[VIDEO] Trucker Horn Salute – Freedom Convoy 2022

[FEB. 5, 2022] On a typical raucous #FreedomConvoy weekend in Ottawa, truckers and participants flooded the intersection of Bank & Albert.

It was pure celebration, pure love and pure joy. It was pure.

Men, women, children, grandparents…people of all ages, from all walks of life, electrified the air with inspired while trucks kept a steady rhythm underpinning what the stationed police must’ve also been feeling.

A dark stain fell upon #Ottawa with the tyrannical use of heavily-armed, mercenary police, acting on orders from above with shameless abandon. They destroyed 3 weeks of lawful civil disobedience in 2 days, traumatizing hearts in what was a subzero oasis of peaceful energy united for one cause: the right to be…without interference.

Time and time again, we all heard the same refrain shared between strangers become fast-new-friends and in the speeches delivered on the makeshift stage on Ben’s flatbed at Wellington and Metcalfe, “I’m proud to be a Canadian.”

Though the convoy left Ottawa, the truckers’ call for freedom has spread in the wind.

2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Trucker Horn Salute – Freedom Convoy 2022”

  1. We saw a country united and free.
    We saw a government beholden to Davos and the elites.
    We see the future if we don’t demand that tyranny ends.
    Just a small taste of what the WEF controlled members have in store for us.

  2. The truckers and their supporters like me look highly at them all, Ottawa has a bad stain that the tyranny is starting to show and shame on the devil, I’m not religious but the good people are still in the senate and shame on the politicians that stood for what they are and were getting to know who you are’ god will prevail , mark my word

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