Out of Darkness Came Light – The Story of a Freedom Convoy Trucker

#FreedomConvoy trucker Csaba Viza (Instagram @caesarofficialll) was beaten by police during the violent take-back of Wellington St. in front of Parliament Hill. Despite this dark episode, Csaba managed to find forgiveness and light through the spirit of what Ottawa came to be, a haven and beacon of hope and peace for many Canadians standing against a heartless, authoritarian govt.

***To help Csaba and his family, you can donate by:

1. PayPal – send money to gyorgyi vizi

2. PO Box:

Suite 116
5060 Tecumseh Road E.
Unit #7
Windsor, Ontario
N8T 1C1

28 thoughts on “Out of Darkness Came Light – The Story of a Freedom Convoy Trucker”

  1. this man is a hero! I never made it to Ottawa but for 3 weeks I watched every thing live n Csaba had my heart sitting in his truck with his daughter, speaking of the things he’s gone threw, a family man, this man from Romania fighting for freedom in Canada, if He isn’t representative of what Canada means I don’t know what is! thank you Csaba! I wish you all the wonderful things this life has to offer! love & unity can change the world. ❤

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  3. wah wah wah, now the trouble maker who was beaten is making a scene and wants money…typical. I imagine you goofs will donate. If only the government could seize that money and reward it to the city of Ottawa for all the damage these people have caused and the extra taxes Ottawa residents now must work out.

    Actions have consequences.

    1. What our society and governments are forgetting is the great lose every Canadian has faced over the last two years when it comes to health, abilities to work and freedoms to visit their loved ones when in hospitals and care centres. Facts are being twisted to fit only one narrative and we as society are not taking the time to be informed

    2. I think you need a taste of communism Rog Whit. Obviously you don’t even understand what the Truckers Convoy was all about. They were fighting for our freedom. God bless all the Truckers and to hell with you.

    3. Wah wah to the 5 Ottawa cry babies who couldn’t hack a horn. Please line up another booster you dumb ass. Read Page 30 in Pfizer documents clown. They knew and shows that 1 out of 35 died from vax. It never stopped transmission or stops you from getting covid. Basically…its only a matter of time before your ass is 6″ under too. Some of us were smart enough to research before become a lab rat for an experimental clot shot. For a 99.8%recovery rate virus. Keep your muzzle on for rest of your friggin life, roll your sleeves up as many times as you want, I don’t give a damn! We have a right to our bodily autonomy thanks to my grandfather and uncles who fought and died for my freedom of choice! I’ll gladly give Csaba as much money as I want. He’s a patriot and a true Canadian in my eyes. You’re just a lonely lab rat loser! 🤮

    4. Yep. A trucker who surrendered peacefully, obeyed all instructions by the cops, went down on his knees, hands on his head, and promptly gets pummeled, and kneed repeatedly by the shock troops posing as police officers, just because…

      Yeah! That’s one bright spot. The class action suit is going after a bloodless stone, as GSG decided that since the fascist, dictatorial government wasn’t going to let the truckers have any of the funds donated to their cause, they would return the funds to the donors.

      As far as the fascist local government is concerned, I HAVE TO PAY THOSE TAXES TOO, twit, but I don’t care about that as much as I care about peaceful, law-abiding citizens’ rights getting trampled on both figuratively and literally by SELF-PROCLAIMED “jack-booted,” power-hungry thugs and bullies with badges (even though they weren’t wearing their badges that day) pretending to be “peace officers.”

      Actions do indeed have consequences, and the eyes of the world now know all about Kanada’s tarnished reputation as a world “democracy,” savagely attacking and suppressing law-abiding citizens’ right to peacefully protest with tactics that can only be described as committed by a thuggish dictatorship, making a mockery of this country’s laws, confiscating assets without any credible evidence of slanderous claims of terrorism and money-laundering, not to mention all the other smears based on lies uttered by your soy-boy-toy.

      And the world are laughing at us.

    5. Were you in Ottawa and saw what was going on? I bet not. You got your news from legacy media as in the dinosaur. Its easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled. Use some critical thinking skills. I get you are believing now what is going on between Ukraine and Russia.

    6. I hope you will live long enough to realize what we did in Ottawa. Because at the moment you’re still brainwashed, and i feel sorry for you dude

  4. This is important, and extremely relevant to what we’ve been subjected to over the last two years. Everyone who cares about freedom needs to see this. Watch it, and pass it on.

    1. Canadians have had enough of the Turdo-Freeland/WEF /Gestapo tactics.
      We better pray that their graphene injections aren’t going to be the final say in this nightmare.

      1. Several “vaccinated” people I know personally were feeling pretty crappy in general (no energy, headaches, assorted aches and pains, severe dizzy spells, etc.), experiencing prolonged bouts of insomnia, catching cold after cold (weakened immune system, much?), and suffering from serious cognitive issues (memory lapses, sudden loss of focus—sometimes while driving—inability to learn new things/skills or remember new information, etc.) for quite a while after their second shot—but it seems as if they’re finally starting to recover now. That’s good news, because it shows that (at least some) average people can recover from negative vaccine-induced side-effects experienced after two doses. As for any long-term effects, I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see. Thank God they were smart enough not to go for a third dose!

    1. Oh, please. This guy’s certainly no grifter, and that should be pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain. (So you get a pass, by the way.)

    1. Says the person who can’t even spell “moron” properly. 😛

      As for grifting, your boy Trudeau could teach an advanced class! 😀

  5. The mailing address to donate doesn’t make sense.
    It has a Suite 116 and a Unit #7 – which one is it please? THank you!

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