‘It’s Just a Lie What National TV Is Saying’ – Freedom Convoy Trucker

The mainstream media has been guilty of pushing a largely unscientific and unsupported narrative since Covid began in March 2020 that only ramped up during the Ottawa Freedom Convoy. In this short clip from the full Freedom Convoy documentary, “Unacceptable Views,” a trucker shares his thoughts on the media and the Ottawa “insurrection.”

The documentary was created by @citizen_camera (Instagram).

7 thoughts on “‘It’s Just a Lie What National TV Is Saying’ – Freedom Convoy Trucker”

  1. #IStandWithTrudeau because he has done and continues to do a good job on behalf of Canadians. This Country have been through alot this past few years and Trudeau always put Canadians first. Conservatives have been whining since 2015. They have nothing to offer Canadians.

    1. Hey Twit…. Copying and pasting seems to be your thing, now isn’t it? You posted the exact same message on another thread.
      Watsamata, twit? Running out of talking points for your soi toy boy?
      You really are a sociopathic troll with the maturity (and intelligence) of a spoiled brat 3-year-old (with apologies to spoiled-brat 3-year-olds).
      I can’t help replying to your tweets, Twit. I just have to respond to stupid.

    2. Are you proud of your pet dog Trudeau, now Rog. He is running around the world showing them all what a fool he is . He is nothing more than an embarrassment to honest, hard working Canadians. If you haven’t figured it out by now , by all means go down with his little boatload of fools.

      He is most embarrassing to all that watch him. He talks about democracy and freedom to the Europeans while at home he is attempting to taking away freedoms, implementing censorship, and pushing his absurd vaccine harder. The world is laughing at him.

      While we still have our freedoms, barely, you have the right to support him. I will defend that right until my dying breath. You sir , are an embarrassment to any human being that has a rational thought in his head.

  2. Does the lamestream media ever not lie these days? Everyone without 20-20 blinders on knows that we can’t even trust them for traffic and weather reports anymore.


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