[FULL DOC] 3 Days in Hagerstown – The U.S. People’s Convoy 2022

The U.S. People’s Convoy 2022 left Adelanto, California, for Washington, DC, with a full head of steam, powered by “We the People” and a thirst for freedom February 23rd, 2022. Inspired by the Canadian Freedom Convoy, the convoy arrived in Maryland, March 4th, where they made the Hagerstown Speedway home for the next 27 days.

We joined convoy in Hagerstown for 3 days, March 25-27, to take an intimate look into the American trucker fight for freedom and found the same atmosphere of love, unity and demand for fundamental freedoms throughout the encampment. Join us for this special report. (Interviews with each participant in the report coming soon.)

*Please help us fund our fight in the global battle to win back our diminishing freedoms here or by etransfer to gord@brightlightnews.com.

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