“The New Normal” Was Introduced by Merck in 2004

“The New Normal” campaign was introduced by Merck in 2006 and designed to get people “to accept a universal pan-influenza/pan-coronavirus vaccine.” – Dr. David Martin Full Interview: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/a-manufactured-illusion-dr-david-martin-with-reiner-fuellmich-9-7-21_hPChWe1no7nxGDM.html

A Two-Tiered Society Comes to Ontario

Filmores and other adult clubs will open their doors to the fully vaccinated only this Friday, as Ontario is set to reopen for Step 3. The trend of vaccine coercion for the unvaccinated or with only 1 dose is growing as “non-essential” places are being restricted in Ireland and debated in govts around the world.

Quebec, Open to the Fully Vaccinated Only on Sept. 1

With Quebec’s announcement to possibly allow only the fully vaccinated to fully participate in society, vaccine coercion has become a dangerously slippery slope to medical apartheid and a “show-me-your-passport” society. This assault on medical privacy and constitutional freedoms should alarm all Canadians. FDA link: https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download

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