BREAKING: Maverick for Freedom & Scientific Covid Policies Randy Hillier, MPP, Won’t Run for Re-Election

MPP @randyhillier won’t run for re-election in Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston.

Hillier is a maverick in the fight for freedom and speaking out against unscientific and dangerous Covid & vaccine mandates, perhaps the first politician in the world to do so back in April 2020. Hillier’s resignation is not a sign of defeat but a realistic recognition of the futility in continuing in a broken, dishonest political system that has played politics over the health and good of the people these last 2 years.

By our observations, Randy Hillier was and always will remain a champion of the people, democracy and the people.

42 thoughts on “BREAKING: Maverick for Freedom & Scientific Covid Policies Randy Hillier, MPP, Won’t Run for Re-Election”

  1. Since the New Blue leadership—through their unfair, unwarranted, and clearly partisan criticism of Randy Hillier, Derek Sloan, and Rick Nichols—have basically outed themselves as just another branch of the Uniparty, Conservative Ontarians should vote for Derek Sloan and the Ontario Party. And hardworking, blue-collar, diehard lefties should vote Green if they want to punish the Libs and Dippers (and their unions) for completely abandoning them.


    He gives it to us straight. I feel much the same way about my profession, where there is now an internal hypocrisy about meting our justice to the peasants while the Lords of the Manor are more criminal than ever.

    It is time. Time for ever body to unplug and face the reality of our nation being torn out from underneath us. Time for every body to take off their masks.

    A sensational speech, Mr. Hillier. Thank you.

    1. Shan Russell
      MARCH 6, 2022 AT 11:54AM

      I know you absolutely deserve what you are saying you want. But please, please we need you more then we ever have! We need you because we trust you. And we do need a leader to tell us and show us what we need to do.
      Shan Russell

  3. I’m heartbroken at hearing this news. On the positive side, I would like to thank Mr Randy for all his years of service for representing the constituents of his riding. But most of all, a BIG thank-you Mr Randy for your courage and morals as you stood and fought with your “freedom fighters”. Yes, you are right, our system of government is broken (I’d say corrupted).
    Going forward, we need The Ontario Party and the New Blue Party of Ontario to act like adults, meet, and agree not to have competing candidates in each riding so not to split the “freedom vote”. If candidates have been selected, use some mutually fair process to select the one who would have the best chance at winning that riding. If not, there will be many years of pain down the road

    1. Exactly, and not just the 2 parties but the other “fringe” conservative families like the FCP (family coalition party) and others . . . Unite under the “freedom” banner. Justice reform. Eliminate early pensions for MPP’s. Treat corporations as individuals . .. hold VP’s, Presidents and board members accountable with jail time.
      We have one shot left . . . make it count.

    2. Very true Michael on what you say and I will along with others will be voting The New Blue Party, we’re tired of the tyranny and this sitting existing gov’t at both provincial and federal levels and PPC at the federal level. I hate liars and they deserve the titles they get and they know who they are just a bunch of goons

  4. Kathryn Stolth

    Thank you for all you have done. From BC we have many who write letters constantly, to no avail. We get these form letters telling us in essence, that they support this Dictatorship and what we say and want is of no consequence. They are so close to Digital currency and micro ships. 75% of the house of commons has been compromised with Schwab’s people. And still the people sleep. They will sleep through the death of Democracy.

    1. Tomatoes, tamatoes, regardless, he was forced from the conservatives and even more so, is a threat to our constitution.

      1. How on earth is he a threat to our constitution??? He was standing up to give you and everyone else a choice and a say with our own bodies. He represents the men and women who fought and died to give us the privledge of choice. I hope you remember that when you loose that and you will.

        1. wilma ferguson

          Excuse me for butting in but I agree with you. Jim and Belinda K have been vilifying Hillier, Sloan, Nicholls, etc. with no proof whatsoever. They’re as bad as the libs – calling people vile names for no reason, other than to advance their cause. This woman is just parroting what she has heard Jim and Belinda say. I will say no more in these comments except to say that I intend to vote for Derek Sloan. I’m done.

