Dr. Robert Malone’s $25 Million Defamation Lawsuit -Dr. Byram Bridle -Who Is Dr. Malone? P.3

*UPDATE: After posting this interview, Bright Light News has now been blocked by Jane Ruby. See tweet below.

Dr. Robert Malone finds himself at the center of a $25 million defamation lawsuit against other voices in the health freedom movement. This legal showdown has sparked fiery debates within the health freedom movement, where some assert that Dr. Malone is orchestrating nothing short of “a psyop against the people.”

The Breggins boldly assert that “this man is in the middle of every horrific thing that has happened to humanity,” amidst a slew of allegations against him.

Clip from Part 3.

Join us in Part 3 of “Who is Dr. Robert Malone?” as Dr. Byram Bridle and I delve deep into the heart of this lawsuit, examining the evidence and arguments on both sides to determine whether Dr. Malone’s legal pursuit is indeed justified.

Part 3 in full.

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Despite captioning her X/Twitter account with “Truth In Medicine,” Jane Ruby blocked Bright Light News from viewing her tweets, presumably for investigating the reasons for Dr. Malone’s lawsuit. It’s unfortunate to see this type of censorship when people are purportedly advocating for truth, which has its foundations in freedom of speech.
Dr. Byram Bridle and I started this deep dive into the attacks on Dr. Robert Malone as a consequence of receiving hateful of accusations of Dr. Malone through our promotions of Bright Light News’ upcoming event with Dr. Malone this Wednesday.
Quotes from Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Jane Ruby found in Dr. Malone’s lawsuit.
The criticisms, born of speculation, attack Dr. Malone’s character and not the work that he has done.
The last quote demonstrates the outlandish claims made against Dr. Malone and, after having asked the Breggins to cease and desist, went ahead with the $25 million lawsuit as suggested by his lawyer.
In this article, Dr. Peter Breggin shares Dr. Malone’s published preprint in the Lancet Journal and in the next sentence says that Dr. Malone never share his findings publicly or professionally. As per Dr. Bridle, Dr. Breggin, not a vaccinologist, misunderstood the study (below), stating that Dr. Malone had proven that the “COVID vaccinations with genetic mRNA and DNA were too dangerous for human consumption, even experimentally.” Dr. Malone’s paper suggested that, due to the historical data of previous mRNA vaccines, further testing in animal models should be done before deploying the Covid “vaccines.”
Dr. Malone appears on Bret Weinstein’s Darkhorse Podcast with Steve Kirsch, as his first public appearance warning the world of the Covid-19 shots. Dr. Bridle had informed the world about the Pfizer shot’s biodistribution the month previous.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Malone’s $25 Million Defamation Lawsuit -Dr. Byram Bridle -Who Is Dr. Malone? P.3”

  1. Don’t attack the people with 25 million dollar lawsuits. Feel free to correct the message. Wouldn’t that make more sense than a lawsuit?

    1. Yes. I don’t get why journalists and doctors who know something about Malone (and his claims of deep state, CIA connections) don’t give him a wide berth. He’s a bully pure and simple; Dr. Paul Alexander is calling him out repeatedly for his association – close association – with the death shot. If Malone doesn’t clean up his act somehow, he’s not going to come out looking good. Backchannel doctors have asked him to step down with his lawsuits and he’s refused. Look at his interference recently with Karen Kingston’s family. Wake up, BrightLight!

      1. I also think BL news needs to look more carefully at Dr. Malone’s background. There are important questions which deserve real answers.

        Even Naomi Wolf said she had some questions for him. Maybe this is a place for BLN to begin to see that people have real questions about his connections to DITRA and why the CIA asked him to come to Wuhan so early on?

        There is a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

  2. getting late in the game

    Dr. Jane Ruby on Malone’s lawsuit:

    “He admitted it was to shut down free speech. He said: Defamation lawsuits are hard to win. I’m hoping that this lawsuit puts a chill-puts a chill-on corporate media, internet and social media.”

    “Hello. You have just admitted to a SLAPP lawsuit.”

    SLAPP lawsuits@WIKI:
    Strategic lawsuits against public participation (also known as SLAPP suits or intimidation lawsuits),[1] or strategic litigation against public participation,[2] are lawsuits intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

  3. To me the attack on Dr. Malone is created by the trudeau gvt not wanting Dr. Malone to share his truth in canada about how we and the world has been lied to, etc. etc. and trudeau asking his budies to create some lies, so creating peoples’ second thinking about coming to t.o. to hear dr. malone. But I am still hoping to hear him virtually, I registered. He and you and others trying to get the truth out fills my hear with hope for a better future for mankind.
    Gloria Jenner

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