GiveSendGo Owner Giving $10 Million USD Back to Freedom Convoy Donors

With Jacob Wells, @GiveSendGo owner, refunding donors, truckers who registered for support will not be getting their money. Sources within the #FreedomConvoy2022, however, say a victory lies in the fact that the Govt now has no claim to the money via lawsuits. #TruckersConvoy

More to come.

21 thoughts on “GiveSendGo Owner Giving $10 Million USD Back to Freedom Convoy Donors”

  1. Truckers expenses for gas, food, and even repairs if the police damaged their vehicles, are all thing we the public wanted to pay for. So what, idiot govt. officials shut the BIG account down (could see that coming) it does not mean participants in the convoy can’t submit receipts one group at a time (with someone doing reasonable checks on them) and we can still pay them out SMALLER sums will be needed, and some measure of transparency.

  2. How about setting up a list of truckers that need help financially, and people can give one on one, direct, so the you know who can’t get their hands on it. Maybe just regular mail, etc.
    Just a thought.

    1. That sounds like a good plan to me, sign me up and who to send it to along with a tip to the organizer for being there for our Country along with all the rest, Thank you many times over truckers and their support HONK HONK. Can they hear you now

    2. Seconded. And if handing over cash is any kind of issue with Big Bro Trudeau & Co., maybe the truckers’ groceries, rent/mortgage payment, and/or gas will “magically” pay for themselves.

    1. The difference between GFM and GSG was that GFM was originally going to take the money, and give it to charities that GFM would authorize, which is blatant theft.
      GSG tried to hold on to the funds for the truckers, but relented only after it became apparent that the truckers will never see those funds.
      Returning the funds to the donors at least assures that the vultures organizing the class action suit will never get those funds.
      The bad news is if the vultures win their law suit, that money will have to come from somewhere, and I’m afraid that the truckers will probably have to pay for their action for the rest of their lives.

      1. GiveSendGo is doing the right thing, because now the jackals are put in the position of fighting for an empty box. The lawsuit’s financial claims are a joke in any case, and you can’t get blood from a stone. The truckers can simply declare bankruptcy if they need to, and then we can use GiveSendGo (or other methods) to get them some money afterwards. Lawfare always works both ways, and the jackals are always too stupid to realize it.

        1. Sounds like a plan to me. I hope it doesn’t get that far though, although I have little faith in the Canadian legal justice system.

        2. Well we will see what happens. I would like to see these trucker’s home seized and sold if they refuse to pay in the chance they lose the lawsuite. They must pay the price. This is no different than a criminal going to jail for breaking the law. If it takes their whole life to do so…….so be it. That will send a clear message to anyone considering pulling another stunt like this off again…
          Just will be served in the name of democracy.

          1. I’d like to see your home seized. They may not come for you today, but if this goes unchallenged, they will come for you eventually, because that’s what fascists do.
            Democracy is about the ability to protest those in leadership in what’s supposed to be a civilian-led governance.
            This is not a democracy, Twit. This is a full-blown DICTATORSHIP.
            If there’s any justice, I can imagine a day when a future Canadian government will actually rise and APOLOGIZE for the tyranny they have inflicted upon law-abiding, peaceful civilians, exercising their God-given right of free speech and free expression, and the right to peacefully assemble.
            These are not criminals, Twit. Only a fascist, totalitarian THUG would think otherwise.
            Sending “clear messages” is what totalitarians do, Twit. They govern by fear. it’s the only hold they have onto power. Remember… When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. You talk as if you want the people to be afraid of their government. You truly are a fascist, Twit!

    1. You are the problem here, not Trudeau! You have a treacherous mind. If I had my way I would strip you away of your Canadian citizenship and deport you. You obviously dont appreciate Canada and what people like Trudeau have done for you to preserve democracy and keep our country stable. You are not a Canadian!!!

      1. Wow! I find your logic very Russian. Isn’t that what the Russians did to “enemies of the state “? They deported them to Siberia. So you are proposing to send the “deplorables” up North I take it? I’m sure you realise the stupidity of your comment; you can’t just strip someone of their citizenship since that would make them stateless. I believe there are international laws against that. Just where would you deport a 2nd or 3rd generation Canadian with only Canadian citizenship? Like duh!

      2. No, twit… the “I know you are, but what am I?” tirade just won’t work here.

        Or else stop making promises you CAN’T KEEP, and STFU!

        Who has a treacherous mind, Twit? Who? Who was it that wanted to see protesters accounts frozen, and those who donated to the protestors as well? Who was it that said he would be gleefully overjoyed to see these people lose everything… their trucks, their assets, and even their homes? Who keeps saying to lock everyone up that doesn’t agree with the Turd and standing up to say so? Who keeps a warped sense of democracy where everyone can say anything they like, as long as they agree with the Twit’s Turd, otherwise you get shackled like Tamara… FOR MISCHIEF!

        Who is it that would enjoy seeing people locked up on trumped up charges of mischief for weeks on end without bail, when even murderers get bail? I’ll bet the Twit would be first to volunteer to line up the freight cars if the Turd calls for it… all to “preserve democracy,” Twit style.

        Our country is anything but stable, Twit. Anyone with at least half a brain can see that. But the twit called in sick the day they were handing out brains, so the Twit missed out.

        Only a twit would still be walking around sniffing the Turd’s butthole, like a puppy dog. Even liberals are starting to wonder about the Turd, but the Twit, ever loyal lapdog that he is, will stay true to his master.

        My Goodness… WHAT A TWIT!!!

          1. [sigh] It’s getting really late, and I forgot… We’re switching the clocks ahead, so I’m not as sharp as I normally would be.
            Let me clarify my previous botched attempt to fix things:
            The first link in the previous post should have been Russell Brand commentary on the Turd.

      3. You can support and admire Trudeau all you want, but you cannot say that his actions preserve democracy. His actions *violate* democracy. If you support them, thats fine. You certainly have the right to do so. But you do not then get to pretend that you are on the side of democracy. You support an authoritarian dictatorship. Own it and be proud of where you stand. We wont criticize you for that, but do not pretend to be a patriot. *WE* are the patriots.

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