Tamara Lich, Freedom Convoy Leader, Finally Released on Bail

After being a political prisoner for weeks, Tamara Lich has finally been released on a $25,000 bail bond and several conditions–typical of other prominent activists against Covid measures, like Adam Skelly of Adamson Barbecue.

“She’s 49, no record, she’s a mother, has led a pro social life, she has a job, boss describes herself as productive employee, she has Métis heritage which would trigger Gladue factors at a sentencing hearing.” Based on facts of case, she may not even go to jail.

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15 thoughts on “Tamara Lich, Freedom Convoy Leader, Finally Released on Bail”

  1. Kitty Antonik Wakfer

    Tamara Lich would have more civil liberties had she been a mugger, an arsonist, even accused of killing someone. Under those circumstances she’d be no threat to the CDN Gov/State, just to ordinary folks. But such a person is no concern to Trudeau, Friedland & and their ilk in every Pol Party in Canada. A person who protests peacefully but vocally AND draws attention from MANY OTHERS is a danger to the Tyrants in Canada, federally & provincially. Keep her muzzled, prohibit her from traveling, make her life miserable!!! THAT is the policy of CDN Gov/State AND most Provinces. …. Pathetic. How long will most CDN ppl accept this environment? Until THEY individually are in the CDN Gov/State’s crosshairs??? It’s too late then.

  2. Tamara… Take me with you to Alberta, otherwise I’m trapped here. You may have been incarcerated for two weeks, which is a travesty, but I feel like a prisoner in my house after having several people tell me to stay home… not able to work, and being denied my volunteer activities.
    I may be better off in jail, because this doesn’t feel any different.

  3. Thank you Tamara! Write it all down this will be a fabulous book and maybe even a movie deal one day. I am sure you are more than happy to leave “Comtario”.
    God bless and God speed you home!

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