Freedom Convoy Was A Huge Bonfire for Freedom…I’m Forever Changed

Fraiser Keaney’s car, sitting on the now-famed Wellington St. in front of Parliament Hill, Ottawa, is a living reminder in the fight for freedom and energy of peace, love and unity that was #FreedomConvoy.

We caught up with Fraiser just after retrieving his car from the Ottawa City Works impound at 3100 Conroy Rd and before enshrining the messages in a clear coat.

Fraiser’s previous interview with Bright Light News.

8 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy Was A Huge Bonfire for Freedom…I’m Forever Changed”

  1. So now the Comment Fascists over at the Toronto Red Sun are threatening me with a permanent ban. Why? Probably because I vex the hell out of them and their government handlers. I read their so-called “terms of service” and made sure that I didn’t violate any of them—and the last thing I did was make a comment on vaccine passports coming to an end in Ontario. My comment? “We’re winning. Hold the line.” (Clearly a seditious statement in their minds, but also 100% true…which apparently annoys them even more.) Meanwhile, other people are posting comments implying that our feckless leader, Trudeau, likes to take it in the rear end…but that’s somehow fine. 😛

    There was one hint in the permanent-ban threat, though. They said “your username” not “your comments on The Toronto Sun”. Well, if they’ve been reading what I’ve been saying about them and their fellow misinformation outlets on other forums, then I guess they’ve got me dead to rights! Although, I must admit that I wasn’t aware they could ban me for voicing my opinions elsewhere. (Was that “implied” in their “terms of service”?) 😀

    Long story short: What a useless piece of government-propaganda trash the once reliable Toronto Sun has become. They can’t stop me from shaming and ridiculing them (and their fellow misinformation outlets) to all and sundry on forums like this and elsewhere, and they couldn’t pay me to post on their misinformation platform ever again. (They’re simply not worth the effort.) The Toronto Sun, like the rest of the bought-and-paid-for lamestream media, is Fake News! And God Bless honest citizen-reporters like Gord Parks, who’re helping to tear down the seditious wall that’s been erected around “the real truth”! 🙂

    1. John. You should wear that ban as a badge of honor. Getting yourself banned from the legacy media should be considered an amazing achievement.

      Now you should open up a blog. I’d certainly like to read comments that resulted in getting you into the legacy media’s crosshairs!

      1. To be clear, I quit before they could fire me—but I will most certainly wear their threat of a permanent ban as a badge of honor. I also double checked and confirmed that they couldn’t find a valid reason to remove any of my recent posts (they’re all still up), which clearly proves that their latest “temporary ban” on me really was just sour grapes. (Gotta love those terms of service, eh?)

        In any case, I feel as if I’ve inspired a lot of people who would’ve otherwise remained silent to speak out, and I would love to see the lamestream media try to ban them all. Furthermore, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that some of those people are now doing a really great job of holding the LSM’s feet to the fire (at least as well as I ever could). For me, that’s the most gratifying part of all.

        As for the blog idea: Thanks for saying that, and I will certainly consider it.

  2. So, despite the driver’s side window being left open, the cops went ahead smashed both passenger side windows anyway. Yep, very measured and very professional.

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