After Retrieving His Truck, Convoy Member Shares Message

After Csaba (Instagram @caesarofficialll) picked up his seized #FreedomConvoy truck on Saturday, he shared a message that embodies the spirit of what participants experienced in Ottawa for 3 weeks.

23 thoughts on “After Retrieving His Truck, Convoy Member Shares Message”

  1. Some of the honest news media are falling for the corrupt news media on Russia and Ukraine. Liars are liars are liars are liars……………….Be Careful

  2. I,m not so sure about them not being covered by lifeinsurance, as many companies claim to have increases of claims, from 30 to 57% in the last part of 2021, in the working age group

  3. When I went to The Toronto People’s Red Sun website a little while ago—just to read and laugh at the fake news, and see them get destroyed in the comments, of course—the site wouldn’t load properly. Since I’ve been banned several times from posting on the site for speaking too much truth to power, I thought to myself, “Hmm, is this just a coincidence? Or could they be blocking specific IP addresses and/or browser profiles associated with anti-vax/pro-freedom radical-fringe-minority troublemakers like me?” So, just for the sake of experiment, I went through a VPN service and tried again…and everything loaded just fine. Weird, huh? (Probably just a coincidence, right?) 😛

  4. Here in BC full mandates with the sheeple wearing masks everywhere.
    It’s like they are already brain dead or cyborg’d.

    1. I know, right? It’s as if the Borg upped their marketing and got people to assimilate willingly. And did you notice how angry they got when the truckers proved that resistance isn’t futile?

      Long story short: Compared to the sheeple, the vaccine-free are all gifted geniuses.

    2. You freedom people condemn people for exercising their rights to wear mask. You have know idea why they are wearing a mask, you just choose to be negative about it and call them steeple. Do they not have the freedom to choose their path? Just as you have the freedom to not wear. People who own business may choose to serve you or not. That is their freedom. Or is the only freedom your way of freedom.

      1. Umm… I think you’re missing the point, Shirley. The whole concept behind the Freedom Convoy was… How should I put this… “FREEDOM!”

        Yes, that includes the freedom to wear a mask if you so choose. What’s being denied is the freedom to take the bloody face diaper off freely without fear of repercussions.

        What you are seeing on this forum are freedom-loving Canadians who deplore the fact that the “sheeple” as we call them, have been so coerced with fear, they are ***AFRAID*** to take the mask off!

        It’s true that we cannot know why each person decides to wear a mask, but ask yourself this… Would so many people around you be wearing masks if THEY CHOSE to wear masks, or are they wearing masks because THEY ARE TOLD to wear masks?

        If you’re wearing a mask because you are told to wear a mask, you are a civic minded citizen who obeys all the rules. Congratulations! You deserve a round of applause, but you also deserve to be called the synonym moniker for that, which is “sheeple.”

        1. Oh, and about businesses…
          Sure. Let them impose mandates if they so choose, but don’t let them complain if the business next door decides to open up, and they get tons more foot traffic than your business is getting.

          Let the free market decide. That’s also called FREEDOM!

          1. I think we should remember that businesses did not want the vaccine passports! They were forced by government to do their dirty work! I really can’t see many businesses doing it after mandates are removed!

      2. Why didn’t they wear masks before covid if they have such serious concerns ?
        Did their concerns for their health only start after they were told to have concerns ??
        They can wear masks for the rest of their life for all I care but I should be free to make my own decision.

      3. I don’t care if they wear a mask. I just can’t understand why they think it’ll help. And don’t even get me started on the experimental gene therapies that aren’t covered by life insurance.

      4. After two years, people who were not wearing a mask have been ridiculed, harassed, arrested, etc, and now you want those people to think about why some people wear a mask? Give your head a shake. Did YOU ever think about why some people were not wearing a mask, or does that not matter, since it doesn’t fit your narrative.

      5. First off we were not given a choice to not wear a mask with the mandates. So what you are saying is very true, if you want to wear a mask that is totally your right, and the same should go for not wearing a mask! This is what freedom is all about! Forcing people to get vaccinated, and please don’t say not being able to care for your family is a choice! Many people are seeing that Covid was a way for the government to get mega money, and mega control! The government being able to freeze your accounts because you gave 50.00 to a trucker, or freeze your assets, that really shows the power the government is trying to have! Freedom is great because whether I agree or disagree it shouldn’t matter! Trudeau has continually divided our country, and that is really sad!

      6. My brother in-law has a business he ask NS health if he could force people to wear a mask .they told him no you can’t force anyone to wear a mask you can only ask if a business forces someone to wear a mask the individual can sue the business for it ..That’s what the NS health told my brother in-law

    3. Vivienne Bromley

      Phone Bonnie and complain. They log your complaint and if nothing else, it will make you feel better knowing you are clogging their phone lines with complaints.

  5. I just saw this disgusting piece this morning from the Calgary Herald:

    I only had to read the first sentence! Is it any wonder why we hate the legacy media?
    They’ll never learn! They will never let up on the smears and the slander. What is truly amazing is that they apparently still believe that Canadians are not on to them, and their sinister, dirty little tricks.

    1. What garbage piece of editorial. I managed to read the first paragraph only and I almost puked. The author of this article is either mentally ill from too many vaccines or graduate from the Klaus Schwab school.

      1. Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone with half a brain knows exactly what the Freedom Convoy was all about—peace, love, and happiness—and now the lamestream legacy media is stuck trying to spin a square peg into a round hole. I hope they spin so hard that they spiral off into space, never to be seen or heard from again.

        As a fun side note: The other day I heard a legacy media hack on the radio whining about how people no longer believe them even when they aren’t talking about covid or politics. Gee, I wonder why? I don’t fully trust them for traffic or weather reports anymore, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

      2. Yep…. all those lipids and spike-T proteins have definitely found this “journalist’s” frontal lobe, affecting reasoning.

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