[TRAILER] Trucker’s Powerful Words After Being Beat by Police

After surrendering himself peacefully on his knees with hands behind his head, Csaba was taken behind the #Ottawa police lines and beaten. The #FreedomConvoy changed something in him.


13 thoughts on “[TRAILER] Trucker’s Powerful Words After Being Beat by Police”

  1. I see the Turdo received a warm welcome in London yesterday.
    I am hoping after he is received by Klaus at world operations headquarters that he is convinced to stay in Europe,preferably the Ukraine.

    1. I heard the Taliban needs a hug. Trudeau, this is your moment to make the world a better place for peoplekind.

  2. It should be obvious that identifying that officer would require little effort.
    Has he been identified?

    1. We can rest assured that—at this very moment—a highly qualified police investigator in Ottawa is painstakingly searching through every database on the planet for a masked thug in uniform. (Sarcasm ends.)

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