BREAKING: Pfizer’s Own Data Shows Its “Vaccines” Should Not Have Been Released – Canadian Experts

[Download slide presentation here.]

A group of Canadian doctors and scientists, the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, released a groundbreaking analysis of Pfizer’s recently published 6-month core clinical trial data set today with enormous implications: Pfizer used the lowest level of scientific evidence (expert opinion/speculation) for its Covid-19 “vaccine” trials to bury and obfuscate subpar data that would have stopped its forced, juggernaut release.

Here is the video presentation explaining the slides.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Pfizer’s Own Data Shows Its “Vaccines” Should Not Have Been Released – Canadian Experts”

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  4. So encouraging to have come across this information. I only hope we can get the attention of many more before it is too late. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. Ditto all the above, enforcing the Nuremberg code is long overdue, how many more have to die before this is taken up and the corrupt charged? The US alone has reached over a million deaths? How many permanently injured? Is there a quota?

  7. Thanks be to God for honest men like these doctors, researchers and scientists. You are giving hope to those of us who decided long ago not to be vaxed, thereby effectively forming a control group. Yet scientists and lawyers must help us to take up this fight if we are ever to end this disastrous and dangerous global vaccine program before all of mankind is made a victim, and is either dead, or has serious adverse effects, compromising health, and affecting future fertility. The future of humanity may well be at stake.

  8. Nuremberg code has been broken trials will begin and all those coercing, bullying and threatening people will be dealt with , this is not a threat it’s a promise, people have lost their livelihoods , houses and for no reason, except illegal mandates to companies.
    We live in a sad and sick society of people that think they are better than the rest of us because they have money!!!! Wait and see what they have with a noose around their necks!!!

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