BREAKING: Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott Won’t Rerun Say Sources

BREAKING: Sources say Christine Elliott–one of the fountainheads of Ontario’s unscientific Covid and vaccine policies–stepping down as deputy premier, won’t seek re-election

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16 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott Won’t Rerun Say Sources”

  1. what happened to the U.S trucker convoy? And as always the guilty get away with it again. No accountability and people vote the same all over again. Unbelievable!

  2. WEF Ford must have a new strategy for re-election so he can continue to destroy Ontario’s economy.
    This bag lady won’t look good on his election trail.
    I hope Canadians are starting to wake up.

    1. Shame on me I voted conservatives last time but I have woke up and now I’ll vote The New Blue Party and get rid of the existing lie and cheats that went along with the plandemic but they won’t fool me a second time in Ontario and then the lies we need to get rid of the liberals and their WEF when and if not sooner and get the PPC a chance, it might take a bit or a lot to fix what the liberals screwed up federally

  3. Good riddance! One down, still plenty more to go.
    I never liked Elliott. Even during her run for PC leadership, I recognized her, and Caroline Mulrooooooney as progressives in sheep’s clothing. Red Tories, just like John Tory.

    I was relieved when she lost to Doogie Ford, but after his handling of the entire Coof affair… well, let’s hope that he’s next on the firing line.

    Having said all that, the future is not looking all too bright for Ontario. Ford’s government was our last best hope for peace and freedom in this province, but he let everyone down, and threw his base under the bus.

    Now we face a prospect of an NDP majority under Horvath. A less likely outcome is the resurgence of the Lie-berals under Del-Duca. You remember Del-(tax and spend)Duca?

    Neither of which lends me any optimism for the future of this province. Remember 15 years of McGuilty/Wynnie? You can expect much more of the same after June 2.

    If I could, I’d be packing my bags right now, but I’m locked in here, forbidden to board a plane or a train, or travel outside the country, so I’m a prisoner.

    On the bright side, I can’t imaging things getting much worse with the Turd still holding the reigns of power, and his successor, the neo-nazi herself, the Fräulein, waiting in the wings with an evil grin on her face that reminds me of Witch Hazel of Bugs Bunny fame.

    Some bright side, eh?

    1. Nancy Shepheard

      Funny, Pfizer releases their data on the vaccine and our politicians who promoted the mandate run.

  4. The start of the distrust are starting to do the right thing, who will follow needs to look in the mirror


    Very nice piece of news to wake up to. Go spend your years left with guilt in your soul.

  6. Hi Gord,

    Great news. I continue to pray for the removal from office of Ford, Moore, Trudeau, Freeland and all liars and fraudster politicians. Our political system is broken and must be rebuilt.

      1. The system is fatally flawed – in fact, it was designed that way, for hijacking by the elite.

        We need an entirely new system – by the people for the people.

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