          1. Wilma, I know it is so hard for each of us to get it through each of our heads, but what Hillier said is true: The political systems are broken. Voting will not improve this situation. Politicians are serving their own interests and elite interests, NOT the interests of the people. Politicians have sold us out for their own political and financial gain. We need to call them out on their treason to freedom, democracy and the people. We could function far more harmoniously as a community filling the needs of our constituents without treasonous, sold out government officials continually carrying out the orders of the corporate elite (ie. Big Pharma) interests to generate their own private gains!

  5. I have appreciated your honesty and care for freedom. It was so refreshing hearing your statements early on, as I was thinking the same but feeling very alone and abused by government. It was like a refreshing word of truth against the media and government full of lies and propaganda.
    All which is coming to light now as pharma is forced to expose the data.
    What an awful abuse of power these groups have imposed on us all.
    It’s so ugly and destructive.

    Again, thanks for your honesty and integrity. You will be missed.

  6. So sad to hear this. Thank you for standing up for our Rights and freedom. Thank you for everything you have done. ❤️🇨🇦
    So sad🙏


    Saddest news to hear he was the only politician with morals and intelligence to see and know what was happening and tried to make the stand.

  8. Donna Lee Brown

    Thank you Randy Hillier for being a beacon of hope. You are a true champion of the people and took that stand for all. The Trudeau government is an evil entity and as for all of us, we will stand before God for judgment in our final moments. God bless.

  9. The latest fiasco of being stripped of his right to speak in Provincial parliament unless he apologizes for a comment was probably the icing on the cake. All the parties on the right must unite (forget Sloan) and come as one voice against the Con job and the New Communist parties of NDP and Liberals.

      1. Sloan is one of the ‘evil elites’, in on this whole WEF and turning our country into a communistic one. He had the opportunity to join power with Belinda and Jim of the New Blue party. In my opinion, he is a plant by the elites to divide the votes in the Ontario election, so that fraudster ford gets back in. For those that don’t want any of the other parties! That is why I say New Blue all the way to get us out of this mess and onto living again, our only hope! And yep, I think the icing on the cake, was not allowing him to have a voice – that alone is dictatorship, and look how many of them there were to vote against him. That should wake people up as to the magnitude what we, the people of Ontario and Canada are trying to fight, not many good people left, Hillier was one. Hope he can do more damage outside of politics then he was able to do within. God Bless him.

        1. Ford’s in trouble. The polls have him down, and the legacy media will rip him to shreds during the campaign.
          I’d be very surprised if he is able to form any government after June 2nd. Even a minority government will be a challenge for him.
          And the way he threw his base under bus, and the obvious vote-buying… well, I think he’s done.

      2. Right now we need a united consensus. Sloan has demonstrated that he can’t play in the same sandbox as the rest of the opposition. He is a loner . . . must be in charge. This will not work if want to unseat the Con job without Liberalizing a New Communist (Democrat) Party.

  10. Randy has put up a real fight for us Canadians. I couldn’t find any dirt on this guy. No corruption was linked to this guy. Down to earth and spoke from the heart. A true leader. No ego driven but went straight for the thruth. Thank you Randy! Well deserved! We learned a lot from you. Cheer us on while we continue to fight!

    1. It is very sad, me personally, I think he was told he has to step down or be jailed or have his accounts frozen – a punishment for all those at the rally. I think they let him off as long as he steps down. Albeit sad, he has been awesome and wish him all the luck and hope he keeps fighting for us all even though he will no longer be a politician, damn. I am hoping he isn’t doing this simply because he was in Ottawa and feels defeated, so do we all be we are all still fighting!

      1. Something tells me that isn’t the case. If he was being coerced to step down, Mr. Hillier seems to me to be the type that would say so. He doesn’t at all strike me as someone who would allow himself to be bullied.
        I am curious to see if he will maintain a public appearance at all after June 2nd. I would certainly hope so.
        I explained in an earlier post why I think Mr. Hillier is stepping aside, and my reasoning is that he recognizes that the voters of Lanark will not elect an independent candidate, so rather than split the vote with the PC candidate in that riding which would allow either the NDP or Liberal candidate to take the seat, Mr. Hillier is taking himself out of the running, falling on his sword, so to speak.

