Holding the Line on Parliament Hill, Ottawa (Feb. 5, 2022)

The #FreedomConvoy lit a fire beyond the organizers’ wildest imaginations, spreading far beyond Ottawa. It inspired convoys around the world and ignited the politicians to start lifting measures across Canada.

This video captures Bethan Nodwell, RN and a Freedom Convoy stage emcee, directing people to “Hold the line” and the power and immensity of the participants to create change through their memories and footage of these peaceful demonstrations to dispel the fabricated narrative of a violent insurrection led by white nationalists.

The Freedom Convoy now long-hauls within each person who stood on Parliament Hill, shook a trucker’s hand, stood at an overpass, made a donation…

And therein lies the power of the convoy to continue its voyage to restoring freedoms.

9 thoughts on “Holding the Line on Parliament Hill, Ottawa (Feb. 5, 2022)”

  1. I see our cowering PM was met with the appropriate response at 10 Downing St. today.
    Once you throw your country to the WEF and become a tyrant this will be how he is met for the rest of his life. His little WEFwitch will meet the same fate,as will the Meet head.

    1. i’ve said this and i will say it again: we are lucky to have a really decent human being as our prime minister. is he flawless? of course not. is he one of the finest among the world leaders? i think so, and history will record this.

      Pro-social policy, PMJT:
      Cannabis legalized
      Poverty reduction strategies: One million ppl lifted out of poverty
      Pro-indigenous initiatives
      National housing program
      Record employment
      National $10/day childcare
      Gender & POC inclusive Cabinet

      Listening to Trudeau…just so proud. Balanced approach to fuel crisis of others. Keeping the eye on developing green energy as well as increasing oil & gas production to help choke out Russia. Such a balancing act & not easily reached when nations threatened

      1. Every single item you listed is Marxist-based ideology.
        Except one: “Record employment!” Care to provide a source for that blatant lie, twit? I can guarantee you that if there’s any truth to that, the stat has been spun and doctored somehow.
        “Increasing oil and gas production?” What the hell flavor of kool-aid are you drinking, twit? Gas at over $2/liter is not the end result of “increasing oil and gas production!” GEEZ! WHAT A TWIT!
        Keystone, GONE. TransMountain, GONE! Just where did we get all that extra oil and gas from, twit? Oh… Saudi Arabia! Got it!
        So all things considered, I think we now know who the real traitor to Canada really is, Twit.

  2. Trying to confirm what my sources are telling me, that Tamara Lich has been released on bail.
    I’d be celebrating, except that it’s a miscarriage of justice that she was unnecessarily imprisoned for so long in the first place.

  3. Let’s hope the big Turd and his closest WEF witch Freeland apply for residency in Davos and don’t show their traitorous faces in Canada again. Take the Twit and Meet puppet with you,Turd.

    1. From Toronto.

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