Chinese-Canadian Shares Warning with Freedom Convoy Veteran

A Chinese-Canadian shares powerful words with veteran, Jake Spinney, “Once people give their rights to govt, they’re never coming back.”

16 thoughts on “Chinese-Canadian Shares Warning with Freedom Convoy Veteran”

  1. What about the Ottawa citizens to be free from a bunch of loonies jumping around crowding the streets? What about our freedom for safety from COVID infected people? What about those assholes that never got vaccinated? Now I when I go to a F**king restaurant I dont know who has the vaccine or who doesn’t, that is absurd and puts myself and my family at risk. I have a right to my safety!

    1. Oh yeah. Those bouncy castles and hot tubs must have been a real threat to our national security, twit!
      Safety from Covid infected people? Do you see a spike? I don’t see a spike. Besides, isn’t your vaccine supposed to protect you from dirty people like us?
      It doesn’t, doesn’t it? That’s why you fascists have to FORCE THE REST OF US to take the jab of death.
      Oh, poor twit… has to look over his shoulder when he goes to the restaurant.

      You, or your family, are NOT AT RISK, Twit, but how does it feel to have your “rights” violated, Twit?
      Keep looking over your shoulder, Twit. Because when Canadians finally wake up from their mass psychosis, people like you will have to tread very softly.

      1. Those who lost their jobs deserved it! They dont want to do their part in society, they should not be rewarded like the rest of us who have done the right thing.

        I just think its bullshit the mandates and passports are being lifted everywhere. This is complete crap. I did the right thing along with 85% of the population. Why should all these vagrants get the same treatment? I mean once the pandemic is past fine, but its still looming. Now when I go eat a nice meal I have to worry about some asshole beside me at the bar coughing on me or my food.

        At least Trudeau has been smart to keep the federal mandates in place. I have to fly out west next month and it comforts me that I am not going to be stuck on a plance beside some selfish aholes for 3 hours who could get me sick.

        1. Wow the arrogance is at another level 😳Again YOU having done what you believe to be the right thing (which is a personal opinion.) You can still catch, spread and die from the virus. You have no superiority, you took the popular risk. 🙄That’s actually the easier thing to do it takes no balls at all to follow the crowd off a cliff edge because you are being coerced into taking somethIng.

          1. Its not about believing I did the right thing, IT WAS THE ACTUAL RIGHT THING!!! All you unvaccinated got a f*cking free ride from the rest of us that got vaccinated. Basically that makes you vagrants and leeches on society. Why should you be rewarded? This is where a social credit system would have its benefits. People like yourself who refuse can be punished and identified in society so the rest of us can stay away.

          2. Replying to the Twit…

            If you’re so proud of “doing the right thing,” Twit, then I hope you’re still around in 10 year, so you can tell me how proud you are for doing the right thing.

            You know why Quebec called off their “unvaxxed tax,” twit? Because they saw the data that it was the VACCINATED that was taking up all the space in their hospitals. Not just by the numbers, but by ratio as well. The numbers don’t lie, twit. The vaccines are useless, and more and more people are realizing it.

            I just saw a tv commercial from Moderna promoting people to “get boosted.” Why is that, Twit? Because only about 50% of Canadians are even bothering to get boosted.

            I may be “a leach”, but I won’t be in a hospital, Twit!

          3. Again, to the twit…

            Yep… The twit’s version of democracy is to link everyone into a social credit scoring system, a-la China.

            The twit probably loves China, just like his master.

          4. One more time…

            Human rights are rights are rights, Twit. It is not to be used to barter. Government does not have the moral authority to hold our rights for ransom, and to “reward” us by giving back rights they had no right to take away in the first place.

            Don’t you know anything, Twit?

