BREAKING: Unvaxxed Staff Can Return to Work in Canada’s Largest School Board, TDSB

Toronto District School Board staff that were put on unpaid leave for not taking the coercive Covid-19 shot or declaring their vaccination status are officially allowed to return to work after the March Break on Monday, March 21.

Trustees voted 10-5 in favour of not extending the mandatory vaccine policy beyond March 14, as announced by Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore and instructed by the Ministry of Education.

Of the 22 trustees voting in favour of keeping the Ministry’s instructions, 10 voted yes, 5 against and 7 were not in attendance.

Mandatory mask requirements will also end for Ontario students on March 21.

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11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Unvaxxed Staff Can Return to Work in Canada’s Largest School Board, TDSB”

  1. Hardcore Vax-Nazi Austria has “immediately suspended” their mandatory vaccination program. (In other words, they yanked it without admitting they yanked it.) Their reason? Apparently the vaccines don’t work very well. 😛

    You hear that lamestream media? Your propaganda campaign has failed! We’re winning worldwide! And all the Vax-Nazi/mask/lockdown fanatics are losing! 🙂


  2. We are screwed here in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, most everyone wants to keep the bullshit going, so the Region of Waterloo are going to sit next week to discuss whether or not to use the masks and allow people into buildings that have not been vaxxed – I already know they will vote in favour of keeping the mandates, I clean for one of the managers, and although her kids can go without a mask, she have them believing they still need to wear one. And a lot of businesses in this area are keeping the fake mandates, so it doesn’t help us here. Ford should have done what Kenney did and forced all businesses to except ending the mandates!! So it is still control in this area, a bunch of sick ‘f’s’!

  3. What’s the percentage of Ontario folks that took the poison death shot? 95%?
    Game. Set. Match.
    Dr. Henry just lifted the mandates -for now. She says she will reassess her reign of terror after the summer. Here’s what she said nearly two years ago:

    On May 21, 2020, British Columbia’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry stated: “We’re encouraging people [to wear masks] as a mark of
    respect, as a mark of politeness, and paying attention to the welfare of others.”

    British Columbia’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, when addressing a question regarding the inconsistency among the provinces of Canada on COVID-19 restrictions
    placed on Canadians stated: “None of this is based on science.”

    1. Dr. Bonnie Henry can say whatever she wants, but I will not show respect or politeness to anyone wearing mask. I had enough of this mask-wearing torture. I want to see smiling faces again.

      1. Exactly skiprope simon, mandates have been lifted, yet because of fraudster ford, businesses are still going to get people to wear a mask and a vaxx passport, those businesses can go screw themselves, and hoping every choses not to go to them. This is the time for all those that still have fear in acting ‘normal’, to act ‘normal’, and once they realize nothing will happen, they will be surprised. Problem is all those who have chosen to stay home, retired, people who didn’t lose their jobs and had the luxury of working at home, are scared, because they don’t leave home, so they have no idea how safe it is out there. And so what, you catch covid, you won’t die, get over it.

        1. As free-minded individuals, we reserve the right to vote with our feet—which is probably why Trudeau & Co. don’t want people like us to be able to travel.

          As for any business that self-identifies as Vax-Nazi-friendly, good luck with that. You’re also voting with your feet, and…if it’s any consolation…I hear the road to your chosen destination is paved with good intentions. 🙂

          1. If the blackface turd is forced to open our Federal aviation sector to those that did not believe in the Nazi /WEF propaganda I believe we will see an exodus.
            Martial law and freezing bank accounts of anyone you so choose are not hallmarks of democracy.

  4. What was the reason for this event in what seems all of a sudden ? Am I missing something here ? I heard on the Jazz radio station they are crying for nurses now … wonder why .

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