“Diagolon Does Not Pose A Criminal or National Security Threat” -RCMP Internal Docs

Internal RCMP reports revealed that Diagolon, a meme organization created by Jeremy_MacKenzie, “did not pose a criminal or national security threat.” The “intel” came from the Canadian Anti-Hate Network @antihateca and was weaponized by politicians, law enforcement and media to paint Diagolon as a “far-right, extremist hate group” that sought to “overthrow” the govt and install a “white-ethno state” to help invoke the Emergenies Act during the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protests in Feb. 2022.

The documents expose the utter laughable state of Canadian police intel, governance and their agenda to promote a hate narrative by a now discredited organization (Canadian Anti-Hate Network) to execute their political agendas.

Enjoy our interview with the affable patriot MacKenzie, Feb. 25, just days after police brutalized peaceful Convoy protesters in Ottawa.

Gun charges against MacKenzie were stayed August 31st.

RCMP intel article by Caryma Sa’d.

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