[TRAILER] Trucker’s Powerful Words After Being Beat by Police

After surrendering himself peacefully on his knees with hands behind his head, Csaba was taken behind the #Ottawa police lines and beaten. The #FreedomConvoy changed something in him.


18 thoughts on “[TRAILER] Trucker’s Powerful Words After Being Beat by Police”

  1. You cause trouble you get what you deserve. I have no sympathy. Would have been nice to keep him locked up. Nothing but a trouble maker causing problems in society.

    1. You should have been with your brave leader in London hiding from British citizens peacefully protesting Turd for his despicable ,cowardly acts.
      You know,like what you perform here,Twit.

        1. Rotate on this ,twit:
          Your beloved Turdo PM is a traitor to our nation and so are you.
          You know what we do to traitors,right twit?

        2. Bet you wish that Boris invoked Britain’s equivalent to the EA on those meanie protestors who said bad things about the Turd… That’s if the U.K. even has such legislation. I don’t know if they did, because they haven’t used anything like it in my lifetime. The only time it could have been used if they ever had it was during WWII.
          But the Turd uses this draconian legislation to crack head of peaceful protestors over parking violations.

      1. UK folks can mind their own business and screw off! They need to sack that egotistical pile of p**p they call a Prime Minister. The man always looks like he just rolled out of bed. He is racist. He compared Muslim women to “letterboxes”, described Black Africans as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles” and stated that the problem with Africa is that Britain is “not in charge anymore”. He should be charged for hate crimes and removed from office. That makes these goof protestors just as bad as they would rather complain about Trudeau who supports diversity and inclusion than deal with that bigot. Those people are so pathetic.

        1. The twit not only hates freedom-loving Canadians, now he has to spread his hate world-wide.
          Look who he’s calling a racist! Totally ignoring the Turd who has worn blackface so many times that not even he can count them all, Cognitive dissonance is a mental disorder, Twit!
          Seems that the Twit has something to say about anyone who disagrees with the soi-boy-toy, which is just about every person on the planet these days.
          Tell me, Twit. Just about everyone in Europe has a few things to say about the Turd. What are you going to say about them? Are you going to tell them to mind their own business too?

    2. Curious, Twit. Serious Question. What would you do with the Whetsueten (apologies for the misspelling) first nations who blocked railways for weeks on end? Would you also say to them that they are trouble makers that should be kept locked up, and that you have no sympathy for?

      Oh… I see! You probably think those were peaceful protestors.
      You only want to lock up people who’s views you don’t agree with.

      You are an authoritarian fascist, Twit, who has no respect for basic individual, God-given human rights. You are a statist fool, but the time will come when even you, Twit, even you will finally see the light of day.
      Unfortunately, that will only happen after a few million people have died, but it will happen.
      You’re such a twit, Twit!

      1. That was a peaceful protest even though it was still done the wrong way. Blocking railroads is no good however its obviously sensitive given its first nations so there is more navigation there. Those folks did not block parliament and prevent MPs from doing their job! Those people did not take a city hostage and drive local residence nuts!

        1. So… Ok to block railways, even commit acts of vandalism, but park a few trucks along Wellington, and it’s time to call in the army.
          The MPs were never blocked from doing their jobs. NO ONE WAS. That’s just the product of an infantile mind easily influenced by government propaganda.
          The City did ok during the “occupation” twit, or do you believe that the hill is the entire city of Ottawa?
          Twit. News flash. The City of Ottawa is one of the largest cities in area in Canada. A few trucks parked on Wellington street isn’t going to stop commerce in Kanata, or Orleans, or South Keys, Twit.
          Maybe if the communists… I mean “residents” took the time to go to Wellington, they would have found out for themselves that it was actually a fun, happening place for the entire family.
          The only reason, and that is THE ONLY REASON the residents were annoyed was because the communists… I mean “bureaucrats” in the core were upset that their little enclave utopia had been violated, and their authority was being challenged.

  2. I see the Turdo received a warm welcome in London yesterday.
    I am hoping after he is received by Klaus at world operations headquarters that he is convinced to stay in Europe,preferably the Ukraine.

    1. I heard the Taliban needs a hug. Trudeau, this is your moment to make the world a better place for peoplekind.

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  4. It should be obvious that identifying that officer would require little effort.
    Has he been identified?

    1. We can rest assured that—at this very moment—a highly qualified police investigator in Ottawa is painstakingly searching through every database on the planet for a masked thug in uniform. (Sarcasm ends.)

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