Pro-Vax Football Star Aguero, 33, Retires After Cardiac Issues on The Pitch

Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero, 33, is retiring early from football after suffering breathing difficulties in a game Oct. 30 that resulted from a cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). The tearful Aguero announced his retirement in a press conference earlier today.

The cause of Aguero’s heart issue was not raised. It is known, however, that Aguero was pro-vaccine having done a TV commercial calling on all people aged 12+ to get vaccinated because it was their shared responsibility.

7 thoughts on “Pro-Vax Football Star Aguero, 33, Retires After Cardiac Issues on The Pitch”

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  2. People’s lives and careers are not statistics. Have we forgotten the survival rate of Covid, 99.97% for the average person under 60 and yet regulatory and political authorities are coercing, discriminating and threatening loss of careers and jobs if people are not complying with the experimental jab. How can something that has never been used before be declared safe for high performance athletes, healthy young people, pregnant woman and children 5-12? These injuries are due to the jab until it is proven otherwise and a ten year track record will show us how safe they are but with vaccination rates over 90% we will have lost the possibility of having a control group. How can we trust a vaccine that is not liable for injuries and seeks 75 years to disclose what is in the vaccine? Such drastic desperate measures with unprecedented injuries and death to treat a virus that has less mortality rate than a seasonal flue is insanity.

  3. Do you still recommend the “injection” to 12 years old kids? you piece of shit!! You were born in poverty, made a few millions and became an “ELITE MASON” You have got what you well deserve!!
    Todavia recomiendas la injeccion que mata jente a los niños de 12 años? Nacistes en la pobresa y cuando hicistes unos millones te volvistes de la “ELITE MASONICA” Que poder tiene el dinero he pedaso de mierda!

  4. Peter, I agree with you! However, this young man has RUINED his life, or at least a promising career! (Even though we can’t understand how chasing a ball around is enjoyable! Not for playing or watching)

    I hope this young man, Aguero, will now FIGHT against the tyranny, as that is the best way to live his new life, by warning others!

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