YouTube Removes Interview with CPC Leadership Candidate Joseph Bourgault

While Twitter now champions free speech thanks to Elon Musk, YouTube didn’t even give Conservative leadership candidate Joseph Bourgault’s interview 12 hours. The reason?

Mr. Bourgault mentioned Ivermectin.

Despite overwhelmingly positive results in the treatment and prophylaxis of Covid-19 with 158 COVID-19 studies, 109 peer reviewed, 82 comparing treatment and control groups, YouTube continues suppressing the truth and censoring freedom of speech.

We live in a world of “misinformation” and “disinformation,” where monikers of “fact” are dubbed by the very entities that create the falsehoods to manipulate an unsuspecting and naive public to coldly satisfy their avarice.


2 thoughts on “YouTube Removes Interview with CPC Leadership Candidate Joseph Bourgault”

  1. How far are we going to let things go before we take a stand? By “a stand”, I mean, open rebellion?

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