Unbeknownst to many, the govts of New Brunswick and the city of Fredericton are quietly denying unvaccinated people access to food in a local landmark.

How can govts, supposedly for the people, unconscionably deprive citizens the right to access food?

“Potentially depriving citizens of food constitutes an act of cruelty. It is discriminatory, unconstitutional, and likely an offence under international law. No one should be barred from the ability to purchase food to feed their family,” says Andre Memauri, Lawyer, JCCF.

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  1. Well the protesters at the Boyce Market forced the NB government to rescind there order that prevented the unvaccinated to entre the market to buy food. A large protest led by Pastor Ken and Bonnie Gilliard who are Action4Canada’s New Brunswick Chapter Leaders organized a large protest that resulted in the NB government cancelling the law they brought in to allow food retailers to block unvaccinated customers from entering. The government owned market was the only food store in New Brunswick to participate in this discriminatory law. Protests do work!

  2. Are you all sleeping? Print the Notices of Liability from and serve every single establishment which refuses to serve you. It is illegal and government knows it, so they put the pressure on the store owners as they ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT do anything on their own. SUE everyone’s arse!

  3. Thanks Mark your letter is so good.
    I also sent a letter to the market.
    I also told them they should be ashamed of themselves how they treat their fellow new Brunswick citizens. Hope they receive lots of angry emails
    Why would NB government even give them that option
    Boycott store — and note it certainly opens up
    Discrimation action against the business.

  4. How much more despicable can these governments possible get, right before Christmas? Talk about cornering the market (no pun intended). So if you want to shop there, the only choice is a government owned grocery store, leased to the City and overseen by a Board (which is most likely stacked with like-minded parasites) and paid off also. I hope there are more than just this Market nearby, for the sakes of the citizens living in this area, otherwise there will be alot of people starving to death this season instead of enjoying a holiday feast. I hope the people responsible for these deplorable decisions, in enacting this cruel punishment, think about this as they violate every rule they’ve put upon us as they sit in their stuffy, pompous, overpriced mansions stuffing their fat, ugly faces with the food others had a right to enjoy just as any other. I truly hope that karma, and the good Lord, judge harshly upon these demons, because I can no longer refer to any politician or ‘health official’ as people anymore – they have been hijacked, like in The Invasion of The Body Snatchers. God for us, who shall be against us. 🙏

    1. These government puppets or rightly muppets need to be very careful in their decisions because people will not stand for this crap much longer and as the Nuremberg trials are beginning they will be put up and prosecuted for their crimes against humanity!!!
      Read the report by doctors and scientists about the six month report about Pfizer “vaccine” it is damming and it has been stated the damn drug should never have been set loose on the public!!!!

    2. The government has said any food store can require a passport to get in but no stores I know of are taking this step and I doubt any will. However, the government owned farmers market, Boyce Market in Fredericton, will not let you in without a pass so you can’t buy local products that support the farmers and other local businesses.

    3. Right?! No one is being denied anything. The freedumb brigade and their talk of Nuremberg takes the cake. The stupid on this site can be seen from outer space ffs.

      1. If you an an Indigenous person and a restaurant owner refused to let you in because you are Indigenous, then that is discrimination. It doesn’t matter that the restaurant next door will let the person in, the fact is the first restaurant denied this person entry and that is illegal in this country. So any food market, especially a government owned one, that determines who can come in based on their medical status is discriminating and therefore breaking the law. .

  5. Time to awaken the Acadian spirit which resisted le Grande Derangement or the Great Expulsion of 1755! I find IT difficult to believe a province borne from the offspring of hunters, lumberjacks and seafaring men could be so weak to allow un-elected bureaucrats dictatorial powers.

    This whole country has gone soft.

  6. I wrote the following note to the boyce Market last week and did not get a reply:
    I am so disappointed in your decision to discriminate against those of us who choose not to participate in the experimental injections. I never dreamed that I would see such blatant discrimination in Fredericton.
    I have been shopping at the market every week since I moved to Fredericton 21 years ago. I like to support the local farmers and merchants but now you are telling me I am not allowed to come in just because I have chosen not to have an experimental pharmaceutical drug injected in my body.
    What you are doing is against the laws of Canada under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and you should be ashamed of yourself for discriminating against other Canadians.
    This has nothing to do with the spread of Covid-19. In case you are not aware, you should know that the experimental injections are designed NOT to prevent you from getting infected with Covid-19, nor is it designed to stop a person from spreading the disease if they are infected, but rather, it is designed to lessen the symptoms if you do get infected with this virus and it does nothing else other than this. So why should you even need to know what medical procedures I have had done.
    I still have to eat, so now you are forcing me to buy all my food from the big grocery stores that only sell western beef from Alberta, imported fruits and vegetables and eggs that I don’t even know where they come from.
    Now I know what it feels like to be discriminated against and understand what the indigenous people and the black people went through in this city many years ago. I never dreamed it would happen again in my lifetime.
    Mark Butler

    1. Well said Mark these politicians and so-called medical experts are totally crazy and are forcing compliance totally against Nuremberg code.

  7. Identify the people responsible for such a sick idea and stop them for entering themselves as their sick and dangerous to society and should have medical care with special physic medication for them and if the stores don’t do it boycott them

    1. There is no question bluearea that these politicians are sick and dangerous. What amazes me is just how many of them there are in this country.

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