11 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW 1/2] Moving Toward Authoritarianism -An Interview with Daniel Bulford, Former RCMP”

  1. The enemy’s plans for a Globalist NWO are very clear. People who are afraid to open their eyes and look are a disgrace and they will have to try to live with their stupidity and cowardice as they awaken. We are at the precipice of this world war, we are in the middle of the promised storm. The fall of the cabal is great to watch unfold!!

  2. Truckers and veterans between some others are working hardly to defend many in disadvantage to keep our freedom of choice as a natural right but many people just don’t appreciate it and recognize it. Fear+fear+fear that is the real goal of tyranny to domain and block brains and stop the ability of thinking. When a person is afraid is losing at the same time the capability to see the perspective, to analize, to conclude and discover who really is the deceiver. An afraid person prefers to surrender and keep commodities and false sense of tranquility in a comfort zone. A Tyrant sales lies and false promises that’s why all JTrudeau followers, his team and allies are just tamed by him, whom just cares about his own ambition and benefit.

  3. Maybe this information is meant for “newly thawed passengers”, because speaking for someone who has been “awake” for too long, I am very aware of what’s going on. What I really need to know what we are going to do about this global reset. Playing by the their ever changing rules is not working out, and I don’t have the funds to buy Twitter or attack WEF puppeteers of Ukraine.

  4. Were inching toward a revolution. I don’t see any other way if we are going to stop the illegal actions of the current Trudeau Government. They are in contempt. They have attacked, and assaulted Canadians who were exercising their legal constitutional right to protest the government.
    The Trudeau regime escalated their assault by illegally imposing the Emergency Act, and then refused to show their justification for implementing the act against peaceful protesters.
    The only way to deal with a tyrannical government is revolution. They outright refused to speak with us, so what options are left. The Trudeau Government has broken a number of laws. It’s time we held them to account.

    1. Careful. That kind of talk is what freaked out the people here in Ottawa. They ACTUALLY BELIEVED that the freedom convoy was out to “overthrow the government!” The public sector unions are infested with mind-numbing, full-blown, totally authoritarian communists.
      You see, with the feds controlling 1/3 of this city’s GDP, the people around here LOVE their federal government, dontcha-know, which is why the people in this sad-sack town loved the idea of the EA.
      And so continuing to talk about revolution is precisely how you’re going to get your assets frozen. That’s how dictators roll, you know.

      1. Trudeau and Freeland do not represent Canada nor Canadians.
        They are agents of the WEF and should be treated as such.

          1. Apparently not. Outside of my close circle the Canadians I talk to are completely ignorant. They bought this charade: Hook,line and sinker.Still wearing masks outside and so happy their health officials saved them from the common flu.
            Canadians are very naiive and have zero investigative skills.
            Most are a lot like our most pathetic poster here.
            So,I keep telling the story whether you want to tell it or not.
            We are in a country corral full of WEF dung that is being force fed down our throats.

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