Impressive Freedom March in Niagara Falls, ON

The North American Unity Tour hit the streets of Niagara Falls, Ontario, for an impressive march after speeches at the War Memorial near Oakes Gardens Theatre.

The march was held by Freedom Fighters Canada.

19 thoughts on “Impressive Freedom March in Niagara Falls, ON”

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  2. OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — A group of 15 civil liberties organizations demanded an open “public” independent inquiry be held to scrutinize Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shutting down the trucker Freedom Convoy though the use of the Emergencies Act (EA).

    According to section 63 of Canada’s Emergencies Act, the cabinet within 60 days of its activation, which is April 24, is required to “cause an inquiry to be held into the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency.”

    Trudeau claimed the Freedom Convoy protesters were funded by foreign entities with ties to terrorist-linked financing. This reasoning was used as justification for Trudeau to enact the EA against them that included the freezing of hundreds of bank accounts.

    Recently, however, a top official with Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said there is no evidence of any links to terrorist activity in the funding of the Freedom Convoy.

    The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) is suing the federal government for its abuse of the EA, which was used to quash the Freedom Convoy.

    A clause in Section 62 of the Emergencies Act, which allows a committee made up by Canada’s parliament to investigate its use, is already occurring.

    1. There is no need for an inquiry. The use of the EA was more than justified as those “freedom” loving racists took downtown Ottawa hostage.

      End of story. Trudeau and his cabinet owe nothing to those stupid protestors.

      Recent CPC behaviour is more relevant & alarming (wearing MAGA hats & supporting convoy anarchists). In two elections, voters didn’t dump PMJT over insensitive makeup at a costume party 20+ yrs ago. He is known as a champion of equality, diversity, multiculturalism & immigration.

      For those hoping that Canada follows the US in dropping mask mandates on airplanes, be aware that this was solely the decision of a Trump judicial appointee who was deemed ‘unqualified’ by the American Bar Association
      Trudeau & Tam aren’t going to let that happen. Score one for Canada. #IStandWithTrudeau #cdnpoli

      1. F off,Twit. The investigation is required by law.
        Hopefully,your Dear Leader is held to account for all he has done and is doing to our country for the WEF globalists.
        BTW,shove your mask up your ass.

        1. Unfortunately, Max… the turd may have found himself a loophole. Don’t you think he would have known about the legal requirement of the inquiry ahead of time?
          You see, we’re no longer living in a free society. Our governments KNOW that they are breaking laws, but they just don’t care anymore. In fact, they’re not even trying to hide the fact that their activities are in violation not only of our charter, but of several sections of the criminal code. Doesn’t matter. They don’t care. They’re going to keep pushing this agenda forward right down our throats regardless.
          They feel that Section 1’s “reasonable limits” gives them a broad-based sledgehammer to pound our rights out of existence, and with the corrupt courts backing them up, why wouldn’t they think that?
          As for the twit, I have a few things to say to his post. Don’t I always?
          (see above).

        2. And there it is. The turd’s loophole!

          Can this government be any more corrupt?
          Of course they had this planned out from the very beginning, promising full transparency regarding the invocation of the EA, when they knew very well in advance how they were going to stick-handle around the subsequent inquiry.
          They lie, and they just can’t stop lying, and I think they know that we know that they’re lying, and they just don’t care. They’re laughing at us.
          If there’s any justice left in this world, we will get our last laugh.

      2. The irony in your comment is mind blowing. You go on to condemn a bunch of supposed racists and then go on to say that you stand with Trudeau who has worn black face on at least 3 separate occasions, has been convicted of ethics violations and is essentially corrupt. Your comment makes it very clear that you’re not an objective individual simply by the hypocrisy you display.

        Btw a little reality check for you. Trudeau incited massive hate and division well before the Convoy by stating that the unvaccinated are racists, misogynists’ and people that shouldn’t be tolerated in society. This is not at all how a good leader should act. He should be trying to empathize and work with people and or at least be transparent, not fan the flames. It’s honestly surprising that aside from the horn honking that the protests in Ottawa stayed as peaceful as they did considering how much Trudeau screwed with people’s mental health.

      3. Justify it, twit! Justify the EA when even leftist organizations say it was an overreach!

        So prove it, twit. PROVE that the EA was justified!