        2. The rest of you who did the right thing can expect to be dead and buried in the next 5 to 10 years.
          You can “think” all you want, or at least try to, because you haven’t. If you had used your own brain instead of lapping up all the government spoon-fed Pablum, and washing it all down with government propaganda kool-aid, you’d realize what an utter fool you’ve been, painting yourself as a genuine, tried and true, classic textbook definition of a FASCIST. A totalitarian, shit-for-brains, thug, who has no respect or common decency for others, and the medical choices that other people make after using their heads and actually doing some credible research.
          Twit! YOU’VE BEEN VACCINATED!!! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY GET SICK BY SITTING NEXT TO SOMEONE, VACCINATED OR NOT?, Because when ALL THE DATA is now showing that THE VACCINATED are EQUALLY CAPABLE of spreading the disease, YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED, but not from us dirty people, but the clean person that you’ll be likely sitting next to. In fact, you’re MORE LIKELY to get sick BEING VACCINATED, you twit!!! I guess that’s why you want to bring the rest of us down to your idiotic level — the level of someone who’s too stupid to ask the very simple, basic questions, that when answered honestly, DESTROYS the government narrative.
          The federal mandates are being challenged in court, twit. And your soy-boy-toy can’t lead forever, as much as he wants to, so whadayagonnado when those mandates finally do come down, twit? Are you gonna stay home? Gee, I sure hope so, so that you could get the feel of what I had to endure for the last two years. Misery loves company, you know.

          Or would you prefer that we keep masking up forever and jabbing ourselves every 3 to 4 months with a concoction that is LITTERALLY GIVING US ALL AIDS!

          Now go and eat your nice meal, and keep thinking ONLY about yourself, you self-centered, sanctimonious, delusional, idealistic, virtue-signaling, fascist PUNK, while giving no credence to the actual pain and suffering of millions of people who have had to endure this government’s overreaching and authoritarian power-grabbing mandates that pulverized the economy for NO GOOD REASON.
          But yeah… enjoy your “nice meal,” you twit!

    2. Another one like you 🙄You are just as likely to spread the virus and you also have no clue what someone’s outcome will be from vaccination. It’s just as bad to demand or try and imply people should gamble with vaccines that have already left people permanently injured or dead just so you can feel safer from a virus with a high survival rate. So many things can kill us at any point in time. Yet you lot are willing to throw others under a bus to only potentially save yourselves. Have you forgotten how many other things we can die from? Vaccinated people still catch, spread and die from covid. Vaccination is not and never was the answer. They didn’t have an answer but wanted to appear competent and you were duped. I speak from experience as childhood vaccinations almost killed me and when it goes wrong the people who you think care don’t care about anything but covering their backs. But just you keep attacking strangers to make yourself feel better some people just can’t cope with the sad reality.

  2. That Gentlemen’s sentiment is reflected throughout the Chinese community living here. I know quite a few people from that culture that have told me exactly the same thing. We are progressing towards a totalitarian regime, where all our rights will be seceded to the state. We will be owned by the state.
    Question is… Have we already crossed the Rubicon? Did we already pass the point of no return? And if we did, what will we have to do to reverse course?
    Will a simple election fix all this? The damage that has been done to our economy, and our international reputation, not to mention our banking system, may be irreparable.

  3. Many people I talk to can’t discern between reality and what is on tv.
    This take down of humanity has been in the works for a long time.
    Many Canadians feel things are not right but don’t have the investigative tools or mindset to educate themselves.
    You have to go deep to understand what the shots are and the agenda they represent / bring.
    Citizens were right on track demanding the Federal Govt end the shots and the martial law they have brought Canadians.
    Govt employees still being fired in BC,QR code still in effect,ridiculous masks in effect and nobody can depart from this $hit show called Canada if they refuse to be poisoned.

  4. According to recent surveys, there’s a hardcore 30% of the Canadian population that is rabidly pro-big-government, and insanely anti-freedom. (About 68% of Canadians are pro-freedom/anti-mandate, and about 2% are “undecided”.) And, by being exceedingly “vocal” (i.e. by screaming, whining, and viciously attacking all dissenters online and off), these Vax-Nazi A-holes are desperately trying to convince anyone and everyone that they are the majority in Canada—but 30% is still a minority, even if they bitch and complain until hell freezes over. So who’s the radical fringe now?

    1. I believe this plandemic has been in the works for many years. The 30% you mention are the ones who sit in front of their TV watching CBC news and slowly getting brain washed. While our government takes away our rights and freedoms these people actually support this.

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