CDC Director Admits ‘Too Much Optimism’ Over Waning Covid Vaccines

CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, MD, admits that wishful optimism coloured the true efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, admittedly a failure through its inability to stop infection and transmission.

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5 thoughts on “CDC Director Admits ‘Too Much Optimism’ Over Waning Covid Vaccines”

  1. They’re admitting what we have known for the past year, and yet, they’re still not afraid of the consequences. This suggests that they’re no longer concerned about their masks coming off (figuratively speaking), and the truth revealed.
    This worries me, because it suggests that their agenda has moved so far along, that they believe that nothing can stop the momentum now.
    Are they right?

    1. I personally think they just don’t want to get completely slaughtered at the polls. That said, anyone who trusts them now is an idiot. After all, what’s to stop them from pushing their “latest and greatest vaccine” immediately upon reelection?

      As for Canada, I’ve told everyone I know to vote for a real Conservative party (New Blue, Saskatchewan, PPC, or whatever) at the provincial level if they lean right, and Green if they lean left. You’ll still get to keep your traditional left-right divide, but at least it’ll be a fresh start with a lot of new faces.

      Of course, I get the argument that the Greens probably would’ve done exactly what the Uniparty did if they’d been in power—but they weren’t, so they didn’t. (Luckily for them.) And maybe seeing what happens to the ones who did will make them think twice about playing the authoritarian card. In any case, “the usual suspects” need to be punished.

      “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” – Scottish Proverb

      1. Update: Since the New Blue leadership—through their unfair, unwarranted, and clearly partisan attacks on Randy Hillier, Derek Sloan, and Rick Nichols—have basically outed themselves as just another branch of the Uniparty, Conservative Ontarians should vote for Derek Sloan and the Ontario Party. (And hardworking blue-collar diehard lefties who want to punish the Libs and Dippers for completely abandoning them should still vote Green.)

  2. These injections have been outed as weapons of mass destruction and/or agents of genocide.
    The CDC are simply a propaganda arm for the agenda.
    World leaders like Trudeau and Freeland are agents of the agenda.
    Everybody knows what has gone down and what continues to be the plan.
    These minions in power may let up to have it appear that the agenda is impotent but they are just getting started.
    Two years later unvaxxed Canadians do not have the autonomy to travel out of the country.
    In B.C. the mandates are in full swing and the authorities have lectured the wee ones that restrictions and digital passports are here to stay.
    Trudeau/Freeland/WEF minions have been destroying Canada’s autonomy for two ,full years now.

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