[INTERVIEW] New Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS) -Max, Founder

The Canadian govt’s vaccine adverse events reporting system, CAEFISS, has always been woefully underutilized, misrepresenting the true number of vaccine injuries and deaths and leaving a void for Canadians to get the true picture of vaccine side effects to make truly informed consent.

Enter CAERS, the Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System, started in February this year by founder and president, Max Daigle. Daigle has taken on the Herculean and vital task of giving the vaccine injured–often ignored, ridiculed and now injured in unprecedented numbers since the advent of Covid-19 vaccines–and healthcare practitioners the opportunity to do what our govts and public agencies should be doing, according to CAEFISS:

  • continuously monitors the safety of marketed vaccines in Canada
  • identifies increases in the frequency or severity of previously identified vaccine-related reactions
  • identifies previously unknown adverse events (PDF) following immunization that could possibly be related to a vaccine (unexpected AEFI)
  • identifies areas that require further investigation and/or research
  • provides timely information on AEFI reporting profiles for vaccines marketed in Canada that can help inform immunization-related decisions

Join us for this interview with Daigle–also injured by a vaccine–as he details CAERS’ purpose and the inspiration behind giving the vaccine injured a voice and perhaps avenue for long-overdue legal recourse for shielded vaccine manufacturers.

6 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] New Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS) -Max, Founder”

  1. My legs no longer feel like my own. I had weird symptoms last January where I felt like my body was filled with air and I was very weak and felt faint for 7 days. I thought maybe I had Covid because it was so unlike anything I had ever experience. I got one shot of Moderna 6 months earlier with nothing noticeable until January. Then I felt ok until I got food poisoning last June. Again my symptoms were really weird and atypical. It has been a few months and I actually ended up taking homeopathy to get rid of terrible abdominal pain. I tried antibiotics but they didn’t work. My legs since the incident were so weak I felt like I could collapse when I went for short walks. It felt like I had blockages of blood flow mostly in my calves. Every night I had alot of pain in my legs and every morning it hurts to put my feet on the floor when I get out of bed. I started taking b12 and magnesium. I wear tight socks up to my knees. This has alleviated my symptoms but they are still not gone. I was an active and healthy 57 year old. I surf. So, it was a real shock to me to suddenly feel like my legs didn’t belong to this body. I used to have low blood pressure and now it is in the normal range. I believe the vaccine can trigger genetic tendencies that otherwise wouldn’t be eexpressed. i take after my father physically but either I have blood clots or I now am suddenly at risk of high blood pressure and heart attack from my Mothers side. I never got the second shot because I never even wanted the first. I only broke down and got the first one to get everyone off my back. At that time I had no idea that it was dangerous.

  2. My second vaccine led to unpleasnt medical problems (mostly in my gut). But the first Booster almost killed me. Sick for days but my main problem was a heart slowing to 50bpm. Would anyone in their right mind go in for another booster?

  3. Health care agencies don’t want these stats, deaths and adverse reactions, reported. Big pharma has their greedy hands in all pockets and have paid, coerced, threatened those that are in positions to care for patients. We are in a terrible spiral of “sick care”, health care in Canada is below sub par. Money talks and big pharma has billions to spend to promote their evil agenda.

    1. Exactly.
      50,000 deaths between the US and Europe (woeful reporting systems) and five million injured and yet here in BC Dr. Bonny Henry and our WEF premier are not letting go of the mandates and telling people to get boosted.
      That is how diabolical this govt has become. Many millions dead and injured and these miscreants keep pushing the poison.

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