[TRAILER] Orchestrated Agenda or Grassroots Movement – Freedom Convoy AccountantSpeaks

With $10 million USD frozen, the Emergencies Act invoked and supporters’ bank accounts frozen, conspiracy theories and rumours became rife in the aftermath of Ottawa’s #FreedomConvoy. Chad Eros, accountant for the GoFundMe and GiveSendGo accounts, joined us to clear the air.


5 thoughts on “[TRAILER] Orchestrated Agenda or Grassroots Movement – Freedom Convoy AccountantSpeaks”

  1. Hi:
    I’m guessing with the bail restrictions, it’s difficult to get any direct e-mail addresses, so perhaps you can help me. I respect and applaud the dedication of the Freedom Convoy, participants, members and organizers. I think they are true hero’s. I realize it was a group effort, but only by chance, I have concentrated on Pat King and Tamara Lich,..probably because they were the first to be arrested and that caught my attention. Consequently, I have written a song in their honour. Can you suggest how I can get a copy to them using e-mail?
    Thank you,

  2. #IStandWithTrudeau because he has done and continues to do a good job on behalf of Canadians. This Country have been through alot this past few years and Trudeau always put Canadians first. Conservatives have been whining since 2015. They have nothing to offer Canadians.

    1. Yeah… Good job! Right. Gas breaking through $2/ltr, $9 Trillion debt, inflation at 40-year high, could hit double-digits within a year…

      I’ll introduce you to some folks in Saskatchewan and Alberta who will tell you how much he “puts Canadians first.”

      “…always putting the WEF first.” There! Fixed it for ya.

      At this point, I’ll take the “nothing that the Cons offer” over what the Turd is doing to us. It’s called “Freedom”, Twit. I don’t want intrusive government in my life, let alone an authoritarian, despotic, dictatorship.

    2. I hope to see you still standing with Trudeau when everyone in Canada and the world recognizes him as one of the worst political stains on Canadian history in the years ahead. Hopefully, everyone will remember your loyalty and patronage then Rog.

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