[INTERVIEW] Why Are Canadian Doctors Dying in Unprecedented Numbers? Dr. Roger Hodkinson Interview

[INTERVIEW] In this no-holds-barred discussion, Dr. Roger Hodkinson outlines, in grim detail, the catastrophic impact of forced experimental Covid-19 injections now ravaging Canadian frontline doctors and potentially the human population.

We given this interview 2 titles. Which do you like better?

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8 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Why Are Canadian Doctors Dying in Unprecedented Numbers? Dr. Roger Hodkinson Interview”

  1. Thanks for all youve done and continue to do. The carnage is terrible, shocking and unrelenting! May God help every human being to awaken, turn, protect the living, honour the dead, prosecute the guilty and prevent further losses!! Every life matters and countries with low MRNA treatment rates prove safer than those highly jabbed. This experiment is a devastating failure.

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  3. I had to shut down our reddit group, because the censorship was off the hook…and not even for covid-related news. They censored negative MSM articles on China, Ukraine, the music industry…pretty much everything. Near as I can figure, they gave us a couple of eager-beaver, lefty, volunteer admins that just enjoyed pulling the plug on us every chance they got. (I took the precaution of setting up another group on a more secure social media site at the same time, and that’s doing well…so no worries.)

    That said, I just found these guys on reddit and I think they’re awesome:
    (They must also have a different set of admins over their heads, because I couldn’t have posted a single thing they have.)

  4. Cancer cells are hybrid cells, comprised of both fungal & human DNA. Human DNA acts as a cloaking device, which permits cancer cells to escape detection by the bodies immune system and proliferate. All cancers are a fungus of one type or another. Emotions aside, just as fungi in a forest is designed to recycle organic material into compost, so too is cancer’s function in the scheme of nature designed to recycle damaged, depleted or compromised physical bodies into compost. See Tullio Simoncini’s book, Cancer Is A Fungus.

    1. Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole has reiterated numerous times that he is seeing a huge increase in cancers and , more so ,rare types of cancers since the serfs have been forced to take the poison in this genocide:

      ‘These Aren’t Normal Cancers’: What Doctors Are Seeing After Covid Shots
      By Brian Hooker
      The Epoch Times
      MAY 16, 2022
      Tune in to today’s episode of “Doctors & Scientists” to hear from guest Ryan Cole, M.D., on jaw-dropping COVID vaccine research.


      Dr. Cole and others have found unusual and surprising numbers and types of cancer after the rollout of COVID-19 injections.

      Also, tune in to hear a breakdown of the critical science on “several foot long . . . atypical clotting” as well as the high concern about reproductive toxicology.


  5. Wow. The particulars of this unfolding genocide are starting to hit the fan.
    Thanks to Gord at BLN.
    Where is Trudeau,that WEF yes man that mandated everybody in Canada take this poison?
    Oh,yeah. Surfing with two Canadian military jets,an entourage,a team of security personnel and all his bestest friends in the sun of Costa Rica.
    Wake up,Canadians.

  6. The first title is too long, but I like it better. How about combining them?

    Significant/Catastrophic reproductive issues and unprecedented number of Canadian Doctors dying.

    But we are trying to wake up the sheep, we have to speak to them, so how about:

    Is your reproductive system at risk? Will there be children in the future?

    1. We’re definitely looking to create titles that will have people victimized by the narrative/experimental therapy consider looking at our interviews. Thanks for your input. Will consider for future.

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