Iconic Cafe Owners Evicted For Serving Freedom Convoy Truckers?

For serving truckers during the #FreedomConvoy in Ottawa, Enrico and Deborah Kuhn, owners of Iconic Cafe, were evicted from the building for being behind on their rent, despite other businesses also being late. They are now taking their eviction to court and seeking help via GiveSendGo.

19 thoughts on “Iconic Cafe Owners Evicted For Serving Freedom Convoy Truckers?”

  1. Why cant you people understand Trudeau is doing a great job looking out for all Canadian’s interests!!!! He cares about you (even if you hate him) and will look after you. He is one of the best PM’s in Canadian history. He believes in inclusivity, womans’ rights, openness, LGBTQ friendly, open to different perspectives.

    I think the problem is all of you are stuck in your old ways and not open to change. That is the problem, a bunch of bigots and racists that can’t accept the new reality we are in.

    We knew this wasn’t about mandates. If municipal & provincial did their job,
    @fordnation,emergency act would not have been needed. Trudeau did what he had to do to preserve democracy!

    So good to hear the President of Poland say that PM Trudeau was the first world leader to get on the phone and offer help! Again, I’m proud of Canada and it’s PM. Thank you
    @JustinTrudeau #IStandWithTrudeau #Ukraine

    Thank you @JustinTrudeau and thank goodness our government isn’t Conservatives. They’d be bringing the Russians donuts, coffee and gas. #IStandWithTrudeau #NeverVoteConservative

    Trudeau’s in Europe, putting Canada at the forefront of protecting Western democracy and cementing our role as a valuable part of the international community and some people think this is a bad thing? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a world leader and respected by both the NATO & European leaders but our media doesn’t want to talk about that.

    Those of you that are right wingers are nothing but pathetic Trump like Republicans. Go move to America. You are not Canadian and we dont want you! There is no longer room for racist, Christian Muslim hating conservatives in this country anymore!!!! If I had my way those of the likes of Maxime Bernier would be permanently locked up as a traitor and political terrorist!

    1. Look,the Turd’s pathetic media arm pumping BS.
      Send that POS out into the Canadian public and see what the kind,peaceful folks of Canada think of this traitor.
      Come along,Twit,and bring your witch.

    2. Why can’t the twit understand that the vaccines are killing people?
      All Canadians, Twit? ALL Canadian??? I suppose those “fringe minorities with unacceptable views” don’t count.
      “He cares about you (even if you hate him) and he will look after you” Sounds like someone with a God complex, doesn’t it?
      Trust big government! “We have your backs!” That is unless you’re part of the “small fringe minority” who are rapist bigots and homophobes.
      Have you been to the gas pump recently? Have you been to the markets? Will you keep saying that the Turd cares for Canadians even when the bombs finally start falling, and the Turd had his finger on one of the buttons?

      Yeah… We love our bodily autonomy. If change means injecting us with death juice, implanting chips into our brains, and hack into our nervous systems to take away our free will, and becoming of one mind with one collective will, a-la Star Trek’s Borg, I’d say that’s some change that I’m not exactly open to.

      “We knew this wasn’t about mandates. If municipal & provincial did their job,
      @fordnation,emergency act would not have been needed. Trudeau did what he had to do to preserve democracy!”
      That statement doesn’t need any commentary from me. But you know, I will say this… the Twit thinks that arbitrarily freezing bank accounts without due process is protecting democracy. What kind of a twit comes up with logic like that?
      You know, Twit… George Orwell’s 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual.
      And about that European junket, those 7 photo-ops did wonders for the Turd’s rep, dontcha know. Yeah, his pals may be patting him on the back, but as you so keenly observed in an earlier thread, the people aren’t exactly in the Turd’s corner, and boy, did you let loose on them. That’s “democracy,” Twit style.

      Twit… I’d be HAPPY to move to America where they value freedom, TRUE democracy and individual rights, where your only obligation to the state is to pay your fair share of taxes, except for one teensy-weensy little problem.


      So I guess you’re stuck with us, you Twit. Sorry about that.

      (What exactly is a “Christian Muslim hating conservative” exactly?) A Muslim Conservative that hates Christians? A Christian Conservative that hates Muslims? A Christian Muslim that hates Conservatives? Twit… Do you know what a dangling participle is? Oh I suppose I’m racist for trying to teach you grammar now…. twit!)

      And if I had my way, I’d lock up all the twits who can’t think for themselves, and has to rely on Orwellian double-speak from the government propagandists for their talking points.
      And even with that, the Twit doesn’t exactly score well on the IQ range.

