BREAKING: Freedom Activist Vlad Sobolev Turning Self in Under Arrest Warrant

In a sombre but heartfelt Facebook live post today dedicated to his 2 children, freedom activist Vladislav Sobolev announced that he is turning himself in to police this morning. Sobolev is allegedly charged with criminal harassment and public intimidation of a public official.

The official is Ontario Superior Court Justice Jasmine Akbarali, believed by some sources to be the same judge who removed visitation rights for Sobolev after the mother of their son, Ilya, 6, took him to court with concerns her ex was endangering their child and other family members by taking part in protests against Covid-19 measures. Sobolev has been embroiled in a bitter custody arrangement. Akbarali allowed Sobolev 3 zoom “visits” per week for 1 hour and is alleged to have made threatening comments to Akbarali on social media video posts.

Friends say Sobolev, who hasn’t held his son since May 8, 2020, is a dedicated parent who’s been “pushed to his limit,” with his attempts to resume in-person visits through the courts foiled. hoping to reunite his new daughter, Ava, 1. and has been “pushed to his limit”

Sobolev recently posted a video invite in hopes of having Ilya join his little sister for her first birthday last Friday.

A website,, was set up by an anonymous supporter of Sobolev to help petition reuniting him with his son, Ilya.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Freedom Activist Vlad Sobolev Turning Self in Under Arrest Warrant”

  1. I know VLAD to be very honest and dedicated.
    That dedication MAY be at the heart of this matter.
    It is fairly obvious from the few Comments that I’ve seen that VLAD’s wife would like him to be less involved in activist protests and the like.
    My personal thoughts on this matter … VLAD you’ve accomplished a lot … Do yourself a favour and let her win this argument … FAMILY FIRST. We’ll be waiting when you return, as this will continue for YEARS AND YEARS.

  2. I heard on the radio that young people in Canada are starting to lean toward Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives, so I tried to Google the info. I eventually found this article, but it was like pulling teeth. (And I really know how to work a search engine!)

    It’s pretty clear that Google’s primary solution to information they don’t like is to make sure nobody sees it. That’s long been the case, but it’s getting really ridiculous now. The fact that the article is from a major Canadian newspaper only makes it worse—and Google’s outright censorship much more obvious. (I can just picture Google in the U.S. acting like “What is this New York Times you speak of?” if that publication ever wrote anything positive about Trump.)

      1. I hear you! Long story short: I enjoy forcing results out of them that they just don’t want to give me, and I want to let others know just how bad it really is. Google is generally fine for most shopping-related things. (“Need a toaster? Google it!”), but it’s a complete disaster for anything sociopolitical or news related. Unfortunately, thanks to the strictly controlled narrative, not many people are aware of just how deep the rot goes.

        As for independent search, since Google now owns DuckDuckGo, I’ve been using Mojeek ( and Gigablast ( with good results. Of the two, Mojeek seems to do a better job of cutting through the political BS.

      1. I’ll keep that in mind, and we’ll see how it goes when/if Pierre Poilievre becomes prime minister. For now, he still looks like a brilliantly shining pearl in an ocean of incredibly lackluster candidates. (And don’t get me started on the bottom-feeders currently in power.)

  3. Full support for you and all your family, you work as a team, much 💜 with deep respect. You are an amazing human, Canadians are very proud of your knowledge and background and strength. We know all will be fine in the end, hugs to you all. I sure hope your ex has enough respect for you all to realize your many gifts!

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing a new reality TV show called “Canadian Gulag” any day now. (The Lamestream Media are nothing if not opportunistic.) Additionally, I think the show should be syndicated worldwide, because—in conjunction with recent events and Canadian government actions—I’m sure it would really help to plant Canada firmly on the world map!

      *Please note that speed is of the essence! If we continue to allow the Biden administration to outdo us in the shenanigans department, America…not Canada…will eventually reign supreme as the most “famous” country in the world! Time to step up, J.C.—before we lose our global edge!

      (End Sarcasm)

  4. Adult child of divorced parents

    My parents divorced when I was a kid. It was a major setback for everyone. Both my parents were so busy fighting with each other, in court and out. They were too upset that I couldn’t go to them with any of MY problems. It was in my best interest to prevent them from getting more upset. So I hid all my problems from them. To this day, neither parent thinks the divorce affected me. They would be hurt, and helpless, if I told them how hard they made things for me.

    I have survived 30+ years with my spouse, raising kids. Its hard. My kids come first, and I just find a way to move on. For better or worse. The worse (in most cases) is temporary.
    People should be getting marriage/family counseling* the day they move int with each other. Before they get married, before they have kids. Waiting for things to fall apart is TOO LATE.

    The issue isn’t weather or not Ilya can go to this bday party, this issue is how are his parents going to behave for the rest of his life. If this conflict persists, Ilya will pick a side (mom’s) then when he’s older, he will have such a father-hole, he will either be mad at dad, or leave mom entirely to be with dad.

    Vlad, fuck the end of the world, there are others that are fighting this fight.

    Vlad & Ex, both of you, your child comes FIRST!

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