Freedom Convoy Accountant Debunks Financial and Foreign Interference Lies

The Freedom Convoy raised $10 million USD…twice.

Where is the money and who’s getting it?

Chad Eros, accountant for the convoy, debunks conspiracy theories and misinformation surrounding the frozen donation money and the “orchestrated” Freedom Convoy that led to the Emergencies Act and alleged deeper hooks being set in on Canada’s dwindling democracy.

9 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy Accountant Debunks Financial and Foreign Interference Lies”

  1. Nothing like a federal civil servant starting a lawsuit. She had a comfortable job during covid and a guaranteed pay cheque sitting at home. Someone needs to investigate this 21-year-old entitled brat. There has to be someone behind her and her lawsuit. Or she is just really a vindictive individual.

    1. Hopefully this will launch your career in politics.

      I also hope that WE THE HONEST PEOPLE can get some counter-lawsuits going, in addition to having the BOGUS Ottawa lawsuit thrown out. This was probably orchestrated by the CORRUPT Liberal Party. (Who is really behind it? I doubt it is really public servant 21 year old Zexi Li.)

      If the lawsuit were to be upheld in court, Canadians could sue every union, (especially federal employees & unions), every time they went on strike!? Every strike causes discomfort/slowdowns/inconveniences. I doubt this will happen.

      On the other hand there should be LAWSUITS for real ABUSES & DAMAGES caused by those who abused power…

      What you went through should never have happened. There are laws against this.

      THANKS for your efforts❣️

      Sorry for your trials. You are not alone. Now it’s up to ELECTED officials to step up and fight this battle of evil & corruption in court.

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  3. If the courts are supposedly going to make this thing right, and you are alluding to that there might actually be some justice here, why is Tamara Lich still in jail?

    1. Hey Laura: From my understanding the judge is a liberal supporter, hopefully I’m wrong and politics and judicial systems are not tampered with but because again if I’m right and not wrong Tamara has native blood which I respect the Indian Culture and always will, is this discrimination or racism in our system, I’m just starting to learn from the Federal’s leader statements in the past that they made, I’ve been out school for a while so I’m trying to catch up on the new language then and now, confusing, I might have to get a new dictionary as mine is outdated I think

      1. Unfortunately, you are right about the judge that initially denied Tamara bail. She is not only a liberal supporter, she’s a failed liberal candidate in an Eastern Ontario riding in the last election.
        No doubt that she allowed her politics to influence her decision, especially when an Antifa activist received bail after he mowed down some freedom-fighter protests in Winnipeg.
        Some justice we have here in Kanada!
        There is some hope for Tamara. Her bail is pending review by another judge who heard the case on Friday. Unfortunately, he didn’t think Tamara’s case was important enough to rule immediately, and postponed his decision to Monday (today).
        Keep your fingers crossed (and your toes).

    2. According to the bad guys—and that is what they most definitely are, whether they realize it or not—Tamara Lich is being denied bail because she has been deemed highly likely to “reoffend”. Yep, we can’t let people out of jail when they’re likely to “reoffend” by encouraging and/or launching another peaceful protest. Welcome to The People’s Republic of Kanuckistan! (@_@)

  4. Chad: I will personally get some cash and deliver it to you and shame on Zexi Li and if that is all her and her lawyer are looking for fame ,shame on them and get a real job, your as sick as the people with their heads in the burrow

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