Tamara Lich, Freedom Convoy Leader, Finally Released on Bail

After being a political prisoner for weeks, Tamara Lich has finally been released on a $25,000 bail bond and several conditions–typical of other prominent activists against Covid measures, like Adam Skelly of Adamson Barbecue.

“She’s 49, no record, she’s a mother, has led a pro social life, she has a job, boss describes herself as productive employee, she has Métis heritage which would trigger Gladue factors at a sentencing hearing.” Based on facts of case, she may not even go to jail.

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21 thoughts on “Tamara Lich, Freedom Convoy Leader, Finally Released on Bail”

  1. Please note that his “domestic problem” consists of a tiny, but idiotically loud, minority of delusional twats! They need to be ignored. The vast majority of us, whether we agree or disagree with him, do not behave like these asshats! #IStandWithTrudeau

    1. Who the hell are you talking about, Twit?
      The only idiot on this forum is you!
      As far as your accusation of “delusional,” do you know what “projection” is?

      I suspect you may have wanted to post your comment on another thread, and missed, you twit!

  2. Fantastic now watch her go stir more trouble…that is ok, if she does she will wind up behind bars again…where she belongs. Mischief is such an underrated charge. At least what give me a smile is she is open to a class action lawsuit which she could spend the rest of her life paying off. That certainly pleases me 🙂

    1. We were wondering where you disappeared to after the EA was lifted, Twit.

      I wonder if you’ll be pleased when the bombs start falling, Twit. You would certainly enjoy that, wouldn’t you?

      You’re a dangerous psychopath, Twit. YOU’RE the one that should be in jail!

    2. Tamera is intelligent and did her research, knows her rights. I wasn’t worried for her one minute while she was in jail. I’m proud of her and what she has done. There are many things she can still do to make the world a better place. The night before she got arrested she was still positive.

      1. My hat goes off to her Snow, she has more knowledge and courage than a lot of Canadians put together, the angles will watch over her more than she thinks

  3. Kitty Antonik Wakfer

    Tamara Lich would have more civil liberties had she been a mugger, an arsonist, even accused of killing someone. Under those circumstances she’d be no threat to the CDN Gov/State, just to ordinary folks. But such a person is no concern to Trudeau, Friedland & and their ilk in every Pol Party in Canada. A person who protests peacefully but vocally AND draws attention from MANY OTHERS is a danger to the Tyrants in Canada, federally & provincially. Keep her muzzled, prohibit her from traveling, make her life miserable!!! THAT is the policy of CDN Gov/State AND most Provinces. …. Pathetic. How long will most CDN ppl accept this environment? Until THEY individually are in the CDN Gov/State’s crosshairs??? It’s too late then.

  4. Tamara… Take me with you to Alberta, otherwise I’m trapped here. You may have been incarcerated for two weeks, which is a travesty, but I feel like a prisoner in my house after having several people tell me to stay home… not able to work, and being denied my volunteer activities.
    I may be better off in jail, because this doesn’t feel any different.

  5. Thank you Tamara! Write it all down this will be a fabulous book and maybe even a movie deal one day. I am sure you are more than happy to leave “Comtario”.
    God bless and God speed you home!

    1. I agree a book should be written as she is going to face many lawsuites from many different people, I suspect even the city of Ottawa. I hope she spends the rest of her live in poverty paying off restitution. At least writing a book will generate money to help pay back the damage she has caused.

      1. A Metis woman, mother of three, no criminal record, yet to the Twit, Tamara is public enemy number 1.
        Would you care to itemize the damage, Twit? Go ahead. Try it. Then read the list back to yourself, and imagine what the rest of us will think of it.

        Those bouncy castles and hot tubs wrecked havoc on Wellington.

        I hear the owners of the Iconic Cafe is about to be evicted. Their crime? staying open when the city told all the businesses to shut down. THE CITY, Twit! Do you understand? IT WAS THE CITY THAT CAUSED ALL THE DAMAGES.

        If the Twit had his way, all the truckers would be facing a firing squad for the horrendous crime of mischief, and illegally-parked trucks.

        1. I think what people fear and abhor about Tamara is her peaceful and loving power. People don’t know what to do with that. You can lock her up and call her names but that only makes her more powerful. What you pay attention to and give energy to, grows. Tamara put forth peace, love and strength and it grew. Forgive them for they know not what they do. Hold the light.

          1. She is a criminal! Plain and simple. She caused so many problems in Ottawa causing businesses to lose money, upsetting citizens and costing the city of Ottawa 800K a day. She needs to pay the price! People like her caused the emergencies act to be used. Justin was just trying to do his best to deal with the situation. Sure he could have done it better but you cant reason with these people.

