Every Legislative Policy Must Align with the Charter of Rights – Joseph Bourgault, CPC Leadership Candidate

In this clip with Conservative Leadership Candidate Joseph Bourgault, Mr. Bourgault shares some principles that will guide his platform if elected prime minister.


17 thoughts on “Every Legislative Policy Must Align with the Charter of Rights – Joseph Bourgault, CPC Leadership Candidate”

  1. Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, ‘Fatal Side Effects’ too Risky

    The court stated that the experimental mRNA treatments intended to protect the public from Covid have been shown to cause “serious or fatal adverse effects.” The court explains that even if such fatalities are rare, a single death is enough to render the mandate unconstitutional.


  2. “Canada has an epidemic of the vaccinated-especially the boosted.The unvaccinated are the safest to be around and we are actually serving as a buffer for the vaccinated.” Professor of Immunology Dr. Byram Bridle


    The unvaccinated have 90% immunity.
    The vaccinated transmit covid and are highly susceptible to infection. Four injections in one year and the vaccinated are now dying and spreading covid like the plague.
    Twit,I want you to take this information and hand deliver it to Theresa Tam,Justine Turdo and Chrystia the WEF Witch.

    1. Gee, Max. I think you scared him off! He’s no where to be seen… Ooops! Spoke too soon. There he is. (see below v :[ )

  3. Denmark will halt all COVID vaccinations on May 15, 2022
    They realize stopping the spread is useless.
    They are stopping all (mandatory) vaccinations on May 15, 2022, the first country to do so.

    “With omicron it is impossible to stop the spread of infection,even with severe restrictions.
    Let the new wave run through the population.”

    Tyra Krause, director of Infection preparedness, SSI


  4. Canadians witnessed a colossal failure in leadership across the board – politics, government, media, business and even academia.
    Dr. Julie Ponesse joins The Candice Malcolm Show to discuss Canada’s totalitarian approach to the pandemic.

    True North News

  5. Canada’s most regarded immunologist,Dr. Byram Bridle outs the scam models that the Liberal Govt of WEF Canada and the Canadian Legacy media used to push vaccines and promote hatred upon those not going along with their WEF depopulation agenda:

    Dr. Byram Bridle Destroys Article Accusing The Unvaccinated —Its Veiled Hate Speech He Says—Fiction Disguised As Science
    April 28, 2022


  6. This country could use an intelligent and honest prime minister like Mr. Bourgault.
    We are adrift at sea and taking on water after being rammed and boarded by WEF infidels and traitors.
    The Senate and military can step in any time now and deal with this traitorous situation.

    1. Sorry, Max. I like Bourgault. I really do, but let’s be realistic about this. The man is this close to not raising enough funds to pay the fee to become a candidate. My understanding is that he has one day before the deadline, and he still hasn’t met the target yet.

      Even if he does, how much support do you think he’s going to get. He’s a virtual unknown. Only true conservatives like you and I have even heard of him. I don’t think he’ll be much of a threat to PP, not to mention the turd.

      1. I support every candidate that swears allegiance to our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As Bourgault openly states he has nothing to do with and opposes the WEF he has won me over.
        I voted for the PPC because they run on the same platform.
        I am a Canadian and my family goes back to the 1600’s in this nation.
        I do not support traitors that are loyal to the WEF,such as Trudeau,Freeland,Singh and what is said to be over 50% of Trudeau’s cabinet.
        This is the end of our freedoms and country if we do not demand that these traitors answer for their sedition.

        1. 100% in full agreement, Max, and Bourgault is worthy of your support. I would support him too, except I’m just not inspired by his chance of winning the leadership, which is, I’m afraid, minimal.
          Even if he makes the deadline, in all likelihood, he’ll be dropped on the first ballot. Socons like Bourgault just doesn’t appeal to the broad-based Canadian Electorate.
          Maybe after the first ballot, Bourgault will throw his support behind… and I’m just guessing here… PP.

        2. Hey Max. After posting my last response, I got an update, and I have good news for you. Bourgault made the cut. He achieved his goal of attaining the $300K application fee, and he will appear on the final ballot.
          The push is now on to get two more socon candidates on the ballot, but there’s only one day left to do it… Grant Abraham, and and Marc Dalton. I don’t know of either candidate, but they’ve both been endorsed by Campaign Life Canada.
          A reminder that the CPC uses a rank balloting system, so consider making PP your second choice, if Mr. Abraham or Mr. Dalton don’t make it.

          1. Having lost portions of his frontal cortex due to three injections of mRNA technology,the twit now resorts to blabberings and nonsensical rants that read like the front page of the Toronto Star.
            FC, any candidate that stands up and tells Canadians that Trudeau,Freeland and Singh are traitors to Canada with allegiance to the WEF is $300k well spent.
            The twits need to be re-educated from the Liberal propaganda before they lose their minds, altogether.

          2. Unfortunately, we’re so deep into the thread, I can’t reply to the twit’s latest meanderings, but then, after reading his latest rant, I don’t think I have to. His musings speaks for itself, but I will say something anyway.

            The twit says he believes in free voting, as long as you vote for the twit’s party of favor.

            The twit’s cognitive dissonance has hit the stratosphere! He has NO CLUE of what he’s actually saying, that he’s supporting a one-party state. Similar states already exist: Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China, some backward countries and banana republics primarily in Africa…

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