Unacceptable Views – A Freedom Convoy Documentary by @Citizen_Camera

A journey into the streets of Ottawa and the hearts and minds of Freedom Convoy truckers and supporters by @citizen_camera (Instagram).

17 thoughts on “Unacceptable Views – A Freedom Convoy Documentary by @Citizen_Camera”

  1. So well done – a keeper for the records for sure .
    Thank you for all the great work documenting this historical event .

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  3. i’ve said this and i will say it again: we are lucky to have a really decent human being as our prime minister. is he flawless? of course not. is he one of the finest among the world leaders? i think so, and history will record this.

    Pro-social policy, PMJT:
    Cannabis legalized
    Poverty reduction strategies: One million ppl lifted out of poverty
    Pro-indigenous initiatives
    National housing program
    Record employment
    National $10/day childcare
    Gender & POC inclusive Cabinet

    Listening to Trudeau…just so proud. Balanced approach to fuel crisis of others. Keeping the eye on developing green energy as well as increasing oil & gas production to help choke out Russia. Such a balancing act & not easily reached when nations threatened

  4. This is certainly what I saw all the times I was there–like at :31 showing off one of my signs. I wonder at your decision not to show the footage of final two days, when massive ranks of militarized police from across the country, rousted the drivers from their trucks and then pushed every last protester off the Hill. Those scenes would be the capper to the story. Disproportionate use of force is an understatement.

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  5. I’m vaccinated by choice. I wear a mask by choice. I was out protesting in Ottawa to keep freedom of choice alive. Never have I felt such unity in my lifetime. Amongst those protesters, we were all finally one people. Colour didn’t matter. Religion didn’t matter. Sex didn’t matter. Vaccination status DID NOT matter. The only thing that mattered was freedom. Legacy media, take a long hard look in the mirror and see what you’ve become. You’ve lost the meaning of what it is to be Canadian.

    1. Yeah it was short but man what a blast. It’s true i’ve also never experienced so much love and unity in my life. I’m so glad I went. Very sorry but proud of those who stood against the goons. But it was euphoric but sad to end. March 5th though. 👊💖👊

  6. A wonderful, factual account of the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy to Ottawa and the peaceful, spontaneous coming together of like-minded Canadians to stand against the last two years of this government’s over-reach and abuse of Canadian Charter rights and freedoms. My children and many friends attended and reported the same as this documentary, a stark refutation of the false narrative of the Canadian MSM.

  7. Stop playing ostrich Canada- Crimes against humanity-DR RAINER FUELLMICH GRAND JURY TRIAL NURNBERG 2.0 -COVID CRIMES- find this online.

  8. Wonderful video and a capture of history in these tyrannical times with our current government . The stuff of history books ….

    1. They should show this in a movie theater with surround sound of horns honking. Also with the A/C on, making it freezing cold.

      1. Or you could just pop a few more tabs of Acid and your good to go! Probably would only take 1 or 2 since your brain is already in outer space.

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