          2. Actually Kate, I’m replying to the twit, but there was no “reply” link under his latest troll. (I can’t help myself. I’m compelled to respond to stupid.)
            ANYONE who thinks that Tamara, who organized a LEGAL protest, RECOGNIZED BY THE COURT as a legal protest up until the draconian and despotic EA was imposed WITHOUT JUST CAUSE, and the subsequent savage beat-down of the protesters, not to mention innocent bystanders… ANYONE who thinks that Tamara is “a criminal”, SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL, AND HAVE THE KEY THROWN AWAY.
            No, Twit. “She” didn’t cause the EA to be invoked, YOUR BOY THE TURD did that ALL ON HIS OWN, and IT’S THE TURD that’s paying the price, both at home, and abroad. The senate, the banks, China, and even the WEF all blasted him for prematurely revealing their agenda. THAT’S why the EA was revoked, because he knew damn well that the senate wasn’t going to go along with it, so he pulled it, not because “the situation on the ground had changed,” but because he was trying to cover his own behind.
            The only person who can’t be reasoned with is THE TURD, and may I also add, YOU, TWIT. All the Turd had to do was meet them and open a dialogue. That’s what a TRUE CANADIAN LEADER would have done. YOU AND YOUR ILK ARE THE REAL TRAITORS TO CANADA. YOU and YOUR ILK are responsible for our slide into global tyranny. ENJOY THE DECLINE, Twit. And I hope you have to live with the damage YOU have caused to this once great country to your dying day.

          3. Yeah…. I’m not done with the Twit…

            Remember Twit, that it was YOUR BOY, along with fellow WEF member, the Singe, who proudly proclaimed that the EA would be in place FOR MONTHS.
            It was the Fräulein who wanted some of the implementation of FINTRAC to be made PERMANENT!
            Yet ONLY TWO DAYS after it was implemented, it was withdrawn! What do you supposed happened to cause that massive 180-degree reversal (some would call a flip-flop)?
            Why do you suppose that is, Twit? What do you think the Singe must be thinking after investing all that political capital into what is now an apparent power grab, and an over-extension of the Turd’s government’s authority?
            And why do you suppose debate in the HoC was suspended on the very day the vote to endorse the EA was to take place? The official line was that a police operation was pending. Right. An operation that was enacted through the implementation of the EA but was never endorsed by the HoC. But I’m sure the irony of that is lost on you, Twit!
            Anyone, yes, that includes YOU, Twit… anyone who still thinks we’re living in a social-democratic country after this episode MUST BE A TWIT.

          4. That is completely absurd. The situation on the ground certainly did change, the protest was largely broken up. Trudeau being the good leader he is no longer needed that power and gave it up. That is real leadership. I only used the EA to get what he needed to get done and that was all. Once that was accomplished he gave it up. It speaks loudly of his character but you goofs all look at the half empty side of things, always looking for something negative to find. You all thrive on chaos. I bet you wish this country to descend into anarchy. Now who is being Un-Canadian!!!

          5. Justin continues to be a Hero for the Canadian people. Even people like you he looks after. Why can’t you get that through your thick skull?

            Whether you support him or not you should be able to see that
            @JustinTrudeau is a leader on world stage. #Ukraine #IStandWithTrudeau

            i’ve said this and i will say it again: we are lucky to have a really decent human being as our prime minister. is he flawless? of course not. is he one of the finest among the world leaders? i think so, and history will record this.

            Erin O’Toole paid $3.69 million to apply for a position he held for 18 months, Aug 2020 – Feb 2022.
            Justin Trudeau paid $0 to apply for a position he won in 2013, which he still holds in 2022.
            Who’s the better fiscal manager?

            What a crazy world we live in! The President of Ukraine grabs a rifle to protect his country against the mighty Russian army and yet in Canada Conservative politicians are scared to say anything against Nazis and racists

          6. You mentioned earlier about being delusional, Twit?
            You’ll see in a few short months what your hero is truly capable of.
            The WEF cabal will soon take away all of our freedoms, twit, INCLUDING YOURS.

            The EA was supposed to be in place for MONTHS, twit, or don’t you follow your hero’s own words? What brought down the EA wasn’t because it served it’s purpose, or the situation changed on the ground. It’s because the WEF was angry that the Turd revealed the agenda far earlier than it was supposed to have had.
            You may think I’m delusional, Twit, but that was Schwab admitting to that during David Guergin’s interview, you Twit!

          7. I’m not done with you yet, Twit!
            Show where Conservatives are scared to say anything against Nazis?
            You know where the phrase “Nazi” comes from? It’s the German contraction for NATIONAL SOCIALISTS.
            Show me any “conservative” who’s a national socialist, and I’ll show you a flaming liberal.
            News flash for you, twit. NOBODY LIKED O’TOOLE. He campaigned on conservative values to win the leadership, only to throw those values under the bus during the election, abandoning his base.
            Of course, the Turd didn’t have to campaign for leadership of the liberals. HE WAS INSTALLED! He won on the first ballot.
            As for paying $0 for his campaign, the fee to run was between $50K and $75K.

            9 TRILLION DOLLARD in debt! Yeah… that’s some fiscal managing, Twit, and I suppose that you also believe that “the budget will balance itself.”
            You remember the election promise when he won in 2015? That his government wouldn’t incur a deficit of more than $10 million dollars? We all know what happened to that promise, Twit, and that was BEFORE COVID.
            You know where that $10 million went to, don’t you Twit? It went right into the pocket of Omar Khadr!
            Then there was WE, SNC Lavelin, and on and on, numerous black-face that even the Turd can’t count, not to mention a handful of ethics violations. History will record all of that too, Twit!

      2. There is a case against the organizers, the donated funds are said to be frozen awaiting the outcome of the lawsuit.

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