Chinese-Canadian Shares Warning with Freedom Convoy Veteran

A Chinese-Canadian shares powerful words with veteran, Jake Spinney, “Once people give their rights to govt, they’re never coming back.”

13 thoughts on “Chinese-Canadian Shares Warning with Freedom Convoy Veteran”

  1. You should be embarrassed posting such an ignorant comment. Crawl back into your hole, you should be safe.

  2. That Gentlemen’s sentiment is reflected throughout the Chinese community living here. I know quite a few people from that culture that have told me exactly the same thing. We are progressing towards a totalitarian regime, where all our rights will be seceded to the state. We will be owned by the state.
    Question is… Have we already crossed the Rubicon? Did we already pass the point of no return? And if we did, what will we have to do to reverse course?
    Will a simple election fix all this? The damage that has been done to our economy, and our international reputation, not to mention our banking system, may be irreparable.

  3. Many people I talk to can’t discern between reality and what is on tv.
    This take down of humanity has been in the works for a long time.
    Many Canadians feel things are not right but don’t have the investigative tools or mindset to educate themselves.
    You have to go deep to understand what the shots are and the agenda they represent / bring.
    Citizens were right on track demanding the Federal Govt end the shots and the martial law they have brought Canadians.
    Govt employees still being fired in BC,QR code still in effect,ridiculous masks in effect and nobody can depart from this $hit show called Canada if they refuse to be poisoned.

  4. According to recent surveys, there’s a hardcore 30% of the Canadian population that is rabidly pro-big-government, and insanely anti-freedom. (About 68% of Canadians are pro-freedom/anti-mandate, and about 2% are “undecided”.) And, by being exceedingly “vocal” (i.e. by screaming, whining, and viciously attacking all dissenters online and off), these Vax-Nazi A-holes are desperately trying to convince anyone and everyone that they are the majority in Canada—but 30% is still a minority, even if they bitch and complain until hell freezes over. So who’s the radical fringe now?

    1. I believe this plandemic has been in the works for many years. The 30% you mention are the ones who sit in front of their TV watching CBC news and slowly getting brain washed. While our government takes away our rights and freedoms these people actually support this.

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