Did Dr. Robert Malone Order A CIA Hit on Karen Kingston? -Dr. Byram Bridle -Who is Dr. Malone P.1?

(Part 1) Did Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the RNA vaccine technology, order a CIA hit on Karen Kingston, as stated in her July 27-2023-video and by many online?

Dr. Byram Bridle and I investigate whether Dr. Malone, inventor RNA vaccine technology, is “controlled opposition,” responsible for the death of millions and frivolously attacking members of the health freedom movement among other allegations, in a multi-part interview to better understand, “Who Is Dr. Robert Malone?”

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See Dr. Malone in Toronto or by livestream Sept. 20th.

1 thought on “Did Dr. Robert Malone Order A CIA Hit on Karen Kingston? -Dr. Byram Bridle -Who is Dr. Malone P.1?”

  1. Glen,
    How did you and Bridle arrive at the conclusion that Kingston was or is specifically on Mefloquine? Aren’t you and Bridle conjecturing here? Are you two worried that this controversy is going to affect participation in your September 20th gig?

    Being an investigative journalist, I would think you would try to interview Kingston herself, before resorting to guessing. Nowhere have I seen Kingston specifically write or state that Malone has asked or instructed anyone to kill her.

    At least one investigative journalist has noted that during one of Kingston’s communications, she says, “Mr. Kennedy, I beg of you to talk to Dr. Robert Malone and not have me killed. Not have me killed.” But, it would be quite a pathetic jump for an investigative journalist to state that this sentence is proof that Kingston believes that Malone requested a hit on her.

    We do know, however, from the Joe Rogan interview, Malone did specifically include within a sentence, “my buddies in the CIA”; so, one has to assume that Malone still does have friends in the CIA; so, Kingston making a request to Malone to speak to those “buddies” about intervening on her behalf, if they can, is reasonable. Who else does she know who could make such a request?

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