“2 Weeks to Flatten the Curve” to “Vaccinated Only”

Govts around the world are rewriting societies based on a virus w/ a >99% survival rate & 2-tiered citizenship based on an experimental vaccine (vaccinated vs unvaccinated), though science proves widespread herd immunity & effective drug treatments.

2 thoughts on ““2 Weeks to Flatten the Curve” to “Vaccinated Only””

  1. That chart is excellent. It shows the progression that was planned from the getgo. In lookin back, we can now understand how close we are to the precipice.

    Here is a different graphic which shows the progression from a normal society to one that confirms the police state.


    Normal vanishes through fearmongering; fearmonger is sustained in the context of constant deceptions and protection of those deceiptions; then we slip forward, down the slope, to ward the edge of the chasm whose jaws are openned wide by the continual testing and reinforcement of compliance.

    Not just compliance of the people but compliance of the enforcers, the implementors, of the severe measures. This includes the police as well as the prosecutors and the judges. Normal behavior has become criminalized, in effect. So-called advice and guidance has become treated as superior to the highes law of the land, our Constitution and its protections of liberty. Eventually, the continual feedback loop of testing compliance, enforcement, and growth of the states authority over our lives traps us into a viscious cycle in which the testing produces lists of dissenters and growing acts that must be censored blatantly; and that is the trap that throws us over the edge and into a deeply entrenched Confirmed Police State.

    This video illustrates the five zones of the new Public Health Tyranny. Think what it means to be fully betrayed, inch by inch, by the people we are taught to trust the most. The fearmongering leads to division and that means submission to the authorities whose whims must be obeyed because those whims cannot be understood as rational. And THAT is the point of atomization and dissolution of a socially cohesive and productive freedom based society.

    We have no choice. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT.

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