Worldwide Walkout Against Mandatory Vaccines – Toronto, Canada

(Sept. 1, 2021) Thousands of people, including healthcare workers, protested against unconstitutional and discriminatory mandatory vaccines and passports outside Toronto General Hospital.

05:57 Dr. Guirguis update (Toronto General Hospital)
13:08 Interview with Canadian Frontline Nurses’ Jessica Faraone
30:13 Interview with Julia, RN
33:50 Marching up University Ave.
38:10 Dr. Guirguis update
41:27 Marching towards Queen’s Park Legislative Assembly Building
41:44 Dr. Guirguis update (University Ave.)
45:52 Dr. Guirguis update (Queen’s Park)

5 thoughts on “Worldwide Walkout Against Mandatory Vaccines – Toronto, Canada”

  1. Stand your ground! We need more strong people to stand up! FUNNY how I never saw any of this on CTV or CBC! Stop watching MSM! They will lose their power!

  2. Margaret Sadovska

    Great coverage of the protest, wish I could be there, thank god for people who didn’t lose their common sense, the interviews with the nurses, my heart goes to them , we must stay strong and united otherwise stupid creatures will take control
    I support all the hard work
    416 325 1941 is a Doug Ford office number

  3. This Covid vaccine is not science, this is tyranny with a needle and the largest experiment on humanity ever.

    1. A huge global experiment that is killing people all over the world and destroying lives. Another woman that I know who had 2 jabs, had a massive migraine and suddenly died. Canada has just donated AstraZeneca to Costa Rica because people in Canada don’t want to take it because it and the J&J are the main ones to cause blood clots in the brain. The other two are not any safer, and cause other neurological disorders. The Vax passport is discrimination against people who can’t or don’t want the jab.

  4. Penelope Trottier

    This is such wonderful news and with all who are and continue to stand up great hugs to you. I cannot believe that the sheeple cannot see how they are being led by a few.

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