[LIVE COVERAGE] Pivotal ICS5 Headed to Washington, DC, to Shift Public Policy (Feb 21-26)

After 4 pivotal events in Europe (Italian Senate 2021, France 2022, EU Parliament Brussels 2023, and Romanian Parliament 2023), the International Crisis Summit 5 (ICS5) has been called at CPAC in DC 2024 (Feb 22-24), the largest conservative political action conference in the world, and to a Senator Ron Johnson hearing in the US Congress (Feb 26 @9am-1pm).

ICS5 and each of its 54 speakers, including Freedom Convoy participants, will expose US conservative political heavyweights, including former President Donald Trump, to the true nature of the Covid pandemic, a con used to usher in an era of unparalleled govt control and loss of civilian freedoms. Using cutting-edge scientific and real-world data, ICS5 participants hope to affect public policy makers within the Republican party. It should be remembered that Republicans were the only party to break from the seeming uniparty stance of the rest of the world: to gaslight the public to enforce unconstitutional Covid and vaccine mandates.

If successful, ICS5 has the potential to influence the 2024 US elections and, consequently, global politics at large.

All ICS5 events + the CPAC mainstage event will be livestreamed here (see below).

•Fri, Feb 23 (9am – 6pm EST) -ICS5 at the CPAC convention
•Sat, Feb 24 (10am – 4pm EST) -Former President Donald Trump to speak at 2pm followed by Dr. Robert Malone
•Sun, Feb 25 (1pm – 6pm EST) -ICS Media Press Conference
•Mon, Feb 26 (9am – 1pm) -Senator Ron Johnson Hearing in US Congress

*Bookmark this page to watch the daily livestreams below.

I am honoured to speaking on Feb. 25 after Senator Ron Johnson for the Oh, Canada! panel with other Freedom Convoy participants, including truckers Harold Jonkers, Csaba Vizi and Ben Froese, former RCMP Danny Bulford, Ryan Olson and Joseph Bourgault. Distinguished as the only media platform with exclusive stage access to speeches during the Convoy and closely engaged with its diverse organizers, I was also selected for my on-the-ground presence and interviews with key figures and supporters to provide crucial insights, instrumental in debunking the govt and mainstream media narrative.

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WATCH ICS SUMMIT LIVESTREAM: February 23, 2024 9am – 6pm EST

WATCH CPAC MAIN STAGE LIVESTREAM: February 24, 2024 10am – 4pm EST

PRESS CONFERENCE: February 25, 2024 9am – 6pm EST


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