      1. “What exactly is a “Christian Muslim hating conservative” exactly?) A Muslim Conservative that hates Christians? A Christian Conservative that hates Muslims? A Christian Muslim that hates Conservatives?”

        I screwed that one up, didn’t I? Oh well…
        That was supposed to be…
        “”What exactly is a “Christian Muslim hating conservative” exactly? A Muslim Conservative that hates Christians? A Christian Conservative that hates Muslims? A Muslim Conservative that hates Christians?””

        Nobody’s perfect.

    3. Oh look! It’s Rog Whit-the-bed-again on another unhinged rant. He still doesn’t seem to understand that Trudeau speaks of defending democracy while bringing in measures to destroy democracy. But I guess Rog is what happens when cousins do the horizontal mambo. So sad.

  2. Three weeks from now you will wish you had started today. Simply give it a shot on the accompanying site. GOOD LUCK…

  3. Awesome, she gets what she deserves supporting a bunch of people causing an illegal protest. Time to take responsibility for your actions, they have consequences…even a 16 year old can figure that one out!

    1. The protest was NOT ILLEGAL, you TWAT!!!
      Donations were made to a LEGAL campaign, you TWAT!!!

      The only time the protest became illegal was when your soy-boy-toy declared it illegal with the EA. Then he went even further, and made it illegal RETROACTIVELY!

      THAT IS THE ACT OF A DESPOTIC, TOTALITARIAN DICTATOR, worthy of a third-world banana republic. My goodness… even third-world banana-republics are laughing at soy-boy-toy:

      1. Well said.
        The Romanians took care of their dictator and tells all who the Turd is:
        Romanian Member of European Parliament Cristian Terhes lambasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his authoritarian response to the Freedom Convoy, calling him a “tyrant” and a “dictator.”
        “The prime minister of Canada, the way he’s behaving right now, he’s exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania,” Terhes said, referring to the former Romanian communist dictator.
        I want to use this opportunity to thank them. And I hope this movement for freedom and for rights it spreading all around the world,” he said.
        “Because at the end of the day we have to make sure that all these elected officials understand that they were elected in those offices to work for the people, not to behave like masters of slaves,” he concluded.

      2. It was a massive disruption in downtown Ottawa. It cost 800K per day for the city. Who the hell is going to pay for that? The tax payers….. they got royally screwed by a carnival brought to their city that was not welcome. The whole thing is a freaking joke. Just a bunch of selfish truck drivers whining and complaining while the rest of the trucking industry kept goods on rolling. Cry me a river….

        1. Twit… read the account of a resident who actually lived in the core… who actually TOOK THE TIME TO SPEAK TO THESE “SELFISH TRUCK DRIVERS WHINING AND COMPLAINING…”
          Read the account of someone who actually took the time to find out the truth for himself, instead of relying on Mr. 6-o-clock News to spoon-feed him government propaganda.
          It may have cost $800K per day, but how much did it cost for the MILLIONS of people who lost their jobs, and their businesses? How much revenue do you think the city and the government lost because of so many lives and businesses destroyed by these evil mandates?
          Yes, the whole thing is a freaking joke. I will agree with you on that one solitary point, ONLY because the joke is the so-called dear-leader of this banana-republic we now call the DPRK — the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Kanada, who could have avoided this entire affair if he’d only took the time to come out of hiding and talk to his own citizens.
          So what if it was a disruption in Downtown Ottawa. That’s what peaceful protests do. Disrupt. Civil disobedience is a tried-and-true form of protest, recognized by Judge McClean, who only granted one request of an injunction out of a slew of requests from that class action law suit. That injunction was to stop honking horns, which the truckers had already stopped doing.
          Will you finally give your head a shake? Wake up from your delusion! Realize at long last that you’ve been LIED TO by the government, especially your soy-boy-toy, the Turd, who just can’t help himself to lying to protect his own WEF interests.

          1. love your replies to that df joker complaining about the legal peaceful protest. obviously he wasn’t there or he’s getting his news from the great lying msm networks. btw, the protest was in the right place as that is where our canadian government is located and that belongs to all of canada, not just the select few wah wah’s from ottawa.

    2. Yeag I totaly agree.. they should be gassed for havinf an opinion and supporting a protest.. tsa they disnt even wear a mask…

  4. This is WEF level evil.
    Turdo has to go and Canadians have to demand it everywhere we go and everyone we talk to.
    I’d love to see that traitor show his face in this country he has betrayed.
    Same as that witch.

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