abortion debate.
          But this is about rights, twit, so if you insist, let’s go there. You can’t reasonably be arguing for a woman’s right to choose because her body belongs to her, but then turn around and say that I have no right to stop the state from injecting me with a known carcinogen that they falsely claim is a vaccine, because the state owns MY body! Why should the state have the authority to demand I undergo an unwanted medical procedure, but not have the authority to regulate an elective medical procedure?
          THAT’S WHAT IS CALLED “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE,” Twit. It’s a mental disfunction, and you have just shown us all yet again how mentally unbalanced you really are.
          The fact that you want to defend the killing of innocent babies only goes to show how hateful a person you really are, twit. I would not want to be you.

          1. CifyoucanCwhatIC

            You were much more polite than I would have been. Thanks. Time for gloves off.

  7. Professor Bridle just blew a hole in the ignorant monstrosity that is our Liberal Govt Covid policies. Bravo!!!
    “This is a pandemic of the vaccinated.”
    Canada has become a nation of brainwashed morons as a direct result of our WEF captured leaders and the pharmaceutical industry’s mouthpieces like Fisman.
    Lame Stream media trumps these scientific ‘models’ that are absolute garbage “pulled out of thin air”.
    Fisman needs to be held to account for the hatred and destruction he has caused this country -,just like Trudeau, Freeland and Singh must be held and tried.

    1. It’s as if the people who still believe in these fake vaccines got their brains from a parallel universe where up is down, left is right, north is south, and day is night. 😛

      1. Not really. They get their information from the CBC, and the rest of the Trudeau-bought-and-paid-for-legacy media, which does explain a few things, doesn’t it?

        1. Maybe that was true at first. However, at this point—especially given all the information that’s now readily available—they actually have to want to be deceived.

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