        And while your at proving that, PROVE that the core was being held hostage! EVERYTHING THE MEDIA SAID about the freedom convoy was AN OUTRIGHT LIE! There was NO DANGER. There was NO RACISM or WHITE SUPREMACY. There were false flags that the turd capitalized by attacking average Canadians with outright propaganda.

        The attempted arson of the downtown apartment building that Mayor Watson and the Turd’s cabinet tried to connect to the truckers was also a lie. The OPS admitted as such.

        The blaming of someone “throwing a bycicle at a horse” when mounted police trampled a disabled Metis woman using a walker was also a lie.

        In the last election, twit, the CPC had more popular votes than your hero the turd, who could only muster less than 1/5 of all eligible votes in the country, but that didn’t stop the turd from forming a majority by allying his party with the singe.

        Get your terminology right, twit. It’s not “equality” that he’s a champion of. It’s EQUITY! Better not let the turd hear you using the blasphomous “equality” word, twit. You might just find yourself locked up in one of the turd’s Covid camps!

        It makes me sick to hear you cheering on the continued wearing of masks, knowing that the latest science is showing that not only is continuous mask-wearing to be detrimental to mental health and development, especially among children, but is also to have been shown to be toxic, as we’re now seeing plastic micro fibres lining the interior lung walls. And you thought smoking was hazardous to your health.

        Yes, there is some debate about that judge’s decision, and yes, the CDC is appealing, but I wouldn’t site the ABA on judging criteria for judges when they endorsed Ketanji Brown Jackson.

        And finally, both the turd and the Tammil Tiger, “doctor” WHO (“doctor” Tam! That’s who!) should both be corralled and tried for their crimes against humanity, and let real justice take it from there.

  3. Dr. Mark Trozzi’s website:
    Police for Freedom Canada has directed a detailed 88 page report to Manitoba Police Forces demanding and justifying (in detail) a criminal investigation into Public Health officials in Manitoba for alleged covid-19 crimes. The letter is very enlightening and contains details of law, police oath and duties, Health Canada statistics, and an extensive appendix of government and scientific documents.

    More than twenty serious crimes are alleged and explained including murder, genocide and terrorism. The list of alleged perpetrators includes: Theresa Tam, many specific Manitoba government officials, various agencies, and specific members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba.

    The alleged crimes are:

    misfeasance in public office
    misconduct in public office
    conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
    conspiracy to administer a poisonous and harmful substance to cause severe injury & death
    gross negligence manslaughter
    corporate manslaughter
    conspiracy to commit murder
    crimes against humanity
    false imprisonment
    multiple breaches of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    war crimes
    multiple violations of The Nuremberg Code 1947
    multiple violations of the Criminal Code of Canada
    other crimes which will be determined by the police investigation

  4. Documents prove Canada wants to use COVID-19 pandemic to bring country in line with World Economic Forum agenda.The documents were obtained by Canadian independent media outlet Rebel News through Access to Information Act filings. They are high-level briefing notes made to the then-Minister of Foreign Affairs and head of Global Affairs Canada Chrystia Freeland. (Related: Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather was a Nazi and she admires George Soros. It’s no surprise she’s labeling freedom-loving Canadians terrorists.)

    The briefing notes were made in preparation for the Great Reset meeting with the WEF that took place on December 8, 2020.

    1. Canadians protesting for their freedom is necessary and commendable given what the WEF traitors in our midst are conducting.
      You would have to pull your head out of your ass to see it.

    2. This is happening all over the country, twit!
      I think you’re beginning to realize that you’re standing on the wrong side of history, and it bugs you, doesn’t it? You can’t stand being wrong, can you?
      Well, twit. It’s time to grow up, take off the turd-colored glasses, and face reality.

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  6. Vaccine Choice Canada Event:
    Dr. Mark Trozzi suggests Theresa Tam,as an agent of the WHO, should be arrested along with others in Federal government.
    A military coup with tribunals and new elections. 1:00:30
    Constitutional lawyer Michael Alexander then states that Chrystia Freeland,as a standing board trustee of the WEF since 2019 ,is therefore in a conflict of interest under ethics guidelines.
    An effort was taken to contact Pierre Poilievre to bring an ethics complaint against Freeland.
    Not even a reply.
    They then discuss treason and that is what has happened here in Canada.
    Putting your head in the sand and letting them do whatever they want to us is not the answer.
    People have to enlighten themselves to get out of this.

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