Covid-19 Compliance Strategy, E.g, Vaccine Passports

Govt and mainstream media have been using persuasion techniques to force Covid-19 vaccine passport compliance, including foot-in-the-door and seeding.

With such coercive techniques, how much of a person’s choice is really their own?

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Compliance Strategy, E.g, Vaccine Passports”

  1. Joyce Beitchman

    I believe this thing with this virus got out of hand due to wrong choices about saving lives first of all everyone should have been tested first and the ones tested positive should wear masks secondly no one should be forced to take experimental vaccines due each individual needs and physical health that in itself put people at risk more than a flu sorry because our antibodies can survive anything

  2. Vaccine passports should never be accepted in North America. We must remain a free democracy. People will make the best choices for themselves!

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