Quebec, Open to the Fully Vaccinated Only on Sept. 1

With Quebec’s announcement to possibly allow only the fully vaccinated to fully participate in society, vaccine coercion has become a dangerously slippery slope to medical apartheid and a “show-me-your-passport” society. This assault on medical privacy and constitutional freedoms should alarm all Canadians.

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2 thoughts on “Quebec, Open to the Fully Vaccinated Only on Sept. 1”

  1. There is more than one ‘vax’. And not one of them is a vaccine. Based on the companies that put them forth, these shots do not prevent infection nor transmission. At best, they promise, which is not the same as have proven, that the shot will get you at least one, yeap just one, PCR negative and that at least one, yeap, just one, symptom will be subdued. Now, think about how THAT fits the two-tiered policy announced in Quebec.

    Understand this. The government knows that the shot was authorized, not medically approved, on three false premises. That is, the premise of an actual public health emergency. And, also, the authorization depends on another false premise. That is, there are no alternative protections to control the spread and treat the infected. Well, of course, 99 percent or better fair well enough to get over an infection, or rather a PCR positive, without any medical treatment. Yeap, no treatment necessary for most. And, there are alternative treatments, early treatments as well as preventatives, but the governments have gone out of their way to ban, stall, or obscure both treatments and preventatives. AND the most ridiculous of the premises, that viral infection is spread by people who show no symptoms. This is patently false. The science has been well known for decades; and the covid-specific science is also now well established.

    So. THREE FALSE PREMISES are the sand upon which the pro-shot policy has been erected and foisted on all of society. This is medical malpractice and it is fundamentally at odds with our constitutional order. THIS determines the true baseline risk; and that baseline should determine the cost/benefit analysis of any measure proposed.

    Oh, and, of course, the PCR test, which is not an actual diagnostic test, does NOT test for infection, nor for infectiousness, nor for sickness. Yet the government has been telling us that there is not other way to know if you have been infected except through a positive PCR ‘test’. How will they reconcile that with the truth that there are zero novel features documented on this so-called novel coronavirus?

    There were alternatives, based on the actual baseline risk, but government blew the budget on test kits and lab fees. EACH AND EVERY HOSPITAL BOARD must be held accountable.

    So circle back, as they say, to the top of this post. Without a new virus, and without an actual virus specified, how then can the government have ‘tracked’ the spread; and how then can the government have put all its eggs in that one PCR basket — masking especially kids, isolation, shuttering businesses, curfews, restrictons on mobility, closing schools, and all the censorship and name-calling from ‘authoritative’ platforms? OOPS. How very embarrassing for those decisions makers and for those strict implementors and enforceers? How did the pharmas make a ‘vax’ for a virus that they have not isolated and purified; for which they do not have samples to test the effectiveness of their products?

    Well, folks, do not look at the facts. Look at the assertions and where those assertions prod or nudge you. All of society is being corralled into a gulag of our minds.

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