Out of Darkness Came Light – The Story of a Freedom Convoy Trucker

#FreedomConvoy trucker Csaba Viza (Instagram @caesarofficialll) was beaten by police during the violent take-back of Wellington St. in front of Parliament Hill. Despite this dark episode, Csaba managed to find forgiveness and light through the spirit of what Ottawa came to be, a haven and beacon of hope and peace for many Canadians standing against a heartless, authoritarian govt.

***To help Csaba and his family, you can donate by:

1. PayPal – send money to gyorgyi vizi

2. PO Box:

Suite 116
5060 Tecumseh Road E.
Unit #7
Windsor, Ontario
N8T 1C1

28 thoughts on “Out of Darkness Came Light – The Story of a Freedom Convoy Trucker”

  1. My ancestors immigrated from communism to Canada. Thank you for this amazing interview which is a fantastic reminder of the deep feelings most of us have for what once was a great country. We cannot stop fighting for what our forefathers won for us.

  2. “Pay-pal”!!!
    Are you people serious?
    So try hat they can keep the money?

    Our legal system is compromised.
    The justice doesn’t exist.

    And people are divided, families, friends and the rest!
    Greed and money runs the world!

    LOVE !
    Where is it???

  3. this man is a hero! I never made it to Ottawa but for 3 weeks I watched every thing live n Csaba had my heart sitting in his truck with his daughter, speaking of the things he’s gone threw, a family man, this man from Romania fighting for freedom in Canada, if He isn’t representative of what Canada means I don’t know what is! thank you Csaba! I wish you all the wonderful things this life has to offer! love & unity can change the world. ❤

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  5. This is important, and extremely relevant to what we’ve been subjected to over the last two years. Everyone who cares about freedom needs to see this. Watch it, and pass it on.

    1. Canadians have had enough of the Turdo-Freeland/WEF /Gestapo tactics.
      We better pray that their graphene injections aren’t going to be the final say in this nightmare.

      1. Several “vaccinated” people I know personally were feeling pretty crappy in general (no energy, headaches, assorted aches and pains, severe dizzy spells, etc.), experiencing prolonged bouts of insomnia, catching cold after cold (weakened immune system, much?), and suffering from serious cognitive issues (memory lapses, sudden loss of focus—sometimes while driving—inability to learn new things/skills or remember new information, etc.) for quite a while after their second shot—but it seems as if they’re finally starting to recover now. That’s good news, because it shows that (at least some) average people can recover from negative vaccine-induced side-effects experienced after two doses. As for any long-term effects, I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see. Thank God they were smart enough not to go for a third dose!

    2. Thank you for this. I would like to show this to my family, who gleefully submitted to the coercion of the state.

    1. Oh, please. This guy’s certainly no grifter, and that should be pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain. (So you get a pass, by the way.)

    1. Says the person who can’t even spell “moron” properly. 😛

      As for grifting, your boy Trudeau could teach an advanced class! 😀

      1. He sounds like the Twit, the ignoramus that worships the country’s greatest coward and grifter AKA Turdo.

  6. The mailing address to donate doesn’t make sense.
    It has a Suite 116 and a Unit #7 – which one is it please? THank you!

    1. Hi Rlta
      The email address is
      The mailbox is
      PMB or Suite # 116
      5060 Tecumseh Road E . Unit 7
      Windsor Ontario
      N1T 1C1
      I appreciate your kindness and support

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