Impounded Ottawa Freedom Convoy Vehicles Released

A week after the excessive and unlawful show of police force and brutality in Ottawa’s #FreedomConvoy, truckers and participants retrieved their seized vehicles and property.

One of the landmark trucks on Wellington St.–with its signature F*** Trudeau plainly visible for all to see–was driven out of a city impound at 3100 Conroy Rd. to cheers.

5 thoughts on “Impounded Ottawa Freedom Convoy Vehicles Released”

    1. Yup, awesome stuff! These days it seems as if seeing a judge follow the law is almost as shocking as seeing someone rise from the dead.

  1. We’re winning, and the Vax-Nazis are losing. That must burn a lot of people’s cookies in Ottawa and all the other wretched hives of scum and villainy.

  2. Mayor Watson must be awfully disappointed. He must have thought the EA had legs, and would have been able to use it to steal these assets and resell them.

    Has anyone seen the Twit anywhere?

    1. Have you tried Twitter? (Sorry, I just had to!) 😛

      And, yes, I’m sure the Twit is deeply disappointed and crying in his soy milk.

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