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  11. MR HILLIER – you are a wonderful, decent and honest human being who has worked so hard for,the truth and for the people. You have been abused and treated so badly by ELLIOTT/FORD . Hopefully Sir you will reconsider and run for the new Ontario party. RUN FEDERALLY FOR THE PEOPLES PARTY- TRUTH IS LIKE A LION – WHEN SET FREE IT ROARS!

  12. It is unfortunate, I think there is more to this than meets the eye. I think, given the tyrannical government that we have, both federally and provincially, and his involvement in the convoy, they threatened him, to either step down or jail time and freeze his accounts. I mean, in theory, that is how bad it is right now, but the general public seem to think this is okay. Funny in Canada, it is always okay if it happens to the next guy, but when it hits personally the crying towels come out. So I am a little disappointed that he is stepping down, but I think he had no choice. I am glad he is still going to be a voice, kudos to him and we should all thank him for his time in office and all he has done. Right now, what is scary, is we need politicians like Hillier, ones with moral courage to fight for us and we don’t have many, and now we have lost another. In June, those that value our rights and freedoms have two choices, not NDP, Green, Liberal or conservative, but The New Blue Party and the Ontario Party, which I think sucks, because if you are splitting the votes for those not wanting the other parties, then guess who gets back in. I have asked both leaders in both parties to unite as one, but they both blame the other!? So I have made up my mind, Jim and Belinda and the New Blue Party. I feel they are more down to earth, much like Pierre Poilievre and will fight for us, the people, where Derek Sloan seems too much like fraudster ford. In any case, thank you Randy, if you were threatened I can understand, but if not, I wish you had the courage and strength to keep fighting for the people as a politician. I think eventually ford and trudope will be gone and we will have good people in there, running our country as it should be, with honour, dignity, respect and free!

    1. Regardless of your stand on Randy Hillier, it is my understanding that Pierre Poilievre is part of the World Economic Forum’s global leaders (see link below of all members from Canada) – that have INFILTRATED our country’s parliament, legal system, education system etc – ie GREAT RESET, world domination, social credit, tyranny/dictatorship including digital currency/health pass to make it even easier to FREEZE accounts etc if they do NOT LIKE your position on ANYTHING! Do your research before you vote!

      1. The website you referred to indicates that PP was removed from the WEF website.
        I’m hoping that’s because PP has renounced the WEF, and is no longer associated with that group. I’m hoping that is the case, because he is the last best hope for this country, and I cannot support any politician who is associated with the WEF. That organization is the 21st century equivalent of the NAZI party.
        Maybe he will clarify his relationship with the WEF during the leadership campaign.

        1. I am pretty sure Pierre is not a member of the WEF and does not support it! Even still, I wouldn’t vote for any of the ‘main stream parties’, all involved, I would vote PPC. Just to get our country back to normal. As well, the handing over the mandates to the federal government, which most provinces has done, is because trudope is coming out with a Canada Health Pass (CHP), and you will need it to access all government services. The CHP will only be valid as long as your ‘mandatory’ vaccination status is up to date. We are no longer citizens of Canada, rather ‘property’ of Canada!

          1. This is the first I’ve heard of a “CHP”, but hearing about this would not surprise me.
            I voted PPC in the past, but lets be realistic. I don’t think the PPC will even make enough gains to hold the balance of power, or even make official party status.
            I will have to think about my next vote based on whether or not PP does in fact become Con leader.

  13. I’m afraid the reality has caught up to him, and he knows it. It was pretty obvious that the people of Lanark were not going to vote in an independent, especially after the demonizing Mr. Hillier had subjected himself in the media. It is also unfortunate that his association with the convoy didn’t help matters any, especially in the eyes of the evil, corrupt, legacy media.
    Having said that, I am in mourning. Mr. Hillier was one of the very few voices we had to represent us at Queen’s Park. Voices we cannot afford to lose, but unfortunately, Randy represents views that in the current political climate, are unelectable.

    1. Yes I agree with you but I’m confused. He will run under the banner of the Ontario First Party won’t he?

      1. Not from what I heard. He will not “be contesting for the seat of Lanark…”

        It’s pretty clear that that means he is not going to be on the riding ballot at all. Period. Not as an independent, and not for any political party, and that includes the Ontario First party.

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