How The Govt Weaponized A Gag Into An “Extremist Group” – Diagolon Leader Interview

Diagolon is a fictional territory and group of people created by Raging Dissident podcaster, Jeremy MacKenzie, that the Canadian govt and mainstream turned into an “extremist group” to help discredit the Freedom Convoy movement and shut down peaceful Ottawa protests.

Learn the outrageous and chilling details of how MacKenzie’s gag became a hate-group terrorist threat and how his life got turned upside down.

19 thoughts on “How The Govt Weaponized A Gag Into An “Extremist Group” – Diagolon Leader Interview”

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  2. Jeremy must sue all these attackers and use publicity to create platform for his political ambitions for fight for his real country same like for Diagolon.

      1. Don’t forget the moon and Mars. They may not look like much now, but wait until the construction starts and the condos get built.

        1. I’m moving to the Moon as soon as it’s the current thing, and not a moment before. There are trendsetters, and trend followers, and I am stuck in the latter. My goal is to one day be in the trendsetter class, but for now I just try to keep up.

  3. This is true Canadian slapstick humour. Brilliant!!! We’re can we sign up an associate Diagolon chapter out west?!??

  4. Great report, Gord! Scary, and highly entertaining at the same time. I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding it to The Gateway Pundit, so don’t be too surprised if you suddenly become more popular than ever.

  5. I am upset that my part of Canada is not included in Diagolon. Perhaps I’ll move, as living under Doug Ford’s useless rule AGAIN will be unbearable if he wins the next election.
    If Ford loses maybe you can change the flag to an “X” and include us Ontarians.

    1. I’ve been telling vaccine-free and anti-mandate vaccinated people to move to low population density provinces in order to increase the power of their voices. If we become a majority in those provinces, no one will be able to kick sand in our faces and simply get away with it until next time around. Saskatchewan and Manitoba are prime candidates.

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