Trudeau Punishing Unvaccinated Travellers, Federal Lawsuit Making Waves -Maxime Bernier, PPC Leader

Maxime Bernier, leader of the PPC party, updates us on his federal lawsuit against PM Justin Trudeau’s vaccine travel mandates, now making waves. Without recommendations for their implementation for air travel by Canada’s top public health epidemiologist, Bernier confirms what he always knew: the vaccine mandates and passports were never backed by scientific data and only put in place to punish the unvaccinated. Join us as Mr. Bernier also updates us on the state of democracy in Canada and the PPC party.

9 thoughts on “Trudeau Punishing Unvaccinated Travellers, Federal Lawsuit Making Waves -Maxime Bernier, PPC Leader”

  1. Take the jab to do x y z is coercion. Medical coercion contravenes the Nuremberg Code therefore Trudeau is guilty of crimes against humanity. Charge him. Hang him.

  2. Hi Max. Was a pleasure to see you in Edmonton on Friday.
    I ask again, “what can be done thru our legal/justice system, to remove Justin Trudeau and the Liberal cabinet from the leadership position? and ” Why haven’t this been a topic of conversation?” deh

  3. I can’t believe Trudeau has not been charged with all his scandals and lies ,, he works for us the tax payers,, he needs to be pulled from office and real soon !

  4. I follow Keith Wilson whom is the layer the JCCF /Peckford,Bernier et al have hired to represent them. Find him on twitter. Trudeau;s lawyers are trying their best to get out of this lawsuit and for obvious reasons. Seems Mr. Fancy Socks is in a whole lot of doo doo.

  5. Keep fighting Maxime and Brian, my whole family that is left are with your scientific analysis and not the lying political analysis of liberals, they never even went to school to figure monetary policies, so why would I believe any party that has liars in it, how many have medical degrees

    1. Hey Max, I live in Peterborough On. and was ticketed the same day that the Peterborough Police fined you. My issue is that my wife and I spent over $400 for 10 yr passports and haven’t been able to leave Canada for over 2.5 yrs. I want my damned money that Trudeau ripped us off for. We are not vaxed and never will. Half my family live in the USA as my mother and father were both Americans. We haven’t seen my family members in over two yrs and that in my mind is criminal. Thank Trudeau again.

    1. Trudeau gets “Covid” whenever he can’t stand the pressure and needs to avoid backlash of his corruption and incompetence.

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