An Interview with Pro-Freedom CPC Leadership Candidate Joseph Bourgault

Pro-freedom Joseph Bourgault stands out as the only Conservative leadership candidate to be openly against the Trudeau govt’s unconstitutional and undemocratic Covid and vaccine mandates since early 2020. The Saskatchewan hopeful followed the peer-reviewed success of early treatments, like Ivermectin, and to his dismay, the corrupt suppression of such evidence by govts and the mainstream media. These findings led to his eventual attendance and support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa to end all mandates and spread the truth of available treatments.

The continued failure for trustworthy and honest politicians to bring Canadians out of the new post-Covid world prompted Bourgault to enter the leadership race and bring voice and hope to long-suffering Canadians with a better way out of the “pandemic” and beyond.

Join us for this exclusive interview.

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5 thoughts on “An Interview with Pro-Freedom CPC Leadership Candidate Joseph Bourgault”

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  2. What I would like to see approached is the tax funding be given to each and every bodies of communities in each jurisdiction and they give tax money to the province to what they can give and then the province give money to the federal government on what they should get and a % for military acceptable. This could make provincial leaders to work for the people and the federal would have to work for provincial with the people

  3. A humble,successful,honest Canadian and not a charlatan that sold his soul to the WEF/NWO elites.
    When will Trudeau, Freeland and the WEF/WHO traitors face tribunals?
    When do all these Covid brainwashed Canadians pull their heads out from their arses?
    Pierre Poilievre has been outed as a WEF traitor.Another charlatan.

  4. Twit accuses Joseph Bourgault of being a treasonous traitor in 3… 2… 1…

    Following that up with his litany of phony hashtags that he made up, of course.

    1. Well, he didn’t do it on this thread, maybe because I scared him off, but he did make an appearance later on… as you can see here:
      I got to hand it to him. He doesn’t give up. We knock him down, and he just comes back for more. I’m wondering if he’s just a glutton for punishment, or maybe he just gets high on kicking around everyone who has a brain and knows how to use it. Maybe he just gets high, because I can’t explain his immaturity any